Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 9th day of August, 2016.

Last night it poured and poured and there were mighty roars of thunder and bolts of lightning.

The sky appears to be clearing which is nice.

Sunshine after the rain is always good.

There is a long list of people who share this date, this Birthday with me:

My Cousin “M” who is exactly to the day ten years younger than me, today is his 49th Birthday.

A friend back in Regina “A” who turns the big 40 today.

An old friend “D” who is exactly one year younger than me.

Happy Happy Birthday to all my friends, and may you all have a wonderful Birthday and year to follow.


I think it is strange how we always reflect on life twice a year.

Once on your birthday and the other when ushering in the New Year.

At this point today I am more than happy.

I have my own house which I have always, always dreamed of having …..

I am in good health.

I am surrounded by loving, supportive family and friends.

I have my partner in crime who is visiting for a few days at his sister’s house making our home very quiet.

That would be me Alvin.

My four-legged boy.

Miss you buddy but it is good for you to venture away from home once in awhile, out of your comfort zone.

He is a Momma’s boy and loves being at home.

Travelling in the car not so much.

I have been a few places …. done some things ….. I have created many things.

My most proud creation was/is my daughter.

So when you can rattle off a bunch of things that are positive and good and you live a good life ….. then reflection is a good memory.


I am thinking that I am going to take my umbrella as I do not think we are out of the woods yet.

So excited after work tonight my daughter is picking me up from work and we are going to West Edmonton Mall.

We will grab a bite to eat before going to see the new STAR TREK MOVIE.

I am beyond excited.

I love the Star Trek movies.

To see it on the big screen is also amazing.


Well here it is almost time to leave the house once again for work.

I hope that you all have a super great day.

I am.  I will.


I always want to extend my sympathies to family and friends who have lost dear ones these past few weeks.  You are in my thoughts and in my heart.


Special Hello to:  Happy Birthday loved ones and friends who celebrate this day with me.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 22nd day of August, 2013.

Wow, this passed couple of days have been incredible and for no particular reason other than I feel down to my core, amazing.

It is like a light bulb has been turned on and I know that this is going to be my “best year ever.”

I am doing the things that I am passion about – writing and making jewellery.

I know that I will be published someday and sooner than I think.

I know that our “Dear Stella Jewellery” business will grow and be successful.

I am working on better facilitating letting those “less than perfect” thoughts just slip by relatively unnoticed.

I am working on being the best me.

I am going in the right direction.

My life has always been a work in progress.

I am truly happy and I know how blessed I am.

I have the best friends and family.

I have “me Alvin” ….. who is my sweetheart.

I live in my very own house …. a few years ago I never could or would have imagined that I would be here.

I work at two totally different places and grow in different ways as a result.

I love that I can have flowers and sit out in my back yard and enjoy it.

I love that I have great memories.

My life is filled with abundance.

I see my kids every day and I love it.

I get to walk every day with Alvin and enjoy our lovely neighbourhood.

I am healthy.

I had family visit from back in Regina this past summer.

I have the technology to see my family back in Regina whenever I wish.

I can see and hear and talk.

I could almost fly.

Well I guess it is obvious that I am enjoying my life.

I hope that you are able to find your happiness and enjoy it.

Start first with yourself, and be grateful for being you just the way that you are  …. if you love yourself then everything else just seems to fall into place.

Take Care my Friends.

Special Hello to: all those people who struggle every day …. you are important and deserving of a great and beautiful life.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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