COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Friday, July 14, 2017 and it is the 27th day until my 60th Birthday.

So if you are a family member or friend reading these posts, please do not be offended if I missed something like your birth.

It was truly important to me but when you are almost sixty ….. sometimes you remember these things a bit later ….. like the day after..

Well let us see here ….. what year are we at …… this is not as easy as it may seem….

1978: Flew to U.S.A. with friends in a four seater airplane.  It was awesome.  Went to LA, baby ….. Saw JAWS at Universal Studios, saw Queen Elizabeth, and so much more.  Dipped toes in the ocean.

1979: BIG NEWS – expecting – was so excited.

1980: The birth of my daughter in March.  The constant that lights up my life as she did back then and continues to do now. BEST YEAR EVER.

1981:  Being a Mom was great …. once you get past the “no sleep stage.”  I even did some sewing and made us some matching outfits with help.

1982:  Living with my sister and my nephew and my daughter ….. we had fun ….

1983:  Survived major flood in Regina in July ….. we were living in a basement suite …. me and my girl……

1984: My first niece was born ……

1985: My daughter starts kindergarten….

1986: On my Fridays off from work I would walk to my daughter’s school and pick her up and we would walk to the nearby mall and have lunch.  So much fun treating her to lunch and spending that precious time together.

1987: Clearly she ruled in the memory department ….. she was my world and remains so to this day.  I do share that world with Me Alvin and my son-in-law and their fur babies but she was the first born and will always be extra special.

This is a good test of the old memory banks.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday, the 9th day of July, 2013.

It was thirty years ago today that one of my cousins got married, and it also marks the day of one of Regina’s worst floods.

At that time I was living in the south end of the City of Regina in Saskatchewan with my daughter.

Funny how things just come back to you.

While Alvin and I were out for our morning stroll, it came to me.

I remember being all ready the night before … clothes packed and all.

I remember waking up to water up to my knees in our basement apartment.

It was a crazy day.

Virtually all of our belongings were damaged, and unsalvageable as the sewer backed up.

Thank goodness that we were okay.

I had put all of my photo albums up on our shelving unit so they were dry and safe.

You just never know what will happen over the course of a few hours.

It just rained harder than I had ever seen before in my lifetime.

Having to go out and buy shoes to go to the wedding as all my shoes were on the floor.

Walking barefoot in the mall was almost shameful.

The looks I received.

Believe it or not we did make it to my cousin’s wedding which was out of town … about three hours away.

I am always grateful after the rain to be safe and dry.

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.

No matters what happens in life ….. you can always get through it.

Special Hello to:   Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to my beautiful cousin “V” and her husband “R” ….. I hope that they have a great day.


Always, Carol and Alvin


P.S. what is with goose poop and dogs wanting to eat it???  Anyone know?




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