The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? Both Alvin and I are well, very well. We are happy to be in good health. Alvin had a good 13th birthday yesterday. It was quiet but he had fun. I did not have an actual gift for him and I know how much he enjoys opening them so I wrapped up some of his food in a little tupperware container and with a card set it in front of him. I took a video of him opening his gift from beginning to end it was just short of two minutes which is pretty quick. When you consider that he uses his mouth to open it and goes back and forth between his two front paws to hold the package and to stabilize himself. He is so darn cute. Always brings a smile to my face when opening a gift. I can thank my friend Val who for many years has sent us gifts a few times each year with always a special parcel for Alvin. That is where he learned to do this. Yes, I have a pup who can open presents. He is certainly talented.

I am so happy to report that our temperatures are warming up and perhaps over the next couple of days we may even get outside for a walk. Sure would be great. We both miss those daily walks. Our bodies miss them, as well.

This morning I was wrote in my journal and realized that I have been doing for 4692 days. If memory serves me correctly, that is the day that I am on. I write down Day ….., then the date, record what is happening in my life and list what I am grateful for …. I believe it is so important to verbalize and write these down. If you are in a constant state of gratitude then you are living a good life. I am so grateful that both Alvin and I are in good health, for our beautiful home, for family and friends, for me working from home, for good food, for clean drinking water, for each day that we can get out of bed and have our toes/paws reach the floor. The list is endless. Try it!

To my cousin J, I have been trying to reply to your comment from the other day about the hair cut and cannot find it to reply to. I remember that you did a great job cutting my hair when we were kids (teenagers). We had some pretty great adventures you and me. Pretty great. Definitely ones for the journal.

Well time to start signing off as almost time to start work, a few minutes away.

I wish you a wonderful day. Hopefully nice weather so that we all can go for a walk.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin

P.S. two of my LOVES: Alvin and flowers.


Good Morning ALL! First thing, this morning. BIRTHDAY WISHES going out to my son, my son-in-law Steven. Happy Birthday. Wishing you a great day and may the days and years ahead be filled with great joy, good health, much love and laughter and abundance. Alvin and I won’t be able to spend time with him on his birthday for the first time in many years so we shall miss seeing him but we are so looking forward to spending a few days with the family at Thanksgiving at their new home. It will be great.

We had a pretty good sleep last night on the sofa. Only up at 2:00 a.m. (although I am pretty sure Alvin wanted up at other times but either I coaxed him to lay down or I did not hear him) and then up at 6:00 a.m., which was spectacular. So happy. Much better way to start the day.

As I looked out the living room window earlier I realized that most of the trees had virtually gone from green to gold and reds overnight or at least it sure seemed that way. So pretty but most of the green has slipped away for another year. The vibrant golds and reds are a good way to bring in the following season which hopefully is several weeks or even a couple of months away. December would be good. In Canada, you never know when that “season” will arrive …. never according to the official date that is for sure.

Thursday night we visited our friend Pauline. Her beautiful yard. Doesn’t even matter that it is almost the end of September. The flowers are still absolutely beautiful. Colours so vibrant. My happy place. Both Alvin and I could just lay on the grass forever and be perfectly happy and content.

Friday night “Paint Night” with the girls. We had so much fun. I even had a drink and I don’t mean coffee. We laughed and painted and painted and laughed. Here are some of our paintings over the course of the evening.

We have had a glorious last few days. I know that Alvin was not out with me for the paint night but we did enjoy another walk with Pauline and Georgie. Yesterday about 4:45 p.m., the phone rang and it was Pauline. They were going to be busy for the next few days so she wondered if me and Alvin would like to go for a longer walk with her and Georgie. I thought that Alvin was up for a longer walk. It was glorious we even saw folks we had not seen in months and had a quick catch up. Met a new pup Daisy and her Mom Ashley. I was so happy to see Miss Sadie and her Mom and Sister. It was great. Alvin had no problems and was happy to be out sniffing in new places. Places that we had not been to in a long time.

