Nature in all its glory !

This morning  while Alvin and I were out for one of our daily walks at a nearby lake/park we came across some geese.  There were Mamas and Papas and Babies.  Oh, those babies were sooo cute !  They grow fast.  Seems like only a few days ago they were fuzzy little gaffers.  We stopped to enjoy them.  Then to my utter delight this evening while we were out for a walk we came across those delightful beings.  It has been a great day.  Nature never ceases to amaze me.   The Mamas and Papas have their formation that they take when out with their little ones.  One leads, one on each side about the mid point,  and then one takes the end position.  I might add that they had a rather large family – about “30” little ones.  This was the best day.  🙂

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