Thought for the day ……

Let’s see I think that the thought for this special Thursday should be:


Take a glance around wherever you might be at this moment.

Are you at home or at work?

On vacation or visiting or walking down the street or out shopping.

Remember to be kind.

First, be kind to yourself.

Be kind to your puppy dog or kitty cat (I know, but I like the sound of the double nouns together) LOL.

If you happen to have a gold fish, be nice to him, as well.

Be kind to all the creatures inhabiting this earth.

Be kind to your neighbours, your friends, your family and everyone that your meet or encounter over the course of the day.

Give them a smile or perhaps a hello.

Do something nice for someone else …. just because …. no special reason other than you are truly a kind and generous person.

Always take the time out of your day to do something for someone else.

Happy Day everyone….

Big smile here ……….  🙂

Always, Carol

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