Well time to get going and plug in that coffee pot. Time for coffee and then breakfast. I am going to work a bit on the yard but I was thinking that maybe I would leave the plants for a bit longer. I just cannot pull them when they are blooming. Just not right.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love, laughter and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning ALL! Thank goodness it is the weekend. The sunrise is beautiful as I see pale oranges and pinks lining the southern skyline as I type these post. Alvin is impatiently waiting for me downstairs. We slept on the sofa last night as a trial run to see if he would sleep any differently and a resounding NO. So much for that idea. I guess we will sleep upstairs tonight. I will let him do a few steps which will mean less carrying for me. Last night after work we went over and visited with our friend Pauline. Again the walk there was perfection. Alvin sniffing at each and every blade of grass along the way with hopes of finding “something to eat likely.” I just wanted to get to my friend’s house to once again sit and enjoy her company and her beautiful yard. This time I took my phone with me so that I could take photos of her yard and flowers which are still even though it is almost the end of September are looking gorgeous. Everything takes on a different look in the fall and still with beauty. The colours may have dulled a bit and there may be dead leaves and such but they are still so amazing. Looks like it remains windy. Last night the wind was cold, I was going to say cool but it was cold. We sat on her patio after work and had to make sure that we were sitting in the sunshine otherwise it was downright cold. I am not complaining as the long range forecast shows some pretty good temperatures for the next couple weeks or so. Sure hope that it is around the 15+ temperature at Thanksgiving. Alvin and I are going to spend a few days with the kids. I cannot wait.

Oh, almost forgot, I borrowed my neighbour’s car and went to SAVE-ON-FOODS for groceries. An outing on my own. How glorious! The store was not too busy but enough people. I left home at 6:15 and was home by 6:53 and it was the best 45 minutes. I have been aching to have time on my own and not because I do not treasure my time with Alvin. I would not trade his time with me for anything but we all need time to be on our own where we are not responsible for anyone or anything. That is what it felt like to be in the grocery store. It was funny while I was away, Pauline dropped off some apples from her daughter’s apple tree. I called her when I got home and found a big bag of apples on my front porch to thank her of course. She said it was the strangest thing. She rang the doorbell twice and then knocked and Alvin not a peep. Now she had forgotten that I might be going to the grocery store and did not know that he was alone in the house. But he did not bark which is odd because he would have seen her truck and caught her scent. He remained quiet. Perhaps he was in a deep sleep. I am looking forward to make a couple of apple crisps with those yummy apples.

Well this is a weekend to get the flower pots and the flower beds cleaned up. The longer it is left and with always the chance of a frost, the more difficult it is to pull out the plants. The annuals that is. So I will do as much as possible this weekend. Who wants to pull out flowers and put away the patio/deck furniture when the weather is so beautiful? For sure, not me but to wait ……

I am having the furnace and vents cleaned next Wednesday so I need to make sure that everything is ready for them. Lots to do this weekend. My son-in-law’s birthday is on Sunday. I have an invitation for a paint night with my two younger girlfriends who live nearby and I am going to take them up on the invitation. I need to get out and Alvin is now healed enough that he will be okay for a couple of hours.

I hope that you have a wonderful Friday. The boy is barking.

Time to plug in the coffee and get ready to start work.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, patience, compassion, understanding, gratitude, love and laughter.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning All!

I thought a great way to start this Thursday morning would be with photos. I have taken these over the past couple of days. My tree as it turns to gold. The morning sky two mornings ago rich in a lavender pink hue. Last night I picked some of my flowers from the pots that are still doing okay and thought that I would have some mini bouquets in the house. The greenery in with the pink geraniums has lasted since I received my birthday bouquets. So beautiful. I am surrounded by greenery with pops of colour on the main floor of my house and I also have some plants in my office (water me please).

Well I am not sure that Alvin is cut out for moving back upstairs just yet especially when I have to carry him up and down. He seems to wake up every couple of hours and is finding it hard to settle down. I am thinking that the dog bed and cushions that surround part of the bed should he have decided to jump are freaking him out. I guess that makes sense. I have noticed that when we sleep on the sofa, he sleeps a bit longer. Maybe it is age and all of that. I don’t know for sure. Just going to take things one day at a time. Tonight we will sleep on the sofa to see if I can get a bit more zzzz’s. The sun is up and it looks like a beautiful day ahead. We are going to visit our friend Pauline after work, cannot wait. We should be able to walk at noon, as well. Great. We can always use the exercise.

I am excited as the new fall season has started and I have already started to see some of my shows returning. I always love the first episode ….. they always leave us on the edge of our seats.

Well, this will be short and I apologize but I think that Alvin has to go outside. He is downstairs as I came up to make the bed, shower and do this post.

Wishing you an awesome Thursday. If you have an opportunity to go outside and if you are fortunate to have a green space nearby, go there. Walk about. Stop and close your eyes for a few moments and breathe in that outside air. Soon enough winter shall be upon us and the air is definitely different, lol.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, gratitude, love and laughter.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning All! The air has a slight coolness. The sky is a brilliant blue. The sun rose while were napping after our second rise up with the moon still making a last appearance in the morning sky. It is Saturday.

