The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? Both Alvin and I are well. I am just back in the house from shovelling the front walk. More snow overnight. A bit of exercise. Thank goodness today is Friday, I am always excited for the weekends. This weekend the weather is supposed to be almost what we could consider to be TROPICAL for Western Canada in the winter time. Plus +6-7 on Sunday and I think plus 2+ or so for tomorrow and that is in celsius. YAY. We will be walking and I cannot wait. Not many walks in this winter.

Well still haven’t be able to get just the right “deadbolt” can you believe it? Oh well, three times is the lucky charm. What can you do? We are trying. My poor friend making all these trips to LOWE’s and with the price of gas! I will be giving her some more money when I am paid.

Not much new in our household. Alvin and I are happy to have quiet non eventful evenings and days for that matter. I will, we will be happy to have dry sidewalks once again and warm temperatures so that we can enjoy walking.

Well this is going to be a short one. I kind of hit the old snooze button a couple of times this morning when I should have been getting my “fanny farkle” out of bed, off the sofa, is more accurate. Anyway, not much new and I have no words of wisdom to share this morning.

I hope that you enjoy this day. Be kind and take care.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin

The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning! Welcome to Thursday, February 3, 2022. How are you this morning? I hope that you are doing great. Both Alvin and I are doing great. The morning temperature feels so much warmer even though I think it is still double digits below zero. We received a small blanket of the white stuff overnight. I believe there is more on the way. This has certainly been a snowy winter thus far. By the weekend we will have single digit plus temperatures. What a turnaround! It always amazes me how quickly the weather can change.

Well our story from yesterday. I originally took the morning off from work due to the deadbolt incident, then I took the afternoon off as well as one of my friends was going to go to Lowe’s and pick up the lock and change it for me. All well laid plans go to the wind sometimes. This one did as well. There was an incident at Lowe’s – everyone is okay but my friend did not even get inside the store but promised to go back later in the afternoon. By this time it was already afternoon. I suppose because I am working from home I could have worked but decided I was just tired and need to just relax. I cannot share the incident because it is not my story to tell. Later in the afternoon my friend true to her word, went back to Lowe’s for a second time and picked up the lock and came to change it. We struggled with it for what seemed like forever but was about one hour give or take and could not get it to install. She realized that it was likely because we went with another brand name. It looked like the same one and there was no name on the inside so I just had goggled the appearance, silly me. I should have looked on the outside. Anyway we put it back together and I have two five pound hand weights keeping the door snug so that no more than usual cold air can come into the house. After this last utility bill – we are going to do whatever extra we can to ensure that does not happen again. I did look at it this way, I am helping to pay some folks salaries. So that makes me feel better. My friend is going back to Lowe’s today and will pick up the same name brand of deadbolt and this time we will have success. It is funny and was to my friend that she has successfully changed her deadbolt two of three times. Said it only takes a couple of minutes. Not for me. Not sure why everything has to be difficult. Things always or near always work out for me but sometimes the road to victory is a long one. ARGH.

Well it is almost time for me to get signed on for work.

Last night I went to check on Bogart and Humphrey as their Mom was out for a little bit and she was concerned about Bogart. He had surgery and is healing. So she wanted to ensure he still had the cone on in the correct position and that there was no blood or anything. She is such a good Mom as she ordered a special soft cloth cone for him. It is a pretty pink. Good thing that he does not care about the colour, lol. Anyway the cats were doing just fine. I spent about thirty minutes with them. Gave them a night time treat and played a bit and was on my way back home to the Alvin.

Mr. Alvin was happy to see me. You would think that I had been gone for days, lol.

Oh I have quite the life!

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin.


