Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 29th day of October, 2014.

Wow another glorious fall / autumn day.

Only two more sleeps until Halloween.

Still haven’t decided what to wear ….. I will dress up for the office and then change before heading to the store.

Always fun …..  any ideas???

Last night I had an update on my nephew, and he seems to be making some progress although still not out of coma.

My daughter and I are going up to the hospital this evening after work.

When I write on my blog in the mornings it is with careful eyes watching me, “ALVIN’S, of course.”

He always makes certain that he can see me …. when I am at home seldom am I out of his sight.

Even as human beings we like to have our space from our loved ones.

It appears not to be the case with this puppy “dog.”

He is definitely a “Momma’s Boy” and at home he goes from room to room with me.

There is a bond between me and Alvin that is strong as iron ….. I do not remember nor do I wish to remember what life was like before he entered my life.

I am so grateful for being in great health, for having employment, to have my bills paid every month, to have lots of food in the house, to be surrounded by loving family and friends, for telephones ( the ones that are portable but do not fit into your pocket), for time and energy.

So on this day I wish you grace and purpose, joy,abundance and love.

Keep dreaming and bring your dreams one step closer to fruition.

Special Hello to: family and friends

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

When the sun is shining – make sure that you get outside.

It is just that simple.  Alvin and I went for a walk a few hours ago and it was heaven, really magical.

On these early fall days just when the sun’s heat is slightly less hot, and there is a slight coolness to the air …..

my goodness there is nothing better.  I love these days.  Really love them.  I feel like a child again.

So feel better – get off the sofa – or out of the office at your break – JUST PLEASE GO OUTSIDE.

I promise you, as the sun and fall air gently grace your face, you will feel like a million dollars, no TEN MILLION DOLLARS.

Have a great day everyone.

Always, Carol

P.S.  and yes, Sir Alvin is lying on the comfy chair beside my stool.  Curled up and content.  It is truly a Dog’s Life.  Well at least my dog’s.  LOL

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