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Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 4th day of August, 2014.

Funny story from last night.

As you know my daughter, son-in-law and grand-puppies are living with Alvin and I for a few months while their house is being built.

Also this weekend they were away looking after my son-in-law’s niece and nephew.

Only for two nights.

Saturday night it must have taken about one hour to get everyone settled.

This was the first time that the puppies would sleep in our new bedroom and the first time since they moved in without Mom and Dad.

They all came upstairs when I said bedtime and then both Elton and Penny went back downstairs so I played catch me if you can for a bit.

Then we were all in one room …… door closed.

Penny kept walking all over the bed not wanting to settle down.

Elton really was the only one that picked a spot and laid down.

Alvin up down looking out the window.

It felt like we were playing a board game.

Eventually we got to sleep.

Cut to last night.

I worked at the store until 6 and then caught the bus home.

My daughter and son-in-law had brought the kids over to see the dogs so they had a break in the afternoon.

I took Alvin for a walk first and then Elton and Penny before bed.

Thinking it would tire them out.

WE did our regular bedtime routine.

I then call them upstairs to bed.

One, two and three all upstairs.

I had turned off the air conditioning because I really don’t like to run it all day and all night.

It was warm upstairs.

Penny and Alvin went into my daughter’s room and jumped up onto the bed.

Elton then went in and of course needed a hand getting up onto the bed, so I helped him up.

Thinking it would keep them calm until I had a chance to get ready for bed.

So I did my thing ….. Alvin in the meantime was bored and as I was in the bathroom came and laid outside the bathroom on the rug.

Once I was ready I called them to come to bed …… Alvin came and jumped up on the bed.

The other two no ….

So I decided to borrow their fan as it helps keep Penny from being distracted from any outside noises and also would keep us cool without the air conditioning being turned on.

I went and got the fan and rearranged things and plugged in the fan.

It felt so good.

Then I went to get the other two and Alvin went and jumped up on the bed.

I took that as clear sign that everyone wanted to sleep in the other room.

So I unplugged the fan and moved it back to the other room.

Grabbed a loose cotton sheet from the closet and closed the door to the bedroom.

Everyone seemed to settle down right away.

I read for a couple of minutes.

We had a great night’s sleep …… the phone rang once during the night and made us all jump.

Note to self: always listen to the dogs.

At this very moment: Elton is laying on his bed, Penny on the rug outside the office door and Alvin is in our bedroom with me and he is looking out the window.

There is a coolness to the air and it feels good ….

Special Hello to: owners of dogs ….. make sure you listen.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Here are the three amigos.

Note: Alvin at the window (a different day and now has a smart looking hair cut);  Miss Penny laying on a chair from another day and Mr. Elton definitely another day because he too is sporting a wicked good haircut.

But just wanted to share photos of them.  Of course, you know that if I went downstairs to grab my camera they would all jump up from their spots and I was not on the ball enough to think I would need it.

Woo, time for coffee …… wow 10:30 already ……. where did the morning go…. Have a great Monday everyone. 🙂


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