Thought for the day…..

Wow, it is Friday, October 19th, 2012 and today marks the 4th year wedding anniversary of my daughter and her husband.

I want to wish them all the best of everything on this day, and in the years to follow.

May they continue to grow and blossom in their relationship.

May good health, great joy, love, laughter, abundance and wealth catch up with them and be with them all the days of their lives.

Alvin and I have the best family;  their love and support guides us and protects us, and keeps us warm in our hearts each and every day.

Cheers my darlings ….. you deserve always the very best that life has to offer ……

Love Momma and Alvin ….

You might wonder what happened to me yesterday and why I am writing this so late in the morning but I actually took a couple of days vacation.

I do work tonight at the store but I really do not consider it work.  I love the store ….. the smells and the people….. most especially the people.

Yesterday I did housework and had a pleasant surprise when my daughter stopped by with a Starbucks pumpkin spice coffee and the offer to go out shopping.

So I took a break from the house and laundry and we went out for a bit.

We stopped by our favourite neighbourhood store “Upperlane Living”  …… they have such wonderful items.

Then after groceries she dropped me off at home to continue my day.

Alvin and I had a lovely walk.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.

Looks like another one today.

Well the garage is calling my name.  Have to finish putting things in order.

Then the basement (have to pull out the Christmas stuff) and get organized.  Less than two weeks till operation “DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS.”

I am so grateful to have these days off and to be at home.

I moved a lamp, end tables and changed the look of my living room.

I absolutely love my house ….. it is so beautiful, and I am so grateful that I have been blessed to live here, and call it my own.

Wow, what a great day.

Also I want to wish my cousin “B” a speedy recovery ….. I am thinking of you my dear.

I want to wish everyone an awesome day ……

Just remember to smile, feel good positive energy flow through your mind and body ….. live your life the best that you can …

Be the best that you can.

Take care …… have a great weekend.

Special Hello to:  YOU ALL  ……

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wow, Monday morning already …… I hope that you had a great weekend.

Are you dressing up for Halloween today?

I made my own costume as I do most years.

I spent $1.50 plus tax on my costume.

I am a LadyBug …… (just had to purchase the wings, was going to buy construction paper and make them until I happened upon them at the Dollar Store for $1.50).

How great is that!

I took a sturdy hair band and added black pipe cleaners and pom-poms for the antennae…..

Added some Halloween stickers for good measure.

I had a black long sleeved top and black exercise pants.

Add some Halloween socks and red shoes.

A red fluffy scarf.

Drew some dots on my cheeks and added extra makeup ….

Oh, and with the wings came a wand …. so I am a magical LadyBug.

With super powers …. perhaps I will be a LadyBug that grants WISHES.

Oh and the final BIG item …. I cut the bottom off an old red t-shirt that was from the University of Nevada …

They are the REBELS….. so I glued REBEL onto the bum of the skirt and some little flowers to the front …

Cut it down the side so that I could tie it on the side ….. (actually I had hole punched a few spots and was going to lace through some string and tie it but that did not work just the best, so I am just tying the material).

It works.

So I resemble a LadyBug.

So from our house ….. Alvin and I want to WISH YOU ALL – A HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Have a great time out trick and treating (I hope that you will just get lots of treats and skip the tricking part).

Stay safe and have fun.

Special Halloween Hello to: Azlin (my old Halloween partner, I miss you buddy), Zane and Baby E, Lea, Mahee-Lee and David (miss your smiley faces), SELENA (miss you Princess), Hayleigh, Tanner and P ….(I remember trick or treating with your Mom) good times….

Have a great day guys….

Always, Carol

P.S. wishes that I would have downloaded my photos of the decorations I put up for Halloween …… 🙂

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