Good Morning ALL! What a quiet morning. I suppose most mornings are quiet with the exception of Alvin barking impatiently while I am upstairs. I am grateful that today is Saturday, the weekend. It has arrived. We had a couple of great walks yesterday enjoying the vibrant colours of fall and the air. I love the smell of the air at this time of year. There is just something about it that warms my heart. It is just over/under one month until I decorate for Christmas. This year I put up my fall/Halloween decor in September, early for a change. Why not enjoy the decorations for more than a couple of weeks!

Some of my Fall/Halloween Decorations

Bogart – the morning he decided to visit us, such a handsome big boy.

Modern PURAIR – Furnace & Vent Cleaning – lovely thank you note.

Backyard and Deck – mostly ready for the next season ……

Alvin sleeping while I crept upstairs last night to get ready for bed…. we slept upstairs last night, yes we did…………… the saga continues…….

I haven’t taken many photos of the trees in our neighbourhood but that reminds me to take my phone with me so that I can snap some photos of the amazing colours.

Time to get back downstairs for the boy who now is being a patient boy. I need coffee, I always need coffee, lol.

I wish you a Happy Happy Saturday. May you have time to relax, to be with nature, and to tackle some of the items on your TO DO LIST (but not all). Leave some things for next weekend.

Remembering to continue to live with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love, laughter and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Reminds me that next weekend we need a new family photo and that I need to print off and put up on my office bulletin board the photos of us from the past couple of years. For some reason they are not up in our little gallery of photos.

Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Thursday, September 13th, 2012.

Well here we are ….. the middle of another month.

The mornings are a bit cooler here in Edmonton …

The days noticeably shorter…

The moon is noticeable for I think a longer period after sunrise…

The trees are starting to change colour…

The animals are starting to prepare…


So have you packed away your summer clothing, shoes and jackets?

Have you pulled out your flowers that are no longer bright and vibrant?

Are you rearranging your garage to put all your summer stuff away?

Have you cleaned your windows, checked the seals around the windows, cleaned your bathroom fans, cleaned your furnace, or started?

I am still wearing my summer clothing, most of my flowers are still doing okay despite the dip in temperatures the night before last, my stuff is still on the deck, I have begun the getting your home ready for winter part.

I have a furnace cleaning booked for the end of September.

When you own a home there is always lots to do ….

Last night I enjoyed a lovely walk with Alvin…

It was a perfect evening … no breeze …. temperature just right for walking.

Rescued a baby jack rabbit (only a couple or three weeks old) from my basement window well!

That is another story.

Bought the winning lotto ticket (have to check and see how much we won).

Watched “THE VOICE” …. love that show.  The judges are a perfect mix of entertainers and personalities …. they work well together.

I LOVE THAT SHOW.  It is my favourite.

Well on that note I shall say “farewell” until “morrow” ….. which is my day off ….. but I will write something just for you…

Have a blessed, grand, wonderful, awesome, spectacular, great, fantastic, WOW kind of a day ….

Special Hello to: all those volunteers who help people and animals …. you TOTALLY ROCK and are amazing.


Always, Carol and Alvin…


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