Thought for the day…..

Today is Thursday, August 2nd, 2012.

I would like to take this time to acknowledge the passing of my Aunt Helen.

She was the last living sibling in my Mother’s family and a dear, dear woman.

My Aunt was one of those soft spoken ladies but when she raised her voice, you knew to listen.

I shall always remember our visits which were few, and I always wished there had been more.

She had the best garden on the planet ….. I remember a few summer visits and eating peas from the garden.

Oh and the berries ….. we used to go berry picking, oh what fun.

She was a gem …… glistening amongst us all.

My thoughts and prayers are with her children, relatives and friends.

Thank you Aunt Helen for gracing us with your presence which was your life.

You truly made an impression in our hearts and souls.


Yesterday morning I caught the bus to work and just after leaving the house I looked up to the sky to see the most glorious rainbow.

It was so brilliant and beautiful.

I just started to smile, and was not able to stop.

As I walked along I could see the faintness of another rainbow ….. a double rainbow.

As the clouds dissipated the full arcs of the rainbows were displayed.

Near the bus stop a woman had stopped her car to get out and take a photo.

Another lady pulled out her phone and took a photo while waiting for the bus.

When my daughter arrived I asked her to take a photo, too.

I think it was Aunt Helen …… she was using that magic in the rainbow to shine down over us.

Rest easy my dear Aunt.

We love you and shall miss you………….


Always, Carol and Alvin ……..




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