Living … One day at a time.

Hello, well we are looking forward to a daytime high of 20 degrees celsius.

YAY, that will be wonderful.

It felt good when we were outside about 5:00 a.m. this morning.

The boy is on the mend.

Slowly adding his regular hard food back into the chicken, rice and soft food.

It is quite the thing to figure out each and every day.

But I am so grateful that he is feeling better.


Yesterday morning Mr. Humphrey jumped up onto the corner post and top of his deck so that he could say hello to me.

He was having a whole conversation with me and Alvin.

I only wished that I could understand what he was saying.

Even after work he jumped up to say hello.

So last night, nothing says “feeling better” than hanging with one of your besties, right!

I could take photos of the boys all day long.



Humphrey on one side last photo on above row and Alvin on the blue blanket beside me.

Humphrey was not licking his paw he was actually sleeping.

Such cuteness …..

I am so happy that life is almost back to “normal” and sometimes we do not realize just how wonderful that “crazy normal” is until it is not.

So grateful to all our friends and family for their love and support and GREAT IDEAS.

I would not have made it through this past almost two weeks without you ALL, thank you.


Well time to take the boy outside one last time before I leave for work.

Yesterday my ride arrived while we were outside.

Then panic … running through the house …. changing shoes …. grabbing ID…… grabbing keys ….


Happy Thursday.

With kindness and respect we shall mend the madness.


Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 31st and last day of May 2013.

I love the month of May and although I am sad to see it go again – I know it will be back again next year.

Isn’t that great.

June is a great month and it is only a few hours away.

Well you would be proud of me ….. guess what?

Me and the Alvinmeister were out for another early morning walk.

I will admit that it takes a couple of minutes or at least until I am actually outside before I really enjoy it.

The air is so fresh.  The birds are up and enjoying the beautiful weather.

The grass is heavy with the recent rain.

It was overcast but oh my goodness it was wonderful.

I feel more energized.

So just a few more mornings and my body will have adapted to the shock of going out at 5:00 a.m.

So this is Friday ( I just realized that I typed Thursday at the top of this blog and went quickly to change it, LOL ).

So today I work at the office and then go to the store for a four hour shift.

Mr. Alvin goes to his sister’s for a sleep-over and all is well in the world.

I hope that today is even more great than yesterday.

Yesterday my good friend and neighbour “G” came over for a visit.

You see today is her “34th” birthday so I made cupcakes (Wednesday night) for our get together and COFFEE, of course.

Alvin wanted to give her a little something so we put together a little goodie bag.  He always has such great ideas.  That puppy dog of mine.

Anyway we laughed and drank coffee and ate cupcakes and had a great time.

So that was my Thursday night and I could learn to live with having nights like that all the time.

So Happy Birthday “G” and I hope that you have an awesome day with your hubby and boys (after work).

Well almost time to go to the office …… yes the office but not that office…… LOL.

I am definitely more energized and giddy this morning.

Must have been the blueberries …..

Have a great Friday.

Special Hello to: all those folks celebrating a birthday day, and to one of my friends who has passed away –  today was her birthday – happy day my angel ……


Always, Carol and Alvin

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