Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 23rd day of December, 2016.

“1” more SLEEP till Christmas EVE.

Can you believe it?

Are you ready?

Is your heart beating a bit faster than usual?

Are you excited?

Are you nervous?

Are you sure?

I am all of those things.

I will profess I am a self-proclaimed CHRISTMAS “nut.”

I love the turkey, the baking, the Christmas pudding, the cranberries, the lights, whipped potatoes and gravy, singing of Christmas Carols, the music, the movies, the company, the, the, the ………………

I love everything about the holiday season although when it comes to gifts I have simmered down.

Mainly because I no longer have small children.

So I gift baking.

A tray of goodies here and a tray of goodies there.

Even recycling, reusing making something new for someone.

Christmas is really about sharing ….. sharing your heart with those around you.

Give from the heart and you will not be sorry.

I was able to sleep in this  morning as we have a Family Christmas Party/Breakfast at the office.

Getting close to the time to leave but I still have some time.

Enough time to write, catch up on FB and share a banana with Mr. Alvin.

He loves to have some banana every morning with his Momma.

Likely more about the banana than me, but I like to think it is about me and the banana.

I noticed earlier this morning (yup Mr. Alvin wide awake earlier than normal and wanting to get up) that we have a skiff of fresh snow.

So looking forward to Christmas with my family, new and old and to time away from the office, time to charge the old battery, to visit with friends and to relax.

On this day before Christmas Eve I hope that you are enjoying this time and not stressing too much.

No matter what it will always be perfect.

Perfection can always be a bit on the less than side, after all.

Happy Thursday.

Special Hello to: my family and friends, new and old.

Always, Carol and Alvin




Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday, January 17th, 2013 …..

Mr. Alvin is wanting my attention for something …… keeps looking at something and barking ….. then he comes and puts his front paws on my leg as I sit at the computer desk ….. gently pawing me …..

Isn’t it funny how both kids and dogs will something similar ….

Anyway he’s okay now….. perhaps he just wanted to get me away from the desk…..

Wow, we have about 4-6 inches of fresh snow …. covering the ice/water from our big melt of Tuesday and some from yesterday.

On Tuesday we broke warm temperatures records from 35 years old……

Crazy …. it is still snowing…. big, huge flakes…..

I do love watching it snow but would be happy if I could stay at home and watch it through the window…… oh well, work needs me.

I hope that you are having a great week.

There are lots of folks that I know that are away now on warm vacations and I hope that they are having a great time.

Tomorrow is my day off from the office and I am looking forward to having the day off.

I do work tomorrow night at the store ….

Almost time to go out in the snow.

It was funny watching Alvin out there …. he loves the snow …..

He puts his nose in the fresh snow and when he brings it out he looks like has a snowball on his nose.

So cute.

Well as much as I would love to write all day to you … I must go.

So have a great day.

Remember to stay safe.

Be happy.

Use your imagination as much during the day as you do in your dreams.

Take Care.

Special Hello to: all those tropical vacationers….. I hope that you are enjoying your time away from home…


Always, Carol and Alvin

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