Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 27th day of February, 2019.

TO BE minus 3 – 4 today.

Welcome to SPRING.

For one DAY only.

This would be my one day only …..


How about on this dreamy Wednesday we take a few minutes and close our eyes and dream of spring.

Dream of brown bunnies sitting on the grass in your front yard.

Dream of tulips blooming in your flower beds.

Dream of buds on the trees.

Dream of all of wildlife babies being born and the cuteness in abundance.

Dream of walks with only a light jacket and shoes on.

Dream of NO SNOW.

Dream of plus temperatures.



Happy Wednesday Everyone.

Did you close your eyes yet?

Have a wonderful day.


Special Hello to: my friends near and far.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 17th day of September, 2016.

Happy Birthday to my friend and Steeped Tea leader “C” ….. Wishing her the best birthday ever!

Yesterday we celebrated the last Friday of Summer and it was beautiful.

One hitch on our walk last night was the return of Mosquitoes.

Not sure where they came from but they were out in strong force.

Thank goodness that my wonderful neighbour “S” who had the day off took Mr. Alvin for over an one hour walk yesterday morning.

So when we had to cut ours short – I was not feeling guilty.

We did pick up in the mail a parcel from Steeped Tea – my two free teas that I earned for sales in August.

YAY, Me.

Kind of off topic but then when I have I ever stayed on topic ….. LOL….. just ask my daughter.

Oh, sun is coming out ….. we woke up to cloudy skies and rain.

Perhaps the day will be sunny and warm after all.


Anyway earlier this morning I had the most unusual dream.

Here is what I remember.

Not sure where I was living but it was my house.

Couple of friends coming over.

My daughter was in the house, too.

One friend pulled up in her car and the ground on my front lawn (which was way bigger than my actual yard) gave way – a sink hole.

Down, down she and the car went.

My other friend and I stood on the edge looking down and could only see part of the car.

I yelled we have to call 9-1-1 … so I ran into the house to phone.

While in the house I thought that I should take some water outside.

But I could not locate a certain water bottle.

Everywhere I looked there was loose uncooked oatmeal.

In the drawers. Everywhere.

I asked my daughter to clean it up.

Finally somewhere I found a bottle to put some water in and outside I went.

Meanwhile, outside my friend had found a way to climb down into the hole which stretched a long bit.

She was near the car when I came out and yelled to me that our friend was okay except for a broken foot.

I did not question how she knew that but no matter.

It seemed like forever before the fireman arrived.

Somehow in between I had gone back into the house for something and they were all there upon my return.

They were all down in the hole by the car.  Pushing it.

Two women in dresses (not sure where they came from), my friend and some firemen.

My friend was rescued from the hole in my front yard.

We went into the house afterward for coffee.

Mm, come to think of it not sure if the injured friend went to the hospital or not.

Anyway while we were in the house a crowd of 50 or more people gathered to check out the hole.

They were everywhere.

Taking photos.  Throwing random things into the hole.  Others were trying to climb down.

That was about the end of the dream.

I just remembered feeling frustrated to have all these people hanging out at my house.

They made a mess.


Well in between writing my blog one of my neighbours came for a cup of coffee and now the sun is shining.

What the difference half a hour can make.


Time to get this show on the road.

There be toilets to clean, floors to dust/mop, laundry and so on to do.

Have an awesome Saturday.

I am going to enjoy this one so much.


Special Hello to: all those folks who take the time to read my blog, thank you very much.

Happy Saturday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 16th day of August, 2016.

Another gorgeous morning – a bit cooler – so refreshing.

The sun is coming up in the east as it always does.

Last night it was hot, muggy and there were mosquitoes so we opted to hang out in the yard.

We, Alvin and I snapped some photos and watered flowers.

Here are some shots that we took last night.

The second photo of Alvin should read: “Really, Momma enough already.”

Who knew roses again!

They are the most delicate pink and so pretty again.

There are photos of my back shrub/rose garden and deck.

There are photos of the front yard freshly mowed thanks to my neighbour “S.”

Photos of my front flower bed which I have dubbed “The English Canadian Garden.”

Without my friend who has the most beautiful which I call English Garden it would only be a flower garden.

Just thought I would share.


IMG_4524 IMG_4525 IMG_4526 IMG_4527 AIMG_4528 IMG_4529 IMG_4530 IMG_4531 IMG_4532 IMG_4533 IMG_4534 IMG_4535 IMG_4536 IMG_4537 IMG_4538 IMG_4539 IMG_4540 IMG_4541 IMG_4542 IMG_4543 IMG_4544 IMG_4545

Chicks & Hens

Impatiens to name a few.

Also two of the shrubs are from another friend of mine down the street.