Good Morning ALL. How are you this morning? Is there snow where you are? It be snowing here. Not too much overnight but some that warrants shovelling later on. The fresh blanket of snow gently covers the sidewalks and the rooftops and the roads. When the light shines on fresh snow it reminds me of a field of diamonds, shining ever so brightly. Best of Nature. I love snow and am hopeful that it is only a light blanket that we receive this time. Tuesday morning. Did you have a good sleep? Alvin woke me up at 2:38 a.m. to have his glucosamine chew and to go outside. He pooped and it was snowing. I guess I do not have to tell you that now it is covered by fresh snow. I remember roughly where it was so hopefully in the light of day I can dig it up and dispose of it in the garbage can. ARGH, I should have put on my coat and boots and went outside with him but somehow the idea of going outside at 2:39 a.m. did not have much appeal to me. Not much at all. Oh well, my fault entirely. We then went back to the sofa until almost 4:45 a.m. which was lovely, up and he has his breakfast and then outside again (I know same story and yes more digging will happen when the daylight appears) and then back to the sofa until 6:45 a.m. and then I just had to have 15 more minutes. Some mornings I feel as though I am a robot moving automatically about. In the hours before our first time up – I did have some good sleep. I should have one of those watches or that phone app that can monitor your sleep patterns. I wonder just how much “good” sleep I am having each night?? Likely a great question. Oh well, such as life. If I was not getting up with Alvin …. I am getting up myself to go to the loo. Age?? Likely. Perhaps enough of silliness and the talk of poo and the loo, which by the way takes up a large part of our lives.

Next subject. What is the next subject? I feel a sneeze coming on? I am hopeful that this cold snap will disappear soon and we can go out for walks once again. I noticed some neighbours out walking with their dogs. I just cannot take Alvin out when it is minus 30 or colder with the windchill. The pads on their paws can freeze easily. Don’t they know? Some of our neighbors have booties for their pups and nice coats which makes me happy. They are well looked after. They are big big dogs and need the exercise each and every day. Speaking of doggies, my Mr. Alvin is whining and staring at me from the hallway. What now Mr. Alvin, what now? He is spoiled and that is clear. Too late for us. Oh well.

Almost the end of January, thank goodness.

I had thought of a good topic as I was going to bed and should have written it down as I have forgotten.

Time to head downstairs. I hope that you have a great Tuesday.

Filled with kindness, respect, compassion and patience.

I work on patience every single day as it is not something that comes naturally to me. Personally I think that it does not come naturally to most human beings. LOL.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning ALL. How are you doing today? Well it is an overcast rather dull looking day out there. Alvin and I were outside in the backyard a little while ago chatting with Bogart who was sitting atop of the railing on their deck trying to figure out a way to get over to us. Alvin was on the ground at the fence trying to figure out a way to get through the fence. Apparently we have pets that would like to visit. If it were possible we would put a door in the fence for them to visit but then Bogart might want to visit other neighbors and that would not work. Sonja and I were thinking about doing the “pet door” in our adjoining fence before Bogart came into our lives and it would have worked for Humphrey and Alvin. That would have been noteworthy for sure as how many have “pet doors” in their fences.

Last night as the first new snowflakes were fluttering down from the night time sky; I noticed how delicate and fluffy they were as they floated by me while I was standing inside at the back door looking out the window. So beautiful, each one so different. With the appearance of a tiny pillow, a little puffy throw that would nicely cover a small bee or other such insect. So very pretty. There was only a fine layer of fresh snow on the ground and covering the deck when we got up this morning. Now it is coming down with a bit more thickness than last night. I see shovelling in my future. Well there was a tad of it earlier but there will be more. Love fresh snow. So pretty.

One thing that I forgot to do and should do when I am finished this post and before the roof is covered in snow and perhaps it already is, is to gaze up from the deck and see if I lost shingles in that last huge windstorm that we had the other night. One of my girlfriends told me that another neighbour actually lost part of their roof whether she meant shingles, I forgot to confirm. Anyway shingles lost for sure, I know.

