Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 19th day of January, 2017.

Guess what day today is?

It is a very special day in my household.

Today is Mr. Alvin’s Birthday.

It was on this day seven years ago that I adopted my handsome wonderful companion, buddy and friend.

So we are celebrating his “8th” Birthday as we are not exactly sure how old he is ….. how great is that.

He can be any age, really.

So today we are saying No. 8.

Happy Birthday Alvin Charlie Lewis.

I hope that you have enjoyed our time together thus far as much as I have ……

Love you Buddy with all of your quirks.

I love watching you bury your chew treat in the back yard winter or summer.

I love watching you searching for something by putting your whole face in the snowbank as if you could see in there all the while I know the power of your sense of smell.

You are so funny and always make me smile and laugh.

I want to post some photos from over the years and also my blog from April 2010 written about our first days together.  The other night I was reading some of my older blogs and came across this – oh so many memories.

Alvin, the story begins …. Chapter 1

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Last night my daughter Amanda was over to watch the Golden Globes with me.  We both love to watch the award shows.  Avatar won for Best Motion Picture and James Cameron for Director.  Sandra Bullock for Best Actress in a Drama.  We had supper and enjoyed the evening.  Over the past few weeks and months we had been discussing the possibility of me “adopting” a dog. Why not, I thought.  This past eighteen months has been chalked full of firsts for me.  I have always loved dogs.  We had checked out the Humane Society’s web-site a few times but the smaller dogs went fast.

On this day, I was taking care of my “O” my neighbour’s cat.  This is one of those cats that is definitely an one person feline.  I had been around her a little bit and knew what to expect.  Deep down, I believed that she would get to “love” me or at least like me.  LOL.  Anyway, I made sure that I had my legs covered, and also carried the “cat toy” …. mouse on a stick supplied by O’s Mom for protection.  The first day, O jumped, swatted and hissed all in one smooth motion.  Oh, this is a cat that has a heart condition and takes medication for it.  Crazy.  Anyway both of us got through both visits that day.

Back at home, my daughter had sent me the link to an animal rescue web-site so that I could check out the doggies.  There was one in particular that she thought fit the bill.  He was so cute.  His story very sad.  So I went onto the web-site and “fell in love” (so cute), before I knew it I had contacted these folks about adopting this dog.  It was important to act fast as all of the smaller dogs were adopted quickly.

By evening, I was contacted by a gal from the rescue society.  She told me that there had been lots of interest in this puppy.  So she was going to contact her superior to see about making the next move.  Someone would call me the next day.

Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Another successful visit to “O”‘s house.  One would never know that she had a heart condition.  I am so grateful that each morning it is getting lighter, earlier and earlier.  Spring is on the way.  Big news this morning.  Received a phone call from the foster Mom of a little dog.  Possible dog adoption on the horizon.  We are going to see him tonight.  The whole family is going.  It is important that Elton and Penny like this possible new addition to the family.  I am going to run out to the nearby “Bone & Biscuit” store and pick up some food and toys, just in case.  I want to be prepared.  Oh, have to get some treats, too!   I am so excited, and so nervous at the same time.  This could be my very first dog.  Wow, this has been a year of firsts for me.  But I am so grateful for all of them.  We are going after supper, and it is a bit of a drive from here so will write all about our visit tomorrow morning.  YAY.

DAY “1” – Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Guess what happened last night? It was crazy.  Took us a little while to find the place because it was out in the country. But we did.  We were introduced to this cute little guy.  His name is Alvin.  He is a cocker spaniel mix.  Puppy.  They think that he is about one year old.  Has a black & white coat with the most handsome brown eye-brows.  Elton & Penny seemed to like him well enough.  He has a sad story but is blessed to have such great foster parents.  I know that he is going to have a great life.  So no looking back.  Okay, get on with it.  I know.  I am too wordy sometimes (okay, LOL all of the time).  Arrangements were made for me to adopt him last night.  He is on antibiotics and other medicine.  Whew.  Hard to believe – it happened all so fast. One minute we were trying to find the place, and the next we were on our way home with three dogs in the car.  He was so stressed, the poor little guy.  Thank goodness for the “blue blanket” that his foster parents had given him, as he was drooling so bad the whole car ride home.  When we got back to my house – it was surreal.  It was late when we got back so once I introduced him to each room of the house, and he had some water and a bit of food, it was off to bed.  I had no plans of him sleeping in my bed but I felt so “sorry” for him that he ended up there.  He was so stressed that neither of us got any sleep.  I was reminded of my first night home from the hospital with Amanda.  I kept imagined that he stopped breathing, which was crazy !!

It was an early morning considering neither of us slept much last night.  He has to be fed every three hours, and has medicine so I am busy.  Also first full day of looking after “O” next door.  Should mention that I made my first mistake with Alvin.  After he ate his first meal today I thought that I would send a quick e-mail to Amanda.  I thought that he would be like Elton & Penny and that I would have a few minutes before he needed to go outside.  He did not make it.  First lesson learned.  I do not have much carpet in the house and he did manage to miss it.  Thank goodness for that……

Guess what happened when I got home from feeding “O” in the morning?  It actually started when I left the house.  Alvin stood at the living room and cried.  Sounded like a baby’s cry.  Separation anxiety, I was told later.  I made a quick trip next door as I couldn’t bear him crying.  When I got home, I unlocked the door and faster than a real “bolt of lightning” something black and white passed me.  I twirled about and almost fell on my “butt”.   Thank goodness that I had my boots and coat on as I did not have time to grab them.  I ran down the steps,and down the sidewalk as he got nearer to the street.  Man, puppies are quick.  Just as he was about to step onto our busy street, I bent over and swooped him up.  My heart darned near jumped out of my body.  I was so scared.  What a first day !  This was only the morning.  The rest of the day went fairly smoothly.  Lots of feedings, administering medicine and pooping.  Thank goodness he is trained.  As he is not neutered it will be awhile before we can go on walks.  So it will be playing fetch for exercise for a bit.