So my garden is truly a community affair.

Well time to get this show on the road.

I hope you enjoy some colour in my blog ….. beautiful colours.

A fond reminder to stop and enjoy all the bounty that nature supplies to us.

Happy Tuesday.

Special Hello: my gardener friends …. thank you.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 5th day of October, 2015.

What a glorious weekend and Sunday.

Yesterday Alvin and I pulled and cleaned the flowers from the front flower bed, raked all of the leaves from the lawn, emptied the remaining flower pots, cut and raked the back lawn, trimmed one of my shrubs in the back, put away all of the furniture and ornaments from the deck and rearranged and cleaned the garage.  Took us just over 3 hours but it is done.  YAY us.

By the way, I did find that moving the river rock top bistro/steel table from one side of the deck and one of the big pots to the garage is getting to be a challenge.

I guess I had better start lifting weights …..

The remaining hours of the day were spent doing laundry, making invites for my upcoming Open House for Steeped Tea and a walk before supper.  We walked and delivered some invitations so double duty and were even invited in for a visit.  Alvin was spoiled ……

It is always amazing to me just how much Alvin gives to everyone by just being himself.

No words …. no amazing deeds ….. no gifts of perfume or ties …… no invitations for coffee or out for dinner …… he gives so much by just being himself.

A lesson for us all.

Our four-legged darlings ….. we love them and they love us.

This can be said for all of our babies ….. right ……

Mr. Cuteness ….. just by looking at someone gives so much.

I sure love him and even on the darkest of days he makes me feel special and needed, loved and appreciated.

Well it is almost time to head out the door for another day at the office.

I am grateful to have a beautiful home complete with Alvin, to be employed and have all of the things I think that I need and lots that I want.

On this Monday give your four-legged friend some positive and loving attention and maybe even a special treat.

Have a great day.

Special Hello: to my cousin “J”, once again thank you so much.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 12th day of October, 2013.

I have been up for a little while but found this happening when I looked out my bedroom window.

My gorgeous yellow leaved tree in the front yard is slowing dropping it’s leaves.

Last night it froze quite hard and I believe that might have had something to do with it.

But the tree is putting on quite the show as it slowly is dropping the leaves right before my eyes.

Here is the proof.

So beautiful ….. autumn in all the perfection of glory.

The first photo I happened to snap yesterday afternoon – what a difference overnight can make ..









In between watching the leaves and writing about them; I am listening to Mr. Alvin as he jumps and snaps his jaws trying in vain to catch that one ROGUE FLY.

That guy must have more than nine lives – Mr. Fly that is.

Anyway it does provide some interesting entertainment if you will.

Well time to go and put on the coffee as my daughter and grand-puppies are here and we girls are going to make some jewellery.

YAY, Happy Saturday to me.

Hoping that it is a Happy Saturday to you.

Special Hello to: all those artsy crafty folks ….

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, December 11th, 2013.

How are you today?

I am doing great …. today I work both jobs and tomorrow is my day off.

I love my jobs but I love, love, love being at home with my Alvin.

Being at home is something that I always dreamed of doing ….

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a Mom of four children and I spent countless hours picking out names.

I would have lists of names in my dresser.  First name and middle name sounding just right was very important to me.

As I grew older, I found out that my paternal grandmother had actually named me …. fancy that and considering I was the first born.

It is a good story … but perhaps for another time.

I imagined a house with running water and indoor plumbing with a nice fence (yes, white) around the front yard which was covered in flowers.

I would have a huge wonderful garden and a dog and maybe a cat.  (it would be on a farm as that is what I knew)

Yes, there would be a husband (although I did not give that much thought except that I had met a young man, he didn’t live too close by) whom I carried a crush on for most of my young years).

Also I had wanted to be a nurse, I loved helping people.

I always thought that I would be married, have lots of children and later travel.

So here I am … none of the above except I have the best daughter on the planet, my dog Alvin, I do have a son-in-law and grand-puppies, I have my own house and I have two jobs.

I guess things have worked out pretty good.

I have always said that when the time is right for me … Mr. Right will walk into my life and stay forever.

I guess I am not quite ready……

Anyway, if you think back as to what you dreamt of becoming when you were a child … I would think for most of us those dreams have changed.

That is not a bad thing for sure…… it just shows that we have options and an imagination…

Which are good things.

I think we change our dream constantly …. I know that I do.

The basic ones remain the same but the details change dramatically.

So on this Friday …. I shall dream of what is to come …. I have to visualize what I want and it will come.

Sometimes it is not exactly the same but close enough.

Have a great day and weekend my friends…….

Special Hello to: all those dreamers …. keep on dreaming.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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