Well it is is the weekend. I have much on my TO DO LIST as I prepare for Mr. Alvin’s 12th Birthday party tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. I will be baking some cupcakes, vanilla today for the human guests. All three of us. I will also prepare a package to send home with Teddy and Kobi for their Mom & Dad to enjoy as they cannot join us. I will recheck the restrictions as I know some had been loosened a bit. We are taking the precautions as we do not wish to get the virus nor do we want to spread should I be one of those humans that is asystematic. For lunch for the humans just a simple pasta salad with lots of veg and chicken and then instead of a baguette, the next best thing …. garlic bread in baguette form. I have both a CHICKEN CAKE from Bone and Biscuit for the pups to enjoy plus some yogurt cups that I want to check out for them. I have little treat bags to do up for the guests. Regular laundry and cleaning and stuff.

Time to get this show on the road. Oh, almost forgot that I am going to watch the 6th episode of BRIDGERTON next. What a show. Even made this old gal, blush a bit. Good thing that Mr. Alvin was not watching, he would have turned away in spots for sure. LOL.

We wish you a wonderful Saturday. Remember to take some time just for you.

We will continue to live with kindness, respect, compassion and I am adding patience (mainly for me and Alvin).

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 23rd day of December, 2016.

“1” more SLEEP till Christmas EVE.

Can you believe it?

Are you ready?

Is your heart beating a bit faster than usual?

Are you excited?

Are you nervous?

Are you sure?

I am all of those things.

I will profess I am a self-proclaimed CHRISTMAS “nut.”

I love the turkey, the baking, the Christmas pudding, the cranberries, the lights, whipped potatoes and gravy, singing of Christmas Carols, the music, the movies, the company, the, the, the ………………

I love everything about the holiday season although when it comes to gifts I have simmered down.

Mainly because I no longer have small children.

So I gift baking.

A tray of goodies here and a tray of goodies there.

Even recycling, reusing making something new for someone.

Christmas is really about sharing ….. sharing your heart with those around you.

Give from the heart and you will not be sorry.

I was able to sleep in this  morning as we have a Family Christmas Party/Breakfast at the office.

Getting close to the time to leave but I still have some time.

Enough time to write, catch up on FB and share a banana with Mr. Alvin.

He loves to have some banana every morning with his Momma.

Likely more about the banana than me, but I like to think it is about me and the banana.

I noticed earlier this morning (yup Mr. Alvin wide awake earlier than normal and wanting to get up) that we have a skiff of fresh snow.

So looking forward to Christmas with my family, new and old and to time away from the office, time to charge the old battery, to visit with friends and to relax.

On this day before Christmas Eve I hope that you are enjoying this time and not stressing too much.

No matter what it will always be perfect.

Perfection can always be a bit on the less than side, after all.

Happy Thursday.

Special Hello to: my family and friends, new and old.

Always, Carol and Alvin




Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday, January 17th, 2013 …..

Mr. Alvin is wanting my attention for something …… keeps looking at something and barking ….. then he comes and puts his front paws on my leg as I sit at the computer desk ….. gently pawing me …..

Isn’t it funny how both kids and dogs will something similar ….

Anyway he’s okay now….. perhaps he just wanted to get me away from the desk…..

Wow, we have about 4-6 inches of fresh snow …. covering the ice/water from our big melt of Tuesday and some from yesterday.

On Tuesday we broke warm temperatures records from 35 years old……

Crazy …. it is still snowing…. big, huge flakes…..

I do love watching it snow but would be happy if I could stay at home and watch it through the window…… oh well, work needs me.

I hope that you are having a great week.

There are lots of folks that I know that are away now on warm vacations and I hope that they are having a great time.

Tomorrow is my day off from the office and I am looking forward to having the day off.

I do work tomorrow night at the store ….

Almost time to go out in the snow.

It was funny watching Alvin out there …. he loves the snow …..

He puts his nose in the fresh snow and when he brings it out he looks like has a snowball on his nose.

So cute.

Well as much as I would love to write all day to you … I must go.

So have a great day.

Remember to stay safe.

Be happy.

Use your imagination as much during the day as you do in your dreams.

Take Care.

Special Hello to: all those tropical vacationers….. I hope that you are enjoying your time away from home…


Always, Carol and Alvin

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