My To Do List is rather massive this morning as I shake off the last bit of sleep and prepare for the day. A nice shower to begin with while Alvin waits downstairs for me. I cannot tell you how much I miss his ability to come up and down the stairs with me. This one some thing that we totally took for granted has changed our lives dramatically. I miss him either laying near the foot of the bed or on the mat in the bathroom while I shower. It seems like forever ago. I hope that someday we can actually sleep on our real bed and that he will wait for me to set him on the floor when he wants down. My bed is just too high even with the soft area rug on the floor. If he would use the cushioned bench at the foot of the bed for both jumping up and down, things would be much better but of course not something that you can rely on to happen. I must be patient.

I’m thinking that I might start bringing in my geranium plants this weekend once I figure out a good place for them to go. It would seem that I have become “the plant lady.” Funny my grandmother would had the “green thumb” – really did not keep plants in the house. When I was really small and we would travel down the road to her house, the only plant I remember is a fern. She did start flowers in the house but never kept them inside. It was another time. Now I have them all over the house. I can’t imagine my home without live plants.

I have two small Spider plants, an African violet and two poinsettias upstairs in addition to these plants in the kitchen. Soon there will be three pots with geraniums and a Callas Lily which will winter in the basement.

it makes me sad as I start winterizing my gardens and pots. Slowly the plants begin to die and need to be pulled and the pots returned to their place in the garage. The perennials and shrubs in the flower bed some of which are trimmed before the snow and or frost hits. I have two small shrubs that have survived since being planted in spring/summer of 2020. Such as life.

Well I suppose it is time to hit the shower after a lazy start to our Saturday. I like it this way. I usually hit my stride about 1030 and then don’t stop until supper time.

Have an awesome Saturday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and of course laughter!

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! Another bright sunny morning here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When Alvin and I were out in the backyard a few minutes ago, I could see my breath. Yikes and it is still August. Does not appear to have frozen but it is rather chilly. As Alvin was busy walking slowly back and forth at the fence (controlled) watching his friends Humphrey and Bogart through the cracks between the fence boards and partially due to the fact that he kept running under the table and there is not the time for games, opted to go for a walk on my first break. It will be warmer as well. What a guy. I’m sitting on the sofa and as he cautiously comes into the living room and I stand he runs back to the safety of the kitchen table as he although likes to walk is not in love with having to put on his harness. So I shall sit here and write while he decides what to do as the clock ticks closer to my work start time.

My daughter and son-in-law took their pups to the new house last night to show them around as they got possession, the keys yesterday. They didn’t get the keys until later in the day so didn’t have time to clean and then move their belongings. But I wanted to share this, the pups, Aspen and Milo had such different reactions to the new house. Milo, the smaller one with the big personality just ran from room to room barely stopping to really look around and then there is Miss Aspen, she very slowly and cautiously moved from room to room with a bit of coaxing. My daughter sent videos and so cute. Wished I could share them. I am excited to see their new place.

I also snapped some boots of my plants yesterday with drops of rain still lingering on their leaves after the rain was over, so pretty. The sunbeams on the flowers priceless.

All I hope for at the end of the day is that the weather holds so I can get Alvin nursed back to good health. Most days he does not limp and others he does, mainly in the morning and after he jumps when I cannot get to him. I will say that the past couple of days for the most part he waits for me to help him up and down. We both cannot wait for this to be over. I doubt that he should be doing too much jumping but it is hard yo 100% stop him unless I block everything off all of the time snd that is not much fun as we have already been down that path. I know patience is a virtue, I’m trying.

Well I guess it is almost that time. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Tomorrow is another late start day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Love Carol&Alvin

PS: I apologize for any spelling errors or misplaced words, gotta love spellcheck. I don’t get it. The choices. I can spell and type but sometimes odd things come up and if my editing skills are off, yikes.


Good Morning All! Well a mixed sleep night but mainly due to my not falling sleep right away. Why is it on some Sunday nights that a person cannot settle down? Oh well, there is also tonight.

Today is the birthday of a dear friend of ours, Val. Wishing her the most wonderful day.

Guess what it is raining or has rained? The sidewalk is still wet.

Guess who just woke up and found me not there? Alvin. I tiptoed upstairs while he was sleeping hoping he would remain asleep. I thought I would take a few minutes before getting ready and write this post. I’ll be back!!

Dressed and ready got the day. Unable to go for a walk but on the other side do grateful for the moisture. We can walk at noon. I’m proud of Alvin – once I turned on the upstairs hall lights he laid back down on his bed and that is where I found him when I came downstairs. My good boy.

