Living … One day at a time.


Thankfully a bright sunny Sunday morning sky after much of Saturday was overcast and raining.

Bit of a breeze so comfortable outside.

We had Alvin’s regular 5 week appointment yesterday.

He had his pedicure, nail trim, which is not one of his most favourite things to do.

That is a definite NOT.

Hear a crow “caw” “caw” “cawing” outside my office window.

Alvin is resting on his blue blanket as I type/key these words.

My office is as bright as the morning sky.

I love the new paint colour in my office.

Just makes me happy as soon as I come into this room.

Back to yesterday …. when we arrived home yesterday morning …. it was about 11 a.m.

I set to work turning on the laundry, sipped on a cup of coffee before heading outside to do some garden work.

I knew that the window of sunshine would be limited.

Grabbed my garden tools, some dirt that I had in the garage, a plant and went into the back raised garden.

My friend had given me a plant during the week that had to be transplanted.

First pulled the weeds as finally it was mostly dry in that garden.

Transplanted the plant.

Also moved some of another plant that has been spreading like mad to a new location with the garden.

Unfortunately I do not remember the names of these plants.


My “Hens & Chicks” plants which are succulents are now able to see out from under the one plant that I moved as it spreads like wildfire.

Now I only moved a portion of said plant.

Spreading the dirt.

Weeds pulled.

Looks great ….. did some watering…..


Had to run back into the house and grab my phone so that I could take some photos which I will share with you all shortly.

Very proud of my little flower/shrub garden.

Starting to look most lovely.

The other chore that I did was change the garden hose that was attached to the house.

Remember the hose that my friend gave me some weeks ago, finally had the time and good weather to get that changed over.

I could not get the hose round onto the hose station that is attached to the house.

So I gathered the hose and placed it into a rubbermaid garbage can (which was clean and used for recycling bottles etc).

This morning I will have to remove the hose and fix it as the can filled partially with water yesterday after all the rain.

I now have captured some rain water.

In addition to these chores, I weeded and watered the flower flower bed.

My lilies are beginning to bloom.

The ferns are doing well as are the other plants that fill the front bed.

Photos:  in the first photos … the new plant is in the back of the garden … best seen in the last photo … the short light green plant between the two tall green ones.

Which now I cannot remember the name.

This is their second year and they have not bloomed.

Might be due to not so much direct sunlight.

But pretty all the same.

I just could not help but to share my flower pots.

Some close up shots … colours so rich and vibrant.

I love this colour combo.

So pretty.

The rain started just as I had completed my gardening and continued for most of the day.

There was a short break in the rain and we took that opportunity to head out for a walk.

Even had to wear a jacket.

ARGH, July.


Well the coffee is brewed and there are chores to do.

Unfortunately Alvin cannot help with them.

I knew that he would if she could.

Happy Sunday.


Great to see the sunshine.


Kind actions with Respectful thoughts …. awesome.


Always, Carol & Alvin


Oh, now clouds beginning to roll in …..

Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 26th day of June, 2017.

Cooled off overnight and sky is a bit overcast this morning.

Grateful for the breezes.

What an awesome weekend.

Alvin and I enjoyed our walks.

We even had two walks yesterday.

We worked and we played, does not get better than that.

My neighbour gave me:  patio set with umbrella and four chairs, garden hose and hand sprinkler (which I really really needed), small food processor (which is great because I lent my big one to my kids), two cookbooks, cast iron casserole dish with lid for the oven, Magic Bullet with all the attachments (now I have two which I love), Pampered Chef newer version of the chopper that I use for garlic.  How lucky am I?

Definitely was blessed this weekend.

Coming up weekend is Canada Day.

We celebrate our 150th Birthday this July 1st, 2017 – which is Saturday.

I remember Canada’s 100th Birthday back on July 1st, 1967.

We even had a song written to celebrate Canada’s 100th Birthday.

It was great as I was school age back then.

Looking forward to watching some festivities on television and looking to the sky for the fireworks.

It is a reminder on how blessed we are to live in such a great country.

We should never take it for granted.

I always try to give back to the country that has given me life …. a great place to be born and to live.


Well here we go again another work week.

Promises to be great.

Special Hello to: my sister …. getting closer to your visit.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 7th day of October, 2016.

Flowers gone now due to frost.

Cleaned up pots last night and put away.

Cleaned out the rest of the front flower bed and trimmed back the perennials.

Raked the leaves another time.

Trimmed the bushes in the back garden.

Removed the garden hose from the house and drained.

Ready for the next season.


Well I have had an interesting morning thus far.

Woke up with Alvin extra early and went back to the sofa for a bit …..

Set the alarm.

My ears plugged and I did not hear the alarm.

Running late.

Well missed the first bus but will catch the next one and still be to work on time.

Good thing I always like to be early.

I have a plan B.

Well time to go.

Brought out the winter clothing as I figured with this cold I should wear a heavier coat and the accessories.

Most of which I have been wearing in various layers.

Have a great Friday.

Hopefully my ears unplug soon.

Feels strange and makes me slightly unbalanced.

Oh the joys of a cold.


Special Hello to: all those people with colds …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

WOW, here we are at Monday, June 4th ,2012.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was fantastic ….. there were a couple of small snags in between the fantastic.

I accomplished everything on my “to do” list and even worked a 4 hour shift on Friday night and a 4 1/2 shift on Sunday afternoon.

It always feels great to get lots done.

So tonight other than walking with Alvin and folding the towels that were finishing drying as I went to bed (late at 10:30) …. we will be RELAXING ON THE SOFA.

The sky is slightly overcast ( I watered my lawn last night so maybe it will rain today).

So my thought for today is no matter what happens like “the baking element in your oven” (mine met with a painful end) burning out most of the way through cooking supper …. it will always work out.

I should mention that I have the most amazing neighbours on the planet ….. they always help out and are just plain awesome people.

So I learned how to remove the element from the oven, using pliers careful remove the watering wand from the garden hose so that I could attach the sprinkler (it got stuck on).

It was awesome.

Well almost time to finish getting ready.

Have a wonderful day.

Special Hello to: all those handy people around the world.  I am slowly becoming one of them …. hope someday.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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