Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 25th day of July, 2013.

Well it looks like the new royal baby boy has been named “George Alexander Louis” …… has a nice ring to it.

So happy for them.


Well here in Edmonton the sun is shining and Alvin is up on his hind legs (on the ottoman) looking out of the office window as I type these words.

He’s so darn cute …. he is so inquisitive, very curious.

He gets up there and then down.

Doesn’t want to miss anything.


Well on this day I am thinking about how life turns out.

When I was putting on a bit of makeup I was thinking …. wow this is my hair colour and I am almost fifty-six.

The colour from the box that I used awhile ago has long since gone so this is me.

I was very happy that the brown hair out counts the grey strands by a clear majority.

So that is cool.

I am so blessed to have good genes and to be healthy.

People always remark that I do not look my age ….. so really what is your age.

It is only a number.

Over the years type-cast for sure.

But these days some seventy year olds look like they are in their fifties.

So I think as look as you are healthy and feeling great about life then it doesn’t matter what your “number” is.

So rock on everyone …. I plan to…. one day at a time….. I want to live to be a healthy, vibrant, productive 100 year old.

Time to go and also have to write the first line of my story…… mmmmm

Special Hello to: all those new parents all over the world.  Congratulations.


Always, Carol and Alvin

I haven’t figured out the logistics of doing this so bear with me. ┬áBut here we go…..


As we walk along the water’s edge the coolness leaves my skin with goose bumps and prickles as if there is someone behind me.

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