Listening to the weather channel and there are all sorts of alerts for boil water, ban on watering outside, air quality, weather in all parts of our province. I send rain to the sites of fires so they may be extinguished.

Well today is a work day for me. I am grateful to be able to work from home.

I would also like to wish a speedy recovery to my cousin Janice. Take care and be well. I wish that I was there to help you.

How about some flower photos. I had to go through my two bouquets and freshen them up. I also made a bowl of roses to dry.

Alvin has is second laser therapy appointment today after work. I’m glad there is a treatment to help with his recovery. I look forward to the day when we can walk upstairs together. Jumping off the bed will have to stop or be reduced.

Well time to go and pour my coffee and get things set up for the day. I forgot just once yesterday to move the pillow to block Alvin from jumping onto the sofa and I turned around and he was on the sofa laying down.

I hope that you have a great Monday. Enjoy your coffee or tea or favourite morning beverage.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always, Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you this gorgeous Saturday morning? We are out enjoying the coolness of the morning. The sun is shining but has not as yet moved to shine upon the deck so we are in the shade for now. We had a GREAT sleep from 10:30 pm till 5:00 am and what a difference. I gave him his breakfast and meds and went outside for his morning constitutional, lol. Then because what right minded human being would stay up at 5:00 on a Saturday unless you had some planned or exciting to do. I just addressed the Universe aloud that I would like a couple more hours sleep and after hot Alvin settled on his bed that is what we had. Alvin seems to have a great internal clock as he woke me up at 700 am. After stretching we were up. I went upstairs to get dressed and to gather the laundry. Once downstairs I grabbed my flip flops, Alvin’s harness and put him into it, leash on and keys and sun glass clips and headed out to greet the morning. So absolutely gorgeous out just the perfect blend of warmth and coolness. We did our ten minute round trip and then back home where I put on the coffee and then carried Alvin to our little patch of green in the backyard. We have successfully managed to water flowers without him running up the steps. I open the back gate and fetched the garden hose. Firstly, I watered the front flower bed and he watched from the backyard but did get brave and came out a few st we ps. I carefully watched and when he came out to far and wouldn’t listen to me telling him to go back, I sprayed a bit of water in his direction. Oh, certainly with no intention of getting him wet. That did the trick. So I was able to water both front and back flower beds. We are to have a hot weekend so I want to ensure my flowers survive the heat. Last night we spent some time outside and I watered the pots by hand with a watering can. I also picked the two biggest of my peppers this morning. Back into the house to run down to the basement and start first load of laundry. After that I took my mug of freshly brewed coffee and my phone and placed them outside on the patio coffee table before bringing the boy out. We sat enjoying the morning air with me writing this post until I believe he was bored so back into the house where I topped up my coffee and now we are on the sofa. What an exciting life we lead.

Last night after work I gave him a haircut and although I could really trim his paws the rather thick coat of hair that had grown on his body has been trimmed. I did not wish to give him a bath so I gave him a wash down to remove any fine hairs . Today I will give him more of a sponge bath. He looks so much more comfortable. Perhaps that is why he was playing with his Teddy Bear a little while ago. Looks like someone is feeling much better.

Off the topic of all things Alvin, I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not but my kids have purchased an acreage out at Alberta Beach. Some people just have vacation homes and others live all year round and that is their plan. They have dreamed of living in the country with a bigger yard and lots of room for their pups. They are renting their current home which is a great idea. Thinking ahead to retirement. If they tire of the country in a few years and want to move back, they won’t have to buy a house. I cannot wait to visit. They are a short walk to the beach. Now the new home is a bungalow with no basement and they are downsizing by more than half which brings me to another topic of discussion. Stuff. Why do we feel the need to have a home snd fill it full of stuff. Oh, I know there are a multitude of reasons. Most lies in that we North Americans have over the years have had the land space and the financial means to acquire stuff. Sometimes we don’t have the finances snd go into unnecessary debt but that is for another day. When I look around my house and see all of the things that I have accumulated over my life I kind of want to ask the question, Why? What for? Why do we have such a want or need to keep things that remind us of a time in our lives or a person? Why? I believe that part of this lies in advertising- advertisers do such a great job of telling us what we need and want. I guess this also goes back decades to when we began to have more of a difference between the poor and the rich. The middle class was born. With technology and industry and no wars we were settled. Companies were born making all sorts of things that were not necessary in our lives but were things perhaps making a task more convenient or just something pretty. We have long entertained entrepreneurs and today we make so many things not necessary to live our lives. An example of is kitchen gadgets. Every year there are so many small appliances that are invented and created. We have become a society hungry for money. We put way too much emphasis on having “it all” – money to buy and go wherever we choose. I could go on and on but the point is we have too much stuff and I applaud my kids for getting back to basics or at least closer than they now are. I am trying to make some changes as well. It is taking a bit longer as with Alvin in recovery my time is mainly put to looking after him.

