Alvin Charlie Lewis, 2009 – 2023

On Tuesday, January 19th, 2010, I adopted a puppy by the name of Alvin from SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society).

This is our story……


Possible dog adoption on the horizon.  Amanda found this little dog named Alvin on the SCARS website. He is a Cocker Spaniel mix.  Black and white.  Very cute.  His foster family invited us to go and meet Alvin.  The whole family is going tonight.  We are very excited.  In the afternoon, I ran out to The Bone & Biscuit (which is a local pet food store) to grab some toys, and things that I thought were necessary for a puppy.

We drove after supper to meet Alvin.  Oh my gosh!  Despite having a rough start he was doing well in his temporary new surroundings.  These folks were incredible.  A representative from SCARS was there, as well.  We visited, and got to know Alvin, a little.  After much discussion ….. I decided to adopt Alvin.  How could I not?  So after signing the papers, going through his medication(s) and other instructions we were on our way.  The ride home was interesting.  Alvin drooled the whole way.  He must have been terrified, not knowing what was going on.  After all, he had just settled in with the other people, and now these guys were carting him off.  To where?  When we got back to my house, the kids came in, and helped give Alvin his medication, and then I was on my own.  Much like having a baby.  Except when I had Amanda – I actually had help.  This time I was ALONE….. exciting and scary.   Time for bed.

Welcome Alvin Charlie Lewis.  I had thought of changing his name to Charlie but decided that Alvin suited him best.

Today is Tuesday, February 21, 2023. Alvin turned “14” on January 19th. I have been posting about Alvin’s state of health since the beginning of January. It seemed like one minute he would be on the road to better health and then things changed. In hindsight, I know the old adage …. 20/20…

My heart is breaking as on Saturday, February 18, 2023 in the morning we said goodbye to our sweet, sweet Alvin. My cuteness, my bubba, my Al, my Albin, my trusted companion ……

We (his sister Amanda and I) took him to the Emergency Hospital last Friday where he had his first surgery of 2021. After an assessment the team admitted him where they would keep him overnight to to do an ultrasound and to give him IV fluids to keep him hydrated. I did not know the results from the stool sample until Thursday and had asked at his Vet to have bloodwork done at that time. The results from the stool sample and bloodwork showed a horrible bacterial infection and that his kidneys were in trouble. At this point things were very bad but we did not know the extent of his situation until we received the call from Guardian, the Emergency Hospital on Friday night. Most of the call is a blur to be honest. None of what the Doctor told me would change the outcome for my poor Alvin.

I want this post to be about him and his life, a celebration of a little dog named Alvin, who would win my heart and the hearts of everyone who met him over the course of his 14+ years on this earth.

From the beginning Alvin was a fixture in our neighbourhood. Every walk we met someone new and over the years those two and four legged(s) became our friends, our family. Alvin just had an easy way with everyone. There are so many stories. I really need to write a book about his life because he was one of a kind. He came into my life when I did not know that I needed him and spent the next years being my best friend, my companion, my everything. I learned so much from him and will spend the rest of my life attempting to be more like him.

We became a family of three humans and three pups when I adopted Alvin back in 2010. He became a playmate for Penny and for Elton, someone initially that was tolerated. Elton loved Alvin but it was Penny who gave Alvin a run for his money. They played and teased each other. I saw just the other day a video of Alvin pulling Elton on a floor mat ( I smiled and cried). There are photos of the three pups sitting on the back of the sofa looking out of the window at my daughter and son-in-law’s house while we waited for them to arrive home from work. I am so grateful that his first year or so with me, I was at home full-time and for most of the last three years due to the Pandemic, I was also at home with my sweet, sweet boy. Elton and Penny passed in 2016. Amanda & Steven adopted Milo a short time before Elton passed as he had been alone since Penny’s passing earlier in the year. Milo was a puppy and so small. I think initially Alvin was nervous around him. A few days before Christmas of 2016, Miss Aspen, a yellow lab cross joined our family. She was about one year old, I believe. Then we were three and three again.

Somewhere along the way, we met Allie and her Abby from down the street. Right from the start Abby was the love of Alvin’s life. It was evident each time they were together. They would roll around on the lawn and were just so happy to be in each other’s company. She passed way about three years ago and Alvin was heart broken.

We met Iris, Walter, Abbey and Teddy while out for a walk one summer’s day many years back. That first meeting would be the beginning of a friendship for us all but more importantly one for Alvin and Teddy. I, we teased that they were best friends and they truly were. Sadly Abbey passed away not too long after we met. The relationship between Alvin and Teddy grew. Iris would tell me that she could not utter Alvin’s name when they were getting ready to come over to our house, because he would get so excited. They loved each other and had so many sleepovers over the years. Years later they adopted Kobi, a little sister for Teddy and she became Alvin’s dear friend as well.

