Thought for the day….

Welcome to Monday, December 10th, 2012.

Wow, only a couple of weeks till Christmas.

Are you ready?

Do you celebrate?

I think the best part of this whole holiday season is being together with family and friends.

Sharing what you have ….

If you are out and about and see someone less fortunate than yourself …. give them something.

Whether it is a few dollars for a cup of coffee and a sandwich or perhaps that sweater that you just bought for your holiday wardrobe … but you really do not need it ….

Go through your winter clothing and give things you no longer wear or need to charity to help dress folks for the winter.

Now I know that some people do not live in sub zero climates but helping others with needed clothing is helpful no matter the climate.

Well it is my early day to work so I must sign off.

Just remember to be charitable and help your fellow “human being” ….

The more you give the better you feel….. no matter your station in life.

Take care.

Happy Holidays to you all.



Always, Carol and Alvin

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