Thought for the day …..

Well a little late in the day but here goes.

After you look back at your day …..

What were your main thoughts?

Were those 60,000 some odd thoughts mainly happy, positive or just random fleeting thoughts?

Are you feeling the best that you can feel?

For the next week, try this exercise …. no matter what is happening in your life.


Anytime that a not so positive one enters your mind …. just acknowledge it, and then think of something that makes you happy.

Think of a baby laughing …. the sound of a child’s laughter is the best,  and makes you feel so great.

Concentrate on feeling good.    Give out loving feelings to every creature,  human or other than you meet.

Just imagine how glorious life would be …. if we were all generating positive, happy,  loving vibes.


Give it a try ……

I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

I know Alvin was….. 🙂  LOL

Always, Carol

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