I think that we need to think twice about the size of the homes we live in and I know that I have more space than I need. Think about all the things we bring into our homes. Now I am all about supporting small business and friends that are in direct sales to support their families as I am one of them. Maybe we need to stick more to items that are consumable.

I have a few photos to post and then time to get going. My first load of laundry is washed by now. Time to have some breakfast.

We can all reflect and think about making some changes.

I apologize as somehow I copied the categories from my blog and cannot seem to remove. So will have to leave on this post. The dangers of posting using my smart phone and not the computer, argh,lol.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you this morning? Feels more like a Monday than a Tuesday. We went upstairs as we have done for the past few nights. Alvin seemed to be okay for a bit and then did not settle down, at midnight we were back downstairs and outside. He peed snd walked around for awhile with me close at hand. Still panting we came back into the house, I laid him on his bed and I laid on the sofa. Lights out but I had opened one of the living room blinds to let in some light from the streetlights. He would lay down and then get up and look out the window. I have no idea how long he did this for before setting down. At times I thought I could hear him panting over the fans but not sure. The alarm went off at 6 am and I wanted more sleep desperately. Up and fed him and back outside. Once back inside I put the timer on for 45 minutes to 7 am. I put him on the sofa with me snd he settled pretty well and was up with 33 seconds left on the timer. No choice but to get up as I am back to work today.

Once up, I went upstairs to get ready for the day and to make the bed. Then downstairs to ready the coffee to turn on after our walk. I got him ready and out for our morning walk. The air so fresh and I was glad that I had pants and a sweat on. The sky is overcast so not sure what the day will bring.

Yesterday I had a great birthday. Alvin had his first laser therapy session in the morning followed by my cousins over for an afternoon visit. In the evening two friends dropped by to wish me a Happy Birthday with cards and gifts. My youngest brother called as well. With all the voice messages, phone calls, texts, social media messages and such I felt so loved.

Well time is running out almost time to start work.

photos from yesterday.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you today. Alvin has been up and down since 330 am. I guess I should not be surprised as he has always been an early bird. He didn’t settle down much in between that hour and getting up to stay. Perhaps he is bored, I am really not sure. Could he be in pain? He is taking pain meds and anti-anxiety. I washed my hair in the kitchen sink and not sure why I haven’t done that before, silly girl. Then got dressed and we went for a walk. Alvin was happy and clearly wanted to keep going but I said no, back home. When we arrived home I put his water bottle down on the step to prepare to carry him up the steps and at the top landing I decided to set him on the wooden bench beside the door while holding him and leaning over with my keys round my neck to open the door. Perhaps I had a moment of insanity as. Edited I could fully react Alvin was in the air jumping off the bench. I managed to less the landing of his hind leg but nevertheless he jumped. I am so angry at myself. I was not meaning any harm and now this. He appears to be okay. I guess part of him is bored and scared. I have never placed him atop that bench and God only knows why in that nanosecond thought it was a good idea. Perhaps one less bending over to pick him up again and one less time for him. I cannot continue to beat myself up about it. It is done and is in the past.

Once in the house I turned on the coffee which I had prepared after washing my hair. After that I grabbed my shoes leaving chairs and sofa blocked so he could not jump up, I went outside to water the flowers on the deck and in both flower beds using the garden hose which speeds things up. Alvin watched me intently from the living room window. Then once done, I placed the baby gate at the open back door so that he could see me while I watered and dead headed the flowers. Some or actually most of the flowers are beginning to show the heat despite my keeping them hydrated. I took some photos to share.

Alvin gets his staples and sutures out this afternoon and I am so happy. Although we won’t be 100% back to normal and I don’t think we ever will, it will be our new normal. It seems that every time I get used to the ways things are, they change. Whether good or bad, that is life.

Anyway once I finished with the watering, I brought out some coffee for me, my phone and water for Alvin to the deck where we are relaxing before the sun heats up the deck.

I am wondering how to secure him from jumping off the bed. I wonder.

Well time to go. Despite a frightful start, this is going to be a great day. I have to believe that. I get to see my daughter which is great and wonderful.

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday. Go easy on yourself when you slip up.

Congratulations to Andre DE Grasse on his gold medal win yesterday. Wow, what a race.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always, Carol&Alvin

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