Oh, the life of a pet owner…….

Alvin at home.....

Alvin at home…..

Alvin with his toys & the blue blanket was a gift from his foster parents.

Alvin with his toys & the blue blanket was a gift from his foster parents.

Alvlin getting to know his "new" family....

Alvin getting to know his “new” family….

Alvin, almost one year ago.....first hair cut

Alvin, almost one year ago…..first hair cut

Ah, Mama's boy.......isn't he cute!!!

Ah, Mama’s boy…….isn’t he cute!!!




Alvin and his buddy Penny, oh the memories of the two of them.


Resting on the deck ……


My favourite photo of Alvin ….. laying on his belly at the top of the stairs …. looking like he has no body….

Me and Alvin Oct 2013

Me and Alvin Oct 2013


Looking out the office window …. which was our temporary bedroom at the time.

Cuteness .... Alvin and Casey. That was surely Casey's spot ... the stool.

Cuteness …. Alvin and Casey. That was surely Casey’s spot … the stool.


Winter …

Alvin, one of my babies

Alvin, one of my babies

IMG_9611 2

Alvin and Me …..



One summer day – our adventure.

img_4778 img_4777 img_4776


img_0148 img_0147 img_0146

Alvin and Elton playing tug-o-war and then checking out the Christmas gifts.


Alvin and the newest additions to our family …. Baby Milo and Aspen.


Always waiting on his Momma….

I could post a million photos of my boy but will end here.

Happy Birthday Alvin.

Here’s to many more happy years together.


Special Hello to:  the Birthday Boy of course ….

Always, Carol & Alvin



Happy Birthday Alvin

Baby Alvin

Today marks the one year “birthday” of Alvin joining our family.  The above photo is from the night we first met.  I remember that night clearly.  Earlier in the day,  I received the phone call to go and meet him.  So after supper, Amanda, Steven, me, Elton and Penny all drove down to where Alvin was staying.  The home of his foster parents.  It was a cold night.  Little did I know that my life was about to change forever.    When we arrived we were greeted by this little black and white cocker-spaniel puppy.  He was nervous but excited to meet us.  There was an instant connection between all of us.  My daughter and son-in-law loved him immediately.  Their dogs Elton and Penny were curious, but excited as well.  After a formal introduction and some conversation it was final.  I was a dog owner.

One year later, it is like we have always been together.  I cannot imagine my life without him (nor do I want  to).   As someone famous said on television this morning, he is the Gayle to my Oprah.  I think that is possibly one of the best lines ever.

When I begin each day, I always have a plan in mind.  A mental “to do list” if you will.  Or at least most days.  Somedays, I actually get through most of the items on the list and others, well,  I just skid by the seat of my pants.  LOL.  Today has been one of the latter.  I am okay with that ….. life is like that.  I learned a billion years ago to loosen up.  Too much structure is just too much structure.

So today, let’s see what have I done thus far:  got up, wrote my morning pages (kind of like journalling), shared an apple with Alvin, checked email and FB, had a shower, had some oatmeal (from scratch), emptied dishwasher, watched Regis & Kelly while having my morning cups of coffee, made first attempt to help my neighbour get her car out (she had got stuck out front), walked Alvin, had lunch, more coffee and watched some of The Talk (love this show).  When another friend’s husband  got home we pushed the car out of the snow.  There is a very low drain out front, and with all the snow it was hard to see.  But thanks to another (guy) neighbour we managed to get the car out.  It is parked in my garage so that is good.  There is too much snow out front for cars to park.  It only took two guys and three women to “unstick” the car.

After that was done.  We (my neighbour to whom the car belongs) shovelled the driveway to the garage.  I guess that is what you call it.  Anyway, I felt sorry for Mr. Alvin and figured that I would let him come out with us.  As we shovelled he would run to the back lane.  I called him back to the garage (only a few feet away), and he would come back.  This went on for about three times.  Then I decided that I had better grab him, and put him into the back yard.  Alvin had another plan.  He made a run for it.  Now as he has done before ….. his idea of making a run for it …. is to run into my neighbour’s back yard.  So off he went.  It was funny to watch.  There are times when I wished that I always kept my camera in my coat pocket.  The snow going into to her backyard is quite deep, and he just ran.  Bobbing up and down …. reminded me of a rabbit.  He ran straight to the back door of her house.  He could see her Mom through the window.  Once he made it through the snow,  and up onto the back deck, I could see his little tail wagging away.  So cute.  My neighbour Sherie and I just laughed.  I called him and he came back to me.  I could tell that he was so pleased with himself.  Happy to have had that taste of freedom.  Not on a leash.  Just on his own.  I figured that was a good birthday present for him.  I am going to the Bone & Biscuit store in a little bit and will pick him up some treats.  Perhaps a bone or two ……

“Too Cuteness” …..

One can never have too much “cuteness” …… Alvin with my friend and neighbour’s daughter Mahee-Lee.

Alvin at Christmas time.

Happy Birthday My Friend ….. I want to wish you many Happy Healthy Years.

We love you, Alvin.  I can honestly speak for everyone that knows him ……. he has a zillion friends and everyone LOVES him.

Isn’t that a great accomplishment for only being about one year ……..

P.S. I am so blessed and my life is RICH.  Thank you Alvin….

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