Second Half of the NEW YEAR.

Good Morning and it is Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.

Happy Birthday to all those folks born on this day.

I am grateful that I remain able to work from home.

Yesterday I turned on the heat.

Both Alvin and I are just too old to be cold.

Well more the reason was that Mr. Alvin was shivering in his new haircut.


Guess what I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon deleting emails and went from 2020 to 2011.

I filed the ones that I wanted to keep into folders.

Made some new folders along the way and deleted others.

Felt so good.

I have so idea how many I deleted (forgot to check the numbers).

Also worked on my book …..

Did you start the FALL CLEANUP 2020?

Come on, you can do it?

I know that you can.

Start small and build.


Also finished the laundry, switched our bedroom back to the usual way as the other way blocked the heat registers.

So it was a busy productive day despite our late start.


We had a off and on day yesterday weatherwise.

Sun would shine brightly and then a massive deep dark cloud would roll in and it would RAIN.

We even had pea sized hail twice.

Luckily my flowers and plants seemed to have survived without being moved.

The hail came on quickly.

I guess I should have thought of it as it would get warm and then cool fast.

Oh well, it is September 8th.

My sister texted that Calgary got snow yesterday and it was in the single digit minus temperatures in Regina last night.

I was not the only one that turned on the heat.

This week is supposed to be not bad, I think that I even saw one day at 24 degrees celsius.

Time will tell.


Well this is going to be a short post this morning.

I really need coffee.

Funny how some “Sunday” nights – yes, I know it was Monday but felt like a Sunday night as I could not go to sleep.

We were up at three, Alvin had to go pee, the joys of being older.

Then up at 5:00 for breakfast and then up at 6:30 to stay up.

I am so grateful that we had a great long weekend.

Productive for the most part …. time for relaxation ….. time with our girl ….

Life is great.

Well time for coffee and to get this work day started.


I hope that you are in good health.

I hope that you are keeping safe.

I hope that you wear a mask in public.

Limit your time in public whenever you are able.

Wash your hands often.

Social Distance.

Life is too precious not to follow the rules.

It does not guarantee 100% that you will not contract the virus but certainly ups your chances considerably.

Be safe my friends, be safe.

Take Care.

Happy Tuesday.

Remember to smile.

Perhaps another challenge.

For 5 minutes each day …. just smile.

Eventually it will become a thing !!


Living with Kindness and Respect.

Learning to be more patient.

I/We shall remain,

As Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Wow, here we are, another Thursday, today is September 27th, 2012.

The air is crisp this morning and the thermostat reads 68 in the house this morning.

Although that number is higher than it has been some mornings in the house, I am determined to wait a bit longer before turning on the heat.

During the day it warms up so much that it really doesn’t need to be on.  I am sure that Alvin is warm between his fur coat and his blankets.

How long do you wait before turning on the heat?  Perhaps you live somewhere that a furnace is not required?

Wherever you are ….. we always look for one of two things:  heat or cool air.

We in this country usually have both, a furnace to keep us warm in the winter and air conditioning to keep us cool in the summer.

How funny is that?

I would say that most people in this country do not have air conditioning although we do need it during the summer months.

Actually it is only a few weeks, sometimes even only days that we REALLY need a/c but I am blessed to have it in this house.

I remember pre air-conditioning days.

My days in the apartment …. well actually years….. 25 years in that same one back in Regina….

No a/c …. some of those summer days and nights were unbearable but I am here so I made it as do so many others.

Anyway, it is fall ….. are you gearing up for winter yet?

Have you started your fall clean-up?

I was just going over the list in my head and realized that I have more to do than first blush.

So guess I had better write up that list so that I do not miss anything.

So on this day before my day off from the office (I do work tomorrow night at the store) ….. I would say have a great weekend.

Lots on my TO DO LIST for this weekend as I have two days off in a row.

Friday, HOUSE AND YARD and, Saturday will be spent getting reorganized with our jewelry and hopefully making a few pieces (and fixing some for a gal at work).

Back to work at the store on Sunday …. so a full weekend.

Have a great day today, tomorrow and on the weekend.

Take Care.

Special Hello to:  everyone who is going to tackle their TO DO LIST this weekend.  Enjoy.


Always, Carol and Alvin



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