Our next door neighbour Sonja adopted a cat named Humphrey after her first cat Aussie passed on. There was something about Alvin and Humphrey and from the beginning they liked each other. Humphrey would be out front on a leash getting some fresh air and would immediately come up our front porch looking for Alvin. He spent lots of time here with Alvin. When Humphrey came into the house Alvin would walk up to him and they would touch noses to say hello and then they were off exploring. They spent time in our backyard as well. Theirs was a special relationship for sure. A couple of years or so ago, Sonja adopted a kitten named Bogart who has grown into this huge grey cat. Alvin always wanted to get closer to him but that was not meant to be. Bogart did grow to “tolerate” the neighbour.

We met “Cookie” a little girl a few years ago. She belonged to a family who lives a few doors down from us and at the time, her human Dad and I worked for the same company. We would meet them when we were out for walks. Her Dad Husam would say that Cookie did not do well around other dogs but Alvin was the exception. Two Christmases ago, their family was going to Disneyland for two weeks and they asked if Cookie could stay with us. I immediately said yes. I remember the night where they came over just to ensure that she would be okay with Alvin in his space. Alvin was so chill and Cookie after running a quick marathon around the living room, settled down. They could not believe their eyes. We enjoyed our time with Cookie, she kept me hopping and was good company for Mr. Alvin. When I had to go back to the office for three days each week in October, it was Cookie’s Mom Alyaa who would come to take care of Mr. Alvin. They are family now.

Alvin had so many friends. I am sorry that I cannot share stories of them all. Some of his friends have passed on.

In addition to the long list of pups that Alvin called friends over his lifetime, there were a long list of humans as well.

Our friend Pauline who has the most beautiful garden in the summer and where Alvin and I would love to go and hang out. Pauline & Al have a grand pup Georgie and I remember the day when she walked him over to met Alvin. Lots of energy. Another friend. I always said that Pauline’s yard was our “happy place” as Alvin could run and sniff without worry. Our yard is small so he enjoyed running around her yard. He would check out the flowers and sniff every blade of grass.

Alvin had a unique talent. We only found this out when our friend Val would mail parcels to me filled with all sorts of goodies. She would always include a package specially for him. When I would go to the mailbox and bring a box into the house, he would get so excited. Then came the best part. Until I got the box opened, he would jump up and bark. I would locate his package right away and grab the phone to take video as he opened the package. Yes, he would actually open the package. One paw holding the sacred parcel and with his mouth he would tear away at the tissue paper until he found his special treats waiting inside. The last few Christmases and birthdays have been amazing as well. I wished I could remember how old he was when he started to do this but it is a great memory. In fact, this last Christmas Miss Aspen started to open her gifts as well. I guess she learned “gift opening” from him.

We were not able to have an actual birthday party for him this year due to timing but he did have many parties complete with Invites, Birthday cake/cupcakes and guests and lots of presents. Those are memories I shall treasure forever.

I apologize to those dear friends whom I cannot begin to mention everyone as this post would be even longer.

Alvin was one of a kind. He had a gentle soul. Yes, he was an anxious pup but he always treated his friends and family with love and respect and kindness. I am so grateful for technology and for all the videos and photos that I have at the touch of a button. I can hear his voice now.

Funny that right from the beginning he would follow me everywhere. When I was in the kitchen he was in the kitchen, when I was having a shower he would sit on a mat with his back to me (always the gentleman) and when I was in bed, he was right beside me. The very first night that he came to live with me, I had made a little bed for him next to my bed. He just looked up at me and cried. That last about twenty seconds or less and from that point on, he slept next to me. Alvin always had to be touching me when we went to bed and then sometimes he would move over.

Alvin was not fond of haircuts and baths, nail trims, and ear cleanings or car rides but he loved his friends, his family, walks, bananas, carrots, cauliflower and chicken, opening special packages for him. He had a good life. Alvin lived his life until his last breath with a dignity all his own. He will never be forgotten. To add, he loved his toys. His sister mentioned about how he would go into his toy box and toss the toys around until he found the one that he wanted in that moment.

I just looked at the time and it has been two hours since I started to write this post. It has now been three full days since my beloved Alvin took his last breath on this earth. I would like to think that he has joined Elton, Penny, Abby, Abbey, Aussie, Casey, Jasmine and Jack and that they are all in a happy place filled with acres of green grass and sweet flowers to sniff and explore, bananas (his favourite) and good food to eat and blue skies over head.

