Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday, the 2nd day of August, 2016.

Special Happy Anniversary to my nephew “T” and his wife “S” ….. 8 years already married.

Wishing you both a great day and many many more wonderful years together.

It is bright and sunny with a nice breeze.

Perfect for a walk to pick up food for Mr. Alvin.

He is out and we will go for a nice walk there for starters.

Boo hoo, I had planned to get up earlier and go for a 7:00 a.m. walk but I read too late and then feel back asleep on the sofa and had these bizarre dreams.

The kind of dreams that you have after you have eaten too much, you know those ones.

Alvin and I were living with a nice family ….. cannot remember who.

We had decided to move out not sure why.

I got us an apartment and it was downtown. Not sure why.

Then when it was almost time to move, I could not find the address and did not know what the apartment looked like.

But we had to move because I made the rent already.

It was really strange.

It was weird that I would not know where the apartment was or what it looked like ……

All the time was thinking we can always move back.

The stories that our subconscious mind come up with.

Kind of freaky for sure.

Oh well …. it is over now and I do not remember anymore.


This cutie pie is patiently waiting for his Momma.

He is not outside but waiting outside the office door.

I just love this photo.

He loves to sit on the patio furniture and  most especially when I am right beside him.

Yesterday my daughter and Elton came for a visit ….. no hot water at their house so she had a refreshing shower here.

Later in the day I did the SKYPE thing with my sister and great niece.

A lovely day all around.

Okay time to shower quick and get this show on the road.

I hope that you have an amazing day.

Happy vacation to me and perhaps to others at this time.

Maybe you are just finished your vacation.

I hope that you are all having the most amazing summer ever.

Happy Tuesday.

Special Hello to:  my sister …. thanks for the chat last night.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 19th day of October, 2015.

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to my daughter and son-in-law.

Alvin and I wish you all the best on this special day and may your life from this day forward be filled with nothing but perfect health, great joy, love, laughter and abundance.

Happy Anniversary ……


I was thinking this morning as today is the Federal Election for Canada.

Today we VOTE for our Prime Minister …. possibly a new party taking the helm in Canada.

The thought that popped into my head was this:  can you imagine going to bed on Sunday night in your own house like you always do; waking up the next morning to anxiously await your destiny.

Tuesday morning wake to “Mr. Prime Minister” or “Madam Prime Minister.”

How strange and exciting would that be.

One day you are a normal citizen walking into Starbucks for a coffee and the next day someone gets your coffee.

I like that ….. wouldn’t that be nice.

Well I cannot say that I would like to be Prime Minister …. it is a huge job.

In the beginning you are the STAR because the people voted you into the job.

Somewhere down the road things fall apart or things do not go the way “we” think they should (because we do not necessarily know the whole big picture) and then you are not the shining star.

Oh well, tough job.

I wish all of the candidates the best of luck …. win or lose.

To all my fellow Canadians who are of the age of majority – get out and VOTE.

Every vote is important.


Well almost time to go to work.

Catch that bus.


Special Hello: my sister and my great niece “S” …. so great to SKYPE last night….. have a great day.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 19th day of January, 2014.

Today is a celebration for me and Alvin …. it marks our fourth year together and his fifth birthday.

I cannot believe it.

I also cannot believe my life without him.

I miss him when we are apart for longer than a day (which has not been often).

When I adopted him, no one had any idea of his exact age – his birthdate.

So I think it is only appropriate to celebrate his birth and our time together all on the same day

He is my companion, my friend, and “my son.”

We have come so far….. our first month or so together was rocky.

But we adjusted.

They are just like having a child with the difference being they can stay alone for a time.

He makes me laugh.

He stands guard when I am in the bathroom (not sure why).

He loves to climb on the snowbanks.

He loves to bury his nose in the snow.

He loves to dig a maze through the snow drifts.

He loves his sister, his brother-in-law and of course, Elton and Penny.

He loves everyone …..

He loves to walk.

He loves to eat …..

His favourite treats are: carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and pea pods.

He is smart and fun.

He is so cute (I think so).

So Alvin, on your special day … on our special day ….. Thank you for being here every night when I get home from work.

Thank you for always being happy to see me.  Thank you for being the best puppy “dog” a person could wish for and more.

Special Hello to:  all those beings with birthdays today…. Happy Birthday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Me and Alvin

Me and Alvin a few years ago

Alvin ......

Alvin ……

Baby Alvin

Baby Alvin 2010

Me and Alvin Oct 2013

Me and Alvin Oct 2013


The KISS – Fall  2010

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013….

YAY, no snow overnight …..

I do love snow but in smaller quantities.

This winter making snow angels is an easy thing to do because we always seem to have fresh snow.

Last week before dipping into double-didgit temperatures – I saw several snowmen (or snow people) around the neighbourhood and the city.

It is hard to believe that it was plus 10 or so last week for a day and above zero for three or so.

Weather is such an amazing thing.

You never quite know what to expect.

Last night I finally got Alvin out for a walk.  It has been a few days.

First off the sidewalks were covered in slush and quite deep  water in spots, then it froze and then it started to snow.

It was about minus 12 or so when we went out which isn’t too bad but we were not far from home when he started to lift one of his paws ….. which they do when they are cold.

I asked him if he wanted to go home but he forged ahead ….. I think he missed our walks.

Usually we go every night and only once or twice have we ever missed more than two nights (since I adopted him in January of 2010 ).

I just remembered it just passed …. his third anniversary with me or his fourth birthday if you go by the number on the first vet report.

I am so sorry my boy.

It has been a great three years minus the first couple of months.

The first couple of months were a huge adjustment period for both of us …. mainly me.

We survived and now we are inseparable…

I know this for sure because he follows me everywhere … even in the bathroom.

But in a true gentleman fashion he sits with his back to me….

Well time to get the show on the road.

I hope that you all have a great day.

Happy Birthday / Anniversary my Alvin….

Looking forward to the next four years …..


Special Hello to:  all those people who love to read …. share the wealth.  Teach someone ….. it is such a wonderful gift …. to be able to read.  We sometimes forget that …..


Always, Carol and my Alvin ……

Thought for the day…….

On this wonderful Wednesday morning ….

The moon was partially hidden by some eerie clouds earlier this morning.

I imagine that the moon is practicing for Halloween.

Just wanting to get it right.

You know how “HE” is ….

Remember it is okay to practice …..

Practice makes perfect.

Every day I practice ….

To say and do the right things.

To be a better human being.

To be less harsh on my myself and have more patience with others.

To be a better me.

Happy Wednesday.

Have a great great day everyone.

A special hello this morning to:  Sara & the boys…. and Happy Anniversary to Amanda & Steven…..

Always, Carol

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