Thought for the day……

Yesterday, I attended a one day course on “diversity, multi-culturalism” at work.  It was most interesting and definitely shed light on some of our thought processes when it comes to ourselves and others.  Most people in my experience tend to ignore, nervously laugh or the opposite be negative about other cultures, and this is due to lack of knowledge for the most part.  What we do not know or are not certain about we tend to fear.  Our group was very diverse.  We have some co-workers from other countries/continents. So it makes for some interesting conversation when you start discussions.  Even how we deal with grief can be hugely different from country to country and definitely from continent to continent.  In Canada, we tend to be “indirect” …… more reserved I would say.  Whereas other countries put it out on the table, and not necessarily in a negative way.  Sometimes I think that being direct gets classed in with a negative aggressive behaviour.  Anyway, it was a wonderful day and I learned so much.  I have always believed that we are all created equal no matter where we began.  I treat everyone the same no matter what their position or station is in life.  After all, we breathe air into our lungs and walk on two legs and have that thumb thing happening (LOL).  So we are the same.

I am excited for the day when only positive flowing feelings flood this great planet of ours.  How love fuels our lives and keeps us warm.  I also learned that our smiling at everyone you see can definitely be misconstrued; because it means different things in other countries.  I laughed to myself when I heard this.  Sure wished that there was an universal way of being friendly and welcoming when you see someone in passing without speaking.  Perhaps I will find a gesture and spread the “word”, I mean non-word.

Anyway better sign off for now.  I hope that you continue your learning and understanding of others.  We all share this beautiful planet and it is about time that we live in peace, harmony, and respect of each other.


Always, Carol

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