Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday, February 26th, 2013.

Here we are at the second last day of this glorious February 2013.

We have had a great month both me and Alvin.

We basked in some awesome warm weather.

Enjoyed our walks.

As spring approaches followed by summer ….. we daydream of our long walks on dry sidewalks with no heavy coats.

Happy Spring ……


I was watching “Katie” last night and she had someone help with her “clutter” …. to get reorganized.

I am thinking that the majority of us are hoarders on some level.

While I was watching I looked around my living room and thought about the basement and my office upstairs.

My living room is definitely not filled with clutter.  I would say it is at a good place.

My kitchen is the same although I have a couple of drawers that tend to get away on me from time to time.

My bedroom and bathrooms are perfect … not overdone and the books have spots on shelves … nothing on the floors except the bed and dressers and the tub, toilet and vanity…..

Now the basement and the office …. might be considered cluttered but “semi-organized” clutter, you know what I mean?

In the office: books on the shelves (just likely too many of them – but I love my books); storage containers in the closet filled with an array of memorabilia.

It is those storage containers that frighten me ….. I think it is time to be ruthless …… GO FOR IT.

But then my inner little girl that likes to open up the card boxes and go through them from time to time ….. says “please, no.”

The basement has a story all of it’s own.  Two things down there that I cannot part with and they are: CHRISTMAS stuff and the baby collection of items for my grandchild.

Now the baby stuff I am only storing and it has it’s place so really it is not out of hand but the Christmas stuff …. and oh, I forgot the stuff that did not sell in the garage sale that I brought back into the house.

Bad girl.

Anyway you get the picture.

We all have our “issues” ….. and that’s okay.

We just have to keep working on them and we will reach “our” perfection when we are ready.

So have a great day …. please do not get too hard on yourself when you watch those shows that tell you that you have things to fix.



Special Hello: to all those keepers/collectors of stuff.


Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Thursday morning and welcome to August 30th, 2012….

It is a lovely morning here in Edmonton and the sun is beginning to rise in the east.

Tomorrow is my day off from my office job ( I work an extra long day to have this, and I am so grateful to have this option).

Tomorrow I am hosting a garage sale ….. I was thinking of having it on the front lawn but now I am thinking that perhaps I should just keep it in the garage.

After all, most of the items that I am selling are already in there …. would save moving things through the house or through the back gate.

Slight dilemma …. what to do.  I did mention on Kijiji that I might have it in the garage if the weather did  not hold.

I hope that you are having a great day.

As I was in my office and kitchen looking for some items last night ….. I had a huge revelation, and that was I still have lots of things to go through to sell, give or toss.

One thing at a time ….. perhaps I will have time tonight …

Did you have a garage or lawn or patio sale this summer?

Do you hang onto items for various reasons?

Is it hard to let them go?

Yes, yes, and yes for me.

I think that everyone should watch the TLC show “HOARDERS BURIED ALIVE” and that would light a fire under us to get rid of things that we truly do not require.

If you looked around my home for example I would say that it is not even remotely close to being over stocked but at the same time I want to keep only those items that I require to live my life and a few things that remind me of my life.

Even though we think that things make us happy …… really they don’t …… maybe for a short time but it is people and life’s experiences that make us happy and enrich us.

So on this Thursday, I would ask you to take stock of what you have ….. ask yourself the following questions:

1.  Is my home so crowded with things that I cannot live the best life for me?

2.  Does my home bring me joy?  Like when you walk in the door are you “grateful to be home” or does it scare you?

3.  Do I really need 50 boxes stacked in the corner of the basement?

4.  Do I really need all of my Grandmother’s china or example or perhaps I could share some items with family and friends?

5.  Do I really need to keep all of the cards that I have received over the past 40 years?

6..  Go through each room and ask yourself, Does this help me live my life?  Have I used it in the last year? (except Christmas).

I think that you get the idea ….. honestly you will feel light as a feather once you have your home just filled with the items that you love and require to live your best life.

Oh, yeah …. keep those items that you honestly love ……. we all have them.

Gotta run.

Have an awesome day.

Special Hello: to all those having garage sales ..  good luck.


Always, Carol and Alvin



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