It is a NEW YEAR.

Good Morning,

Oh my heavens it is COLD out there.

I thought that Mr. Alvin wanted to go out for like the third time this morning so I donned my coat and mitts and shoes but he stayed back.

No barking.

He did not need any kind of coaxing for the times that he was outside this morning.

Back into the house in a big hurry.

I do not blame him.

Please ensure that if you must go outside today at any time that you are bundling up in many warm layers.

Natural fibers like wool are always good to be wearing when it is bitterly cold outside.

I know that some folks are out walking their larger pups but please ensure they have boots and coats on.

Most of these dogs do not have long fur coats plus the pads on the bottom of their paws freeze very easily.

Be mindful.


Well today is Wednesday.

I have been posting my tips for the reduction of plastics and just all round tips for reducing waste and being mindful.

Mindful of what you are using and doing with all of this plastic stuff.

Really do you need to purchase five cases of water ….. most municipalities in Canada have drinkable water.

Do not forget that some of the microplastic from these disposable water bottles come loose and float around in the water.

We are drinking microplastics.

Not only plastics but all sorts of garbage are finding their way into the oceans.

Most marine life can be found with garbage in them.

Eventually they will die.

Wildlife are falling prey to our wasteful manners.

I do not wish to preach but sometimes we all need to step back and think about what we are doing to ourselves, to others, to the animal, bird, insect, and marine life on this planet.

To the trees and to the flowers and to the grasses.

Do you really need the latest fashion?

If you already have five black sweaters or more.

Take a trip to Goodwill or to a Consignment store.

People are setting up shops online selling gently used clothing items and more.


Well time to leave for work.

Finish getting ready.


Oh big news.

My son-in-law’s brother went home yesterday.

He had a heart transplant at the end of November 2019.

So happy he is doing well.


I hope that you are safe and warm.

Have an awesome Wednesday.


Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day….

Good Friday morning and welcome to November 2nd, 2012…..

This morning as I was waiting for Alvin to come in from outside I noticed just how bright it was outside.

There was the appearance that a night light was on ….

It was just the overcast of the night hitting the bright white snow.

So beautiful ….. and I didn’t even have to turn on the “porch” light.

I love the early morning even though somedays I would like to stay in bed.

My mind says “yay” and my body says “are you kidding me” …..

The ying and yang of it all.

Well I hope on this beautiful November morning that you are just where you should be.

Filled with love and laughter and ready to take on the world …. your world.

Hey I just realized that I had type “welcome to Thursday morning when I had a flash … hey I have jeans and a white top on …. it is Friday.

The white and jeans are the dress code for my store job.

Anyway …….. we all have those moments.

I hope that you have an amazing day and weekend.

I am putting up my Christmas tree …. this is my favourite time of year and I only wished that the goodwill and joy could last the whole year long.

Take care….. be safe ….

Special Hello to: all those lovers of the Christmas season and who are putting up their trees this weekend…..


Always, Carol and Alvin


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