Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 17th day of January, 2019.

Lightly snowing outside and has been throughout most of yesterday and last night.

Surprisingly not much has accumulated.

YAY, light snow is easy to shovel.

Temperatures are slowly going down over the next few days but single digits once again on Sunday.

Just in time for Mr. Alvin’s Birthday celebration.

Last night we hand delivered Alvin’s best friend’s party invitation and also invited him for a sleepover Saturday.

He will be at our house for the day on Saturday and I thought it would be nice to have him sleepover.

Teddy’s Mom & Dad were so thrilled by the invitation.

They told me that this was his first invitation.

You will notice a blue light surrounding the guitar …. it was just the flash on the camera.

But worked out perfectly …. looks so cool.

Teddy was so excited to see us last night.

Once I had removed our coats and outerwear; I stepped over by their sofa and was talking about the party, the sleepover – Teddy jumped up on the sofa and onto the arm of the

chair and started to give me so many kisses.

I guess he was excited to have the invitation as well.

I know it will be fun.

Now just to get some Birthday cookies and party favours.

This is going to be fun.

Alvin’s first actual celebration.

I cannot believe that he is ten.

Most days he does not act his age but then again neither do I.

Guess that is what keeps us young.

Well almost time to fly.

Went to bed in good time but Alvin had to get up at 3:00 a.m. to go outside and that threw me out of whack.

The routine – that is.


Happy Thursday.

Pay day and that is always a good thing.

Have an awesome day.


Special Hello to: all those folks who have four-legged family members ….. treat them well.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 17th day of February, 2015.

What a grand day we had yesterday …. Monday the 16th day of February, 2015.

We ate pancakes, we listened to MUSIC, drank coffee, danced to Sam Smith with me Alvin, MADE JEWELLERY, drank more coffee, and took pups for a walk.

Me and my girl had a grand day ……

It was perfection.

It was the first day in a long while that we actually both sat down together, and made some jewellery and grooved to the music.

Nothing like some great tunes to get you to that place ….. that place where creativity meets fun and fun is creative.

I have the music drifting through my brain ……  “Take Me to Church” by HOZIER ……



“ALL OF ME” – John Legend (lyrics are amazing).

“Titanium” by David Guetta and SIA ………


“SHAKE IT OFF” by Taylor Swift


All About that BASS by Meghan Trainor ……

Some CLASSICS ………………    “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Suede ( I can still see the 45 playing on the record player that I had in my room on the farm in 1973/74) ……..

Definitely one of my all time favourites “Don’t Stop Believin” by JOURNEY ………… Love Them and the guitar always takes me there.

One that my daughter loved from back in the day …… “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways. (great name for a song)

Last but definitely not least  ……… the great VAN MORRISON and his “Someone like You” and “Bright Side of the Road.”


Thanks for the music and to my daughter who is the sun in my day, and the stars in my night.

Special Hello to: You …. spend the day listening to music and you will be changed forever.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, the 26th day of April 2013.

Wow, after I wrote my blog yesterday my mind was a flutter with all sorts of things that I should have/wanted to say/ to share.

So of course in hindsight I wished that I had written them down but I do remember a few of the things that I wanted to share with you.

Music ….. well it can make us emotional ….. we laugh, we cry, we smile, we jump for joy, we make love to it …..

Music touches all of our senses ….. it is the one thing on this planet that drives all of our senses to be alive.

We can see our favourite artists sing the words and play the instruments …. nothing like the beat of drums or the strumming on a guitar to make one feel alive.

We can hear the music …. the words ….. those lyrics ….. the inflections that singers place on the words ……

We can feel ….

We can taste and touch it, too.

Think of your favourite songs ….. ENJOY.

Music transcends it all in my opinion.

We are so blessed that we have music …

Well I am having company for coffee in ten minutes so I should go and put the coffee on but I just wanted to add a couple of things to “yesterday’s blog.”

So on this Friday I hope that you are blessed to have music surrounding you.

It can bring you to a place that feels like paradise in an instance.

So listen to your favourite song and be transported.

Have a great great day and weekend.

Thank you so much for making one of my dreams come true and that is “someone reading my words” …. thank you.


Special Hello to : MUSIC LOVERS ….. LOVERS OF MUSIC…..


Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin

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