Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 24th day of May, 2014.

Well here we are again …. another sunny Saturday morning.

So great….

There is a soft cool breeze blowing making it the perfect time for a walk.

I think it will be a very warm day.

We have so been looking forward to summer after such a long winter and cold spring.

One by one the neighbours are preparing their yards ….. raking ….. having the lawn aerated …. fertilizing…. planting flowers.

Be pet friendly when fertilizing.

The leaves are almost fully out ….. still at that brand new stage ….. not yet matured.

I do love this time of year …. not quite summer but feels close enough.

Alvin spent the night at his sister’s house.

They are looking after a friend’s doggie for the weekend.

So they have four puppies running around their house.

Yesterday when we dropped off Alvin before my daughter drove me to work ….. I got to see Alvin interact with the new puppy.  Finnegan, I believe his name is.

At first the usual sniffing each other.

Then Finn had a moment where he didn’t like Alvin (nothing bad happened just an angry bark and quick movement).

After that they kind of kept their distance but yet wanting to check each other out.

So cute.

I am excited to hear how the night went.

Kudos to them for having four doggies in the house.

They are so kind and so great with animals.

I call them my “dog whisperers” …….

Well I guess time to get this “old girl” to work ….. you know laundry …… dusting …. oh, Mr. Alvin is getting a hair cut when he comes home.

His second “favourite” thing next to the pedicure ( which by the way was yesterday and he provided the Vet’s Assistance with a less than stellar performance ).

His Momma was a bit disappointed and sad.

But then again there are things that I have to do and maybe I would feel better if I “whined and cried.”

Oh well, it is all good.

We all have to do things that are not our favourites….

It is all of the things that we love to do that gets us through our lives.


I need coffee ……………….. BIG CUP OF COFFEE ….

Oh, I hear the chair under the umbrella on my deck calling my name…….

Have a great Saturday.

Thought really for today is there will always be things we have to do as that is the nature of our lives ….. some will be pleasant and enjoyable and others not so much.

Just try and make sure you are doing more of the pleasant and enjoyable ones.

The things we love …..

Happy Saturday.

Special Hello: to my cousin “J” ….. I almost forgot that the recipe for the Fruit Cocktail Cake is under the Recipe Category.  Also note that you can use any 14 oz can of fruit with juice.  I used pineapple yesterday.  Good reminder for me to post the recipes that I promised a long time ago.  I have so many more to post.

Thanks J……

Always, Carol and Alvin …..


Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 23rd day of May, 2014.

So nice to be able to sleep in this beautiful morning and just lay there relaxing.

Alvin of course, had me up at 5:00 but then after he eat and “pooped” we hit the sofa.

That sofa was one of the best purchases I ever made.

It is so C-O-M-F-Y ……

We, me and Alvin just snuggled and enjoyed a few hours before getting up and at it.

He has an appointment to have his nails trimmed ….. his pedicure.

I am thinking that would be nice.

I have had a pedicure once and it was when I went on a “self” vacation to Victoria.

The hotel I stayed in had a salon close by so I treated myself.

It was glorious…..

My nails …. all twenty of them …. never looked better.

Well I so appreciate having those mornings when we can just take our time getting up and getting ready for the day.

As I sip on a great cup of coffee and write this blog I am listening to HAPPY by Pharrell Williams …. what a great song.

I am so lucky, blessed and grateful to have this crazy life of mine.

I opened the window and there is a slight cool breeze coming in ….. life doesn’t get better than this.

So after our visit to the VET for Alvin’s pedicure we will come home (after enjoying a nice walk in there, too) and I am going to bake one of my old favourite’s a “FRUIT COCKTAIL CAKE” …..

Well I am going to make a couple of changes as I do not have fruit cocktail but it will be yummy all the same.

This afternoon my daughter and her neighbour (our friend) are coming for coffee…..

So just have enough time to tidy up the house and be ready.

Then I will top off the day with working at the store tonight ….. my favourite retail store …… Bath & Body Works

I hope that you are enjoying this fine Friday …..

I am so grateful …..

Thank you for continuing to read my blog ….. thank you.

Special Hello to: EVERYONE …….

Always, Carol and Alvin

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