Thought for the day…..

Good Evening ….. we are in the last couple of hours of Friday, March 15th, 2013.

Today marked the 10th Birthday of my great niece “Selena” ….. she is a lovely young lady.

I called her from my home in Edmonton, Alberta  to hers in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Since the time change this last Sunday we are once again “the same hour” ….

She is an amazing young lady and I am so proud of her …..

We chatted about her birthday, her bowling party and sleepover with three friends tomorrow.

I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said a “Vet” and a “Writer” ….

I was not surprised by the Vet but was totally blown away by the Writer.

It would seem that she has turned into quite the writer during the last year or so.

She writes poetry and stories.

She told me that she has already written two books.

One has over 150 pages and the other over 100.

I think that is quite the accomplishment for a then nine year old.

She also mentioned about a poem that she had written and proceeded to read it to me.

Very accomplished.

I asked her where she got her inspiration and she said just one day in class.

It was amazing.

So I have to take a “page” from this now ten year old and get my writing act together.

It won’t be long and she will be published.

I also asked her when she got the time to write and she said “Oh, sometimes when I am tired of watching t.v. or reading” …. I just write.

So if this newly turned ten year old can write two books (she started the 150 page book last summer and just recently finished) …. so can I.

At first, I will admit that I felt less than confident in my writing abilities.

After speaking with her Mom (my niece) and taking a bit of time to clear the tears from my “OMG, what am I doing” eyes” ……. I reread some of my earlier poems.

I stopped to think about what I was doing at ten years old and then I felt better.

You see I will be 56 this August and 50 years ago this August I cooked my first meal….. it was stew and for a combining crew.

Also at ten years old I was watching over my four younger siblings ….. taking turns with my sister (18 months younger) staying home from school to help with chores and the boys.

I do remember when I was between 8 – 11, planning and executing several Christmas plays ….

By ten years old I was already babysitting for the neighbours and earning money to buy our school photos and books from Scholastic (from school).

I was doing laundry for our family of seven when I was ten ….. washing the floors (by hand) and polishing the floors …… making meals …. helping my siblings with homework ….

So now that I have finished my pity party and am realizing that each life is different.

I have always loved to write and I did write when I was younger but most of my writing and stories were in my imagination ….. I told the stories to myself as I did not have the time or means to write them.

So as I have now written over 700 blogs (which is huge accomplishment for me), I work two jobs, make jewellery with my daughter, keep a house, clean my neighbourhood, and other things …. I try not to be too hard on myself.

I am grateful that I have lived my live because it has made me who I am.

I am blessed to be surrounded by inspiration of all ages.

I am happy to be here.

I am so grateful to all of the people who take their precious time to read my blog.

Well I guess it is time for bed.

I have a cold so should get some rest so that I can get back my energy.

Thank you.

Always, Carol ….. (Alvin is sleeping ……)



Princess Selena ......

Princess Selena …… long before she was ten …..

Thought for the day….

Welcome to Monday, October 15th, 2012 …..

Wow, what a beautiful day it was here in  Edmonton yesterday……so warm that I was able to wear capris to work…

Today is supposed to be plus 13 C …… another capris day.

Gotta love that at the mid point of October in western Canada.

I am very grateful for this beautiful weather.

I am wishing that we have this warm weather pattern until November …. especially for Halloween.

Always nice to have a dry warmish evening for the kiddies.

I worked yesterday at the store and saw some friends from Regina.

Oh, I love being at that store ….. always nice to see people from back home.

So on this Monday morning and I reflect on the weekend, a smile come to my face and laughter to my heart.

I SKYPED with my sister and great niece on Saturday morning.

There was some time delay between what I was saying and what was “coming” out of my mouth.

So it looked really funny …. the girls were laughing so hard.

Anyway, long story short ….. my sister grabbed her camera and recorded a bit of the conversation.

It was the best.  We had so much fun….. of course, I love to make people laugh and hear people laugh.

Truly the best thing us human can do other than the capacity to love.

So between that conversation, working at the store and coffee with my daughter ….. I must say that I had the best weekend.

I hope that a smile comes to your face and laughter to your heart when you recall your weekend.

Have the best day and of course, remember to laugh …. even a giggle here and there …..

Laughter is the best medicine and I believe it to be so.

Special Hello to:  all the sisters and great-nieces out there ……


Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Friday Morning Everyone!  Today is November 18th, 2011…..

Have you ever got up in the morning and just knew that today was going to be the BEST DAY of your LIFE?

Today is that day for me.

I feel great and I know that something extraordinary is going to happen today.

So I hope that this is that day for you as well.

Happy Friday everyone.

Special Hello to:  my GREAT NIECE Miss Selena Grace, and my GREAT NEPHEWS: Masters Azlin, Zane and Ezrik.  Love you GUYS…..  I miss you all…

Always, Carol

P.S. This is my 400th BLOG, WOW …… I cannot believe it….  Also thank you to my “6” subscribers who read my stuff everyday.  I appreciate you all.

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