Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 8th day of May, 2016.


I want to wish every Mother out there – a very Happy & Special Mother’s Day.

To all the children out there – make sure that you tell your Mothers that you LOVE THEM.

Treat them with the love and respect  that they so richly deserve.

Remember they changed your diapers, read you books, made your Halloween costumes, put band-aids on your “boo boos”, made cupcakes or cookies for the school bake sale,  and were always there when you needed guidance and support.

Take your Mother in your arms and give them the biggest hug that you can.

Moms, you deserve nothing but the absolute BEST.



This morning I asked Alvin the following questions and I will give you his response each time:

“Alvin, did you buy Momma a card for Mother’s Day?”

“He looked at me and wagged his tail.”

“Alvin, did you buy Momma flowers for Mother’s Day?”

“He looked at me and wagged his tail.”

“Alvin, did you get me a gift card for Mother’s Day?”

“He looked at me and wagged his tail.”

Me Alvin loves me and that is all that matters.

What a good boy.


I hope that you are happy, safe and secure this Mother’s Day surrounded by your loved ones.

Happy Mother’s Day …. Moms.


Special Hello to:  my sister who is a Mom and a Grandmother …. I will talk to you about 6:30 p.m. via SKYPE if that works for you.



Thought for the day…..

Every once in awhile I am more than pleasantly surprised by someone.

His name shall remain “confidential” …… we have known each other for many years.

In fact, it wasn’t until I moved to Edmonton that we really got to know each other.

He is the most wonderful man.

He has the best heart, he gives me both support and guidance.

I must say he is one of my greatest “supporters” …. next to my daughter.

Which means so much when you are “an artist” ….

I only wished that he lived in Edmonton.

It is funny how life goes.

When we lived in Regina …… I knew him but didn’t know him…..

Now we are miles apart ….. we have become such good, no great friends.

I truly value his thoughts and comments.

I hope for each and every one of you out there …. that you have someone like my friend in your lives.

Have a great Wednesday.


Always, Carol


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