Thought for the day ……

Today is Wednesday the 14th day of October, 2015.

Wow, can you believe it?

Where does the time go?

As of late, I have noticed several people over the age of 40 mention about how fast time goes.

The consensus of opinion was “once you have children” the time flies.

Do you remember when you were 5 and waiting for Santa to arrive?

Trying to figure out how he could come into your house because you did not have the obligatory brick chimney!

Do you remember when your Mum said only 5 sleeps until your Birthday party?

You thought 5 how much is that ?

When you are a child time seems to pass slowly but it is because you live in the present and the future seems far away.

Even one day.

As we get older ….. we live in the future …. our thoughts are always for tomorrow.

We also live in the past so naturally time will fly …..

I guess one thing we can learn from the children is to live in the present …..  live today.

Most days I am okay with the speed that time seems to go …

Others not so much.

Guess lesson learned …..

Always live for today ….. tomorrow will come soon enough.

If you always worry about today and think of tomorrow where are you really living?  Yesterday?

Yikes, too much heavy thinking for 630 a.m.

Time to leave for work.

The office is calling …..

Er, perhaps first being the bus.

Staying focused.

Special Hello to: my sister …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Keeping positive and focused on well being and abundance is a moment by moment deal for me and most everyone on the planet.

We all dream about sitting on a white sandy beach on a remote island, sipping on a fruity drink.

The wind blowing gently on our faces.

The reality is that I believe and I mean truly believe that this is going to happen for me, and I hope for you, too.

At the moment I am sitting on a chair at the computer  sipping on cold coffee listening to the birds chirp away as they nest in the bird house on my deck.

Alvin reminds me as he stands on the ottoman at the window looking outside …… that it is the simple things that we love the most.

Oh, to live a dog’s life.  

So this day I wish for the simplicity of life …… for you and me.

May all your dreams come true.  Whatever they may be.

Whether it is to have a beautiful home, travel to the far corners of the planet or just to have the perfect partner in life.

Keep dreaming ….. 

Always, Carol

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