Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Friday, February 10th, 2012.

Well, it is the day after Thursday.

How are you doing this fantastic Friday morning?

It is 6:14 a.m. here where I am.

The moon shines brightly and the stars fill the morning sky.

The air is a tad crisp but that is more than okay.

Spring is on the way.

I am so excited to hear the birds sing and fly about my back yard.  Perhaps this spring they will nest in the bird house in my back yard.

To see grass start to turn green and the buds on the trees.

One afternoon when me and Alvin were out walking to meet up with Amanda and the puppies …. we stopped to chat with some folks along the way.

They were visiting from elsewhere in the city and said that their fruit trees had already started to blossom with all of the warm weather.

Between the rabbits starting to change to brown and the trees ….. I wonder if Mother Nature is just confused by all of this global warming and doesn’t know what to do.  Mixed up.

Although I love the warm temperatures ….. it makes me curious about the weather to come.  What will spring be like?

I remember as a kid on the prairies …. spring was spring ….. there was that smell in the air …. ice melted gradually as did the snow ….. crocuses filled the fields …. babies were born…. then summer “hot” and bright ….. then fall …. those gorgeous colours that happened in due course, and then winter…… lots of snow …. cold temperatures and sunshine.

Food for thought.  Lots to think about that is for sure.

Well almost time to finish getting ready for work.

Tomorrow I am working at BBW (Bath & Body Works) as we are having a Fragrance Event just in time for Valentine’s Day and will be working on Sunday.

So this is a seven day work week for me ….. but that is okay.

I actually have tonight off and have plans to go out for coffee with one of my friends.

So I hope that this Friday brings to you much love, joy, abundance and FUN.

Happy Day.

Special Hello to:   all those people born in the springtime!

Always, Carol and Alvin …..

Thought for the day

I just have to share this with you all.  If you have not as yet read the book “THE KIND DIET” by Alicia Silverstone, please do yourself a huge favour, and do so.  It is the best book and it will change your life.  Slowly over the past year I have been “flirting” with being a vegetarian.  After reading Alicia’s book I have given up meat and fish and most dairy.  I feel great.  There are so many wonderful plant based products on the market in addition to all of the vegetables and fruits and nuts that it has been easy.  I will say the one thing that I have craved is chocolate.  Once I have my pantry and fridge totally converted I will even bake with non dairy products.  I have found that most recipes can be converted.

If you cannot totally give up “meat” and “dairy” – try making a lentil casserole or perhaps a meatless chili.  I will post some of my new recipes.  Give it a try.  Better for you, better for the animals and our planet.

Another sidebar is your grocery bill will be much less.

Ask your local grocer to order any items that they do not carry.

Spend the summer cruising your local farmers markets.  Yummy.  Nothing better than fresh local grown produce.  Love fresh potatoes, peas and carrots.

I would also mention in this rather lengthy “thought for the day” – give your dog a carrot or try broccoli, cauliflower or even an apple.  Alvin, my dog loves carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and apples.  We share an apple at lunch time.

Now that I am back to writing on my blog.  I would appreciate your feedback so if you read my “stuff” please leave a note.

Have a great day.

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