There are no words to express the outpouring of love that has come to me and my family over the lost of our sweet Alvin. He was loved by everyone. The living room is filled with beautiful flowers and cards; he would have loved them. The stories shared. Tears have fallen across our faces as we mourn the loss of our dear, dear Alvin. I can honestly say that he was one of a kind and he touched the lives of everyone he came across during his time on this earth. He will remain in my thoughts and in my heart for the rest of my days on this earth. I will never forget him. He is engrained in my very being. So many memories most of them great. I shall miss our walks, our snuggles on the sofa. He loved the sofa, the chaise part of the sofa. That is where he spent most of his last time on this earth.

Thank you to his sister Amanda, to his brother-in-law Steven, to Aspen & Milo for being the best family to Alvin and to me. To the team at Guardian: Trina, Jamie, Dr. Zhao, Dr. Cockwill, Dr. Frederick and the young woman who helped us with the final preparations. I am sorry her name escapes me. She was so sweet and kind with such a hard job. To our friends and family: Pauline & Al and Family, Sonja, Steven, Humphrey & Bogart, Michelle & Family, Tejada Family, Gillian and Signe, Allie & Bailey and Family, Alyaa, Husam, “Cookie” and Family, Arlene, Joanna, to my sister Cindy and my brothers John and Tyler and families, Iris, Walter, Best Friend Teddy and Kobi, Jessica & Eric, Paulette, Karen, Suzette, Jami, Malena & Susana, Aron, Crystal & Family, Anick & Children, and Diana, Rod & Family. There are so many people to thank for your love and support. To Dr. Karen (his regular Doctor), Michelle, Brenne and Chelsey – there are no words.

I would like to post a few more photos from over the years. There are way too many too post but I will share a few.

I had hoped that this time would have been far into the future but our time together on this earth has now passed. You were the best and will always remain in my thoughts and in my heart. I am saddened beyond words that you are gone but I can see those eyes and I know that you needed to leave. Thank you for being my friend, my buddy, my companion, and my “SON.” Thank you Alvin Charlie Lewis.

With every step I take, you will always be at my side.

Love, Always & Forever

Your Momma


Good Morning ALL. How are you today? How have you been? It has been a week since my last post. I decided to take a break from writing and direct all my attention to ensuring that Mr. Alvin had everything he required to make a full recovery. His incision is healing nicely and I have an appointment set up for next Friday with his Doctor to have the stitches removed. Each day he becomes closer and closer to his old self. When I mentioned about directing all my attention to looking after Alvin …. that also included working. So my focus was Alvin and work. The house and me took a backseat to them. OH my goodness, I am referring to work as a “them.” Anyway, have to have a laugh here and there. Between the scheduling of meds, watching over Alvin as he went without the cone after the first day and working … I am feeling a little, no a lot, sleep deprived. But as we are on the last day of meds and he is feeling better, we are slowly returning to some semblance of normalcy. What a week! If you ever have a week that is pretty darn crappy …. just wait, because the next week can be totally different. I would have never thought that one week we were doing our regular thing …. waiting for the temperatures to warm so that we could go walking again and the next I was listening to the words of the Doctor as she told me the results of the ultrasound knowing that things were going to change forever. I am also grateful that I have Pet Insurance. It paid off big time. I may have gone through my savings and then some but Mr. Alvin is doing great and that is all that really matters. There were a couple of times over last week when I realized that I had given Alvin his once every 24 hour medicine ….. in 12 hours. I called the Emergency Hospital where he had his surgery. Then the very next day after feeling so guilty and stupid, I did it again. Giving him a different med in short amount of time. Again I called the hospital. Feeling incredibly bad for Alvin, worried for his life and feeling ashamed that I could not seem to keep things in order. I had even wrote out a chart with all three meds, what they were and how much and when. I kept that up until the page filled and I was at the same time keeping track of when he ate, peed and pooped. When I messed up the second time, the Hospital said to just give it to him 8 hours from that time which made it 10:00 p.m. instead of 2:00 a.m. (sounded like that was better until we had to stay up until 10:00 which is late for us). His schedule had meds at 2:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at first and then 10:00 p.m., 6:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. To be honest I did make a third error but it was minor. I gave him him one of the meds at 2:35 p.m. instead of 2:00 p.m. ( I did not call the hospital again). So this has been an interesting week or so in our household. Today is the last full day of medicines. Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. and we are done. So tomorrow night we can go to bed at our regular time. At least when one of both of us have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, one of us do not have to use her brain. I am happy about that. Back to the dreaded plastic cone. They always send them home from the hospital wearing them and I totally get it. Cannot have them licking the incision. So I have been keeping an eagle eye on him. Only a few times has he even went to lick that area. Thank goodness. We had the talk and I said if you lick it goes back on. I kind of think that he understood. At night which is the worse, I placed a blanket on him and my hand in place to hold so that he could not reach the incision. We had no problems other than I likely did not sleep well. Yes, I know, I did not sleep well. At the end of this whole adventure, I just have to say thank you first to my daughter and son-in-law for whom we would not have made it through this time and for helping with financial support. Also to my neighbour Sonja who was there at a moment’s notice to help me. To all my friends and family …. thank you for your thoughts and words ….. WE ARE BACK. Now that being said. Alvin will be on a strict diet for the rest of his life. That sounds horrible. Kind of is in a way. Since he came home – there has been no banana, no carrots, no bit of broccoli, no blueberries, no chicken, no nothing other than food from the vet and his biscuits also same brand as his food. That is it. The first few days he did not seem to care but the last day or so, he has been asking and I feel so guilty if I eat anything that he likes. In fact, the first few days after he got home ….. I had made sure that I finished the bananas before his arrival. But now, I cannot give up everything but I also know that I have to be firm. It has been very hard when he asks nicely “putting his paw up.” I trained him to say please and now even with please he cannot have what he would like. Makes me sad and teary eyed. When I had emailed his Surgeon with a couple of questions, I mentioned that I had not given him any human food since his surgery and he said “that was good.” Does not hurt to have some extra encouragement. Right. Anyway I just wanted to say hello and fill you in a bit of our story the past week. On another note, the weather in Edmonton has been off the charts. Most of the snow has melted and the sun has been so warm. On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Alvin was a “sun dog” laying on a mat on the deck by the back door. He just laid there enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. We both are missing our walks big time and it will be another week before we can resume them. But something to look forward to. Something else to look forward to is our Amanda’s birthday this coming Friday.

Well time to head down and get on with the laundry. I did a few loads last night and have already started one this morning. I really need a coffee this morning. Of course we went to bed after 10:00 p.m. and then he was up at 4:00 which was not bad and then at 5:00 and then at 6:00 and 7:00 and then I could not fight it any longer …. we were up to stay. So if my thoughts and words are a bit mumbled and jumbled that would be why.

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday.

We continue to live with kindness, respect, compassion and patience and GRATITUDE.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning ALL. Well it is a quiet time in our house this morning. Everything happened so quickly. As you know Mr. Alvin had ultrasound testing yesterday. It was early afternoon when they called to say that he was ready to be picked up. He wouldn’t go outside to go pee because I was not there. So I hustled over to get him. As the ultrasound technician had to send the report to the vet – it would be awhile before knew the results. He was happy to get outside and go pee and then pooped a few times on the way home. I was glad that I had taken a roll of bags with me. I gave him his breakfast which was actually a late lunch. He gobbled his food down and had quite a few sips of water, poor guy. A few hours later the vet called to give me the report. It was pretty intense, I will say. Please forgive me as the words are not coming as quickly this morning without him here. He has stones in his bladder and in his urethra. Possible to flush out but likely would require surgery. Was on the phone with the vet when the hospital called about him. So I called them back. The plan to take him to the hospital to be assessed as soon as possible. My son-in-law came as soon as my daughter got home from the office as she worked downtown. We had him there around 6:30 p.m. With covid the restrictions are apparent everywhere. Anyway after a time and we all waited in the car and and talked to the hospital via cell phone, I took him into the triage area to drop him off. Long story short ….. we waited in the car for them to assess him … before talking to the hospital vet who was so nice ….. and then I left him there and we went home. The house is so quiet this morning. They wanted to see if they could push the stone from his urethra into his bladder and it was successful. The vet called about 10:00 or so last night to let me know. He will be having surgery today at some point to remove the stones from his bladder. I am grateful to my kids and to the vets and I know that he will be fine and back home hopefully tomorrow.

Continuing to live with gratitude, kindness, respect, compassion and patience.

Alway, Carol & Alvin …..

Second Half of the NEW YEAR – last quarter

Good Morning ALL. I guess that I have needed the sleep. Again, up at 4:15 a.m. and then Mr. Alvin wanted to go outside about 7:30 and then up lost to 9:00 a.m. I feel rested though so I guess I should not feel guilty for sleeping in. Why is it that we feel guilty when we do things that are a bit out of our everyday? Oh well, not this day. Not this day. The sun is rising which is beautiful and nice to see. During the week it is dark when we rise and dark when I start work and then the sun rises. I am in love with the colours of the sky during sunrise. It is worth paying attention to ….. the palette is amazing. Every morning is slightly different.

Yesterday I had a busy day. Laundry, cleaning, moving and reorganizing the kitchen (workspace), washing main floor, cleaning bathrooms and such. A good produce day. I even almost finished my Christmas Project – just a few finishing touches and then wrapping. I will start wrapping the rest of the gifts that I have soon over the next couple of weeks. Last night I was going over the list in my head to see if I had something for everyone. Getting close. Still have Alvin, Aspen, Milo, Humphrey, Bogart, Teddy and Kobi and I should get a little something for Bailey as well. Six gifts for puppies and two for kitties. Looks like I had better take a walk over to THE BONE & BISCUIT and pick up some things. Oh and a couple of stocking stuffers for my daughter and son-in-law and we are done. YAY, Me and Alvin. I am excited for next weekend when the massive baking spree takes place over the course of a few days. I am also hosting another FIFTH AVENUE JEWELRY PARTY for my friend who is a jeweler for them. Now with doing everyone online there are no more phone calls or texts or emails to invite people ….. they receive an invite from FB. That all happens tomorrow. Next weekend will be super busy ….. baking and LIVES for the jewelry “party” on Friday @ 7 p.m., then on Saturday it will be 3 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. and then finally on Sunday @ 3 p.m. I will be one busy Momma, thankfully I booked Monday, December 7th off as a day of vacation. Just realized that I will have to run and stock up on Mr. Alvin’s food and things as it is after payday. Lots to do. I will say back to the jewelry that I do like the online LIVES. Just kick back with a cup of tea or coffee and watch away. I think you really do get to see more pieces up close and personal. In person, one tends to glance at everything but only see the ones that “catch your eye.” So this will be great. It is my second one actually. Tomorrow I will be busy inviting during my breaks at work and after work.

Yesterday Alvin and I had a nice outside “sidewalk” – “front porch” visit with Alison and Bailey who is now six months. I cannot believe how big she is now and is all legs. She has way longer legs than Mr. Alvin. At one point Alison had to go into the house and grab a blanket for Mr. Alvin as we, Alvin and I ended up sitting on the steps (actually on the landing) and Alvin was getting cold despite his warm sweater. I think his legs and paws were chilly. So that helped and we were able to visit for almost one hour. The temperature was pretty good. It was nice to see them. Alison works at a nearby hospital so visiting in the house these days is not an option. She is extremely cautious when visiting anyone. She only recently was able to hug her Dad & Mom since February as she was able to use/have the gear from the hospital. I was both sad and happy that it has been so long for her. These days it is all about who is in your “bubble” and keeping safe for yourself and others. For all those families who will not be together for Christmas this year, I understand how you must be missing your family but at the end of the day ….. better to have our families alive and well than not. Please let us continue to be courageous and strong in this time of chaos and uncertainty. We will get through this if we work together. I am so glad that I was able to have a nice visit with Alison and chat. It was good for us both. Always nice to see our friends. Thank goodness that our weather is mild at this time and we can meet outside. I suggested my garage next time as we can social distance and have shelter even though it is not heated. We can always bring blankets out and keep the pups warm.

Yesterday I had got this photo of my daughter and me in my head. Do you think that I could find it? No. I looked through every photo box and everywhere. Not sure where it went. Isn’t it funny when you remember something and then go to look for it and cannot locate it. I guess photos are funny like that. I will find it. I am certain at some point. Perhaps a second look through the photo boxes but that takes time. So not today. Time to hop into the shower and get freshened up. I have another tea order to submit today and we are going to see Alvin’s bestie Teddy and family. Alvin is going to have an energy healing. Yes, on the social distancing and I will take one of my masks.

Happy Sunday Everyone. We must continue to rise up and live our lives with kindness, respect and compassion for all. This will be what we will be remembered for ….. that is my hope.

As Always, Carol & Alvin

Living … One Day at a time.


Wednesday morning and the sky is blue with bright sunshine.

The air is filled with the hum of cars on the nearby highway as people go to work.

Last night, Teddy’s Mom asked if he could stay with us for a few days as her two-legged son was in the hospital.

He lives several hours away and I totally understand about wanting to be with your child.

We said “yes” without hesitation.

Teddy arrived last night.

We ended up not going for a walk due to humidity and threat of storm.

So with Teddy’s arrival …. Alvin got some exercise and time outside with his friend.

I am happy that I got up when the alarm went off as with an extra body it does take longer.

The alarm these days is on my phone and it is the sound of birds chirping ….

Some mornings when we “use” the alarm I actually have to stop and think about where the sounds are coming from.

But we are almost ready.

One more trip outside after