Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 12th day of August, 2016.

Bright sunny morning with a cool breeze which is perfection in my books.

On Wednesday of this week when my daughter brought Mr. Alvin back home, she was helping me with something in my home office and then we ended up moving everything.

Now my desk and the computer are by the window so that I can look out …. the view is not spectacular as it is peoples houses and the back lane but it is a view nonetheless.

I can see a bit of green so that is nice.

Not quite high enough to see my back yard.


Well today is the last day of my vacation and then on Monday it is back to work.

It is has been a good vacation – time away from work – time at home.

I was able to purge some items from the house and garage which is excellent.

I feel so light.

There still are some things to go through but the majority of things to go are gone.

It is so worth it to take some time and go through closets, drawers, each room in your house and basement and the GARAGE.

We tend to collect things over the years that we seldom use or even look at …. that is the truth.

So time to clean / purge and be light.


Well I am attending a luncheon today with my Steeped Tea girls.

I am so excited for that – in fact this week has had me going out a few times and not having to cook.

Tuesday for my birthday supper.

Wednesday for burgers at my friend’s house down the street.

Friday, today, our Steeped Tea luncheon.

Oh and tomorrow two of my girl friends are having a “birthday party” for me.

We are having carrot cake and I am so excited for that ….

Good way to end the vacation.


Well I should go and have a shower ….

Spend some more cuddling time with Mr. Alvin.

Love cuddling with the boy.


I wish you all an awesome Friday.

May your dreams all come true.


Special Hello to: my sister … we are chatting tonight.  Last night I spoke to an old friend from back home.  YAY.



Thought for the day……

Happy Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 ….

Here I happily type from my home office …..

How are you today?

Are you happy?

Are you glad?

Are you excited?

Are you grateful?

Are you feeling absolutely grand?

Are you surrounded by love and laughter?

Are you ready to have the best day ever?

Are you seeing the glass half full?

Are you ready?

Let’s GO ……

I see great things for you today ……

Magic surrounds us… can you see the rainbows and the sparkles everywhere?

We are all going to have the best day ever…..

So on that note ….. HAPPY WEDNESDAY and ENJOY !!

Special Hello: to all those people that were born on Wednesdays …… I know one….

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin (who is snuggled up on the ottoman under the window in my office, always close by ….. ah).

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