Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 21st day of December, 2017.

Official day of WINTER.

Longer days start again, YAY.

Welcome WINTER.

Payday …. always a good thing.

Last day of work for this year.

That is always a good thing.

Alvin is excited for me to be at home.

That is always a good thing.

My daughter is picking me up from work tonight.

That is always a good thing.

Found something newish that never wore before and that is always a good thing.

Life is good.

Are you counting your blessings?

Do you count them?

Are you grateful for your world?

I mean the things in your life?

No one has what anyone might deem a perfect life but then again perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Perfection for you might not be for someone else and that is okay.

We are individuals after all.

So on this Thursday my last day of work which excites me more than you will ever know (and I do love my job).

Just nice to have a break and most especially at this time of year.

Time to enjoy family and friends, perhaps do some purging …. like spring cleaning but on smaller scale …. like a drawer or a closet…..relax……eat some good food…..perhaps watch a movie or six.

Have a great day.

Looks like it is time for me to go.

Have a bus to catch.

Happy Thursday.

Remember to be kind to yourself first and then it is much easier to be kind to others.

Special Hello to:  my friends, thank you.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day…..

YAY, Happy Thursday ….. first official day of winter (December 22nd, 2011).

What a winter we are having.

It has been so great.

The sky was a bit overcast when Alvin and I were outside earlier this morning but the air was still warm considering the time of year.

So we are truly blessed.

Two more sleeps till Christmas Eve, I am so excited.

I love Christmas.  I always have loved this time of year.

Christmas Eve we will be with my son-in-law’s family so there will be small children.

Christmas is even more wonderful when you can celebrate it with children.

The gasps, the laughter, the wonderment …… so precious.

I remember some of my Christmases as a young child.

Trying to sneak out to where the tree was located to see if the old man in the red suit had remembered to stop by.

When I say trying ….. most times my Mom would call out “back to bed” and then in the morning she wouldn’t remember doing it.

So must have been a reflex action …..

I remember getting my first watch  ….. it was my only gift that year but I loved that watch…and was so proud, and felt so grown up.

I remember putting on Christmas concerts with my siblings for my parents and grandparents.

We used whatever we could find to make banners and posters and whatever we needed.

In those days and being on the farm ….. we did not have a huge craft cupboard for which to “raid”….

But we had our imaginations, and I think that is what counts.

Cardboard and sometimes just “plain old bathroom tissue” and some pencils ….. to make decorations.

We would sing and dance and tell stories…..

My paternal Grandmother played the piano and organ for the choir at the church in our “home town” so we always went to the Christmas pageant and sometimes were lucky enough to participate.

My brothers were too small at that point in time but my sister and I often were able to be involved and what fun we had.

My Grandmother always made sure that we had a new dress or skirt and blouse for Christmas (so we were very blessed).

I remember some of our outfits from over those years.

I treasure those times so much and always think of them at this time of year.

So on this first day of winter ….. I hope that your memories warm your heart and keep you warm.

Mother Nature is doing her part and we are so grateful.

Have a wonderful Thursday …… only two more sleeps….  😉


Special Hello to: all the grandparents who help shape our lives, and to whom we hold dear to our hearts ….. to all my grandparents who are now my angels …. I miss you all, and know that you are smiling down upon us ……


Always, Carol

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