Thought for the day……

Yesterday afternoon on coffee break …… I was sitting outside….. enjoying the beautiful weather.

We have a couple of picnic tables in the parking lot right behind our office, and I was sitting at one.

I could see this bug flying right toward me.

At first I thought it might be a small wasp but upon further inspection it was not.

In fact, it was a ladybug.

I had never paid much attention to them in flight before this moment.

But they reminded me of an animated aircraft coming in for a landing.

Wings out …… legs down…..

After it landing it almost looked as though it was shaking itself off.

How cute.

Then it wobbled back and forth on the table in front of me.

So cute.  I wondered, what does a ladybug think, okay perhaps feel ….

She, he probably was just taking a rest from the flight.

After a few moments of going back and forth it disappeared between the cracks in the table.

I looked under the table to see if I could find it but alas it was gone.

A few minutes later it appeared and flew off……

My lucky ladybug….

I am of the mindset that they are a sign of fortune, and I will continue to believe that …..

So that is the story of Carol and the Ladybug…. I shall name him “FRED” ……

For everyone knows Ladybugs really are not ladies but actually gents….. LOL.

Have a great day.

Happy Wednesday….

Always, Carol

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