Thought for the day….

Good Morning and welcome to Friday the 22nd day of August, 2013.

Last night I had a late but great walk with Alvin.

A few doors away live this wonderful family and they have a dog named “CASH” who is a black lab.

Cash is only one year old and has an abundance of energy.

Also is he about ten times the size of Alvin ….. okay perhaps a bit of an exaggeration.

We saw them leaving their house “Dan and Cash” so we joined them in a walk.

Alvin and Cash have only walked with each other for short distances and were still getting used to each other until last night.

Well it was like they were old friends.

They sniffed and walked beside each other.

Went in their own directions for a time …. like it was no big deal.

It was wonderful to see.

I enjoy Dan’s company and I think that it is reflected in how the dogs react.

I am so grateful to have such great neighbours.

Dan and his family are so nice and I am glad to have them nearby.

Do you have good neighbours?

Do you know your neighbours?

Are you friendly?

Sometimes people can live beside each other for years and not even know the other’s name.

I personally am one who finds it necessary to know the people who live close to me.

Due in part to my love of people.

I love getting to know people and from all walks of life.

I think it is a good thing to know the people who are around you …..

Be on good terms.

“Be neighbourly.”

Special Hello to: all my neighbours …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

I just wanted to tell you all this story as the thought for the day.

Yesterday, while I was working at Bath & Body Works (West Edmonton Mall).

A lady came into the store looking for a particular item.

I could not help but notice her Texan drawl.

We got to chatting.

She flew to Edmonton to be with her husband who was in business meetings (oil, of course).

This Texan Lady remarked on the beauty of our country.  She also wanted to check out some of Edmonton’s sites.  Even inquired about “public transportation”.  So I gave her the 3-1-1.

Also on the weekend before flying back to Texas they were going to visit Jasper.  I know that they will enjoy their time there.

I quickly told her about other points of interest throughout Canada – like our Maritime relatives and Calgary and Banff to the south.

She remarked on “how very friendly and wonderful everyone in Edmonton and Canada had been to her.”

I told her about when I was a young girl and our family spent the winter in McAllen, Texas.

I felt then as I do now – that Texans are like us …… BIG HEARTED, WARM people.

“We bonded.”  She was so nice.


Continue to be the best and most friendly people on the “block” ……. the world is noticing.

It is always good to be liked by your neighbours…..

Have a wonderful FRIDAY everyone.

Always, Carol

P.S. time for coffee……………..

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