Thought for the day…..

Well good afternoon and it has been Saturday the 18th day of January, 2014 all day today…..

Was that a good effort at being comical?

It is a gorgeous day here in Edmonton.

Spent late morning and part of the afternoon out shopping with my daughter.

We had a blast.

I had a gift card to use and was able to pick up every item that I had on my list.

So excited got new pillows and underwear …. YAY.u

Almost every person big or small (meaning young or old) were wearing “bunny hugs” or “kangaroo jackets” or “hoodies” – all depending on which neck of the woods you are living….

Once home we had a small lunch and coffee and then she and the puppies went back home.

I had wanted to do some ice chipping but where to start.

The sun is already starting to get lower and in less than two hours it will be dark.

We have had some much snow and cold weather that all of my good work at keeping the sidewalks and the storm drain open have gone down the “tubes.”

It is such a big job…… where to start.

On the up side my tree and 98% of the decorations are down.

Any guesses what is left up?

Leave me a comment and take a guess at which one of the follow items is still up?

1.  wreath on outside door

2.  greenery, garland and lights on the upstairs bannister

3.  Holiday Centrepiece

My thoughts for this time is that I am so glad that I was able to take down most of the holiday decorations and that the laundry is done.

Next weekend Mr. Alvin gets a haircut and bath….. sure hope that the weather stays nice.

Well a few items left on my to do list before Alvin’s supper and mine.

NOTE TO SELF – get exercising.

Special Hello to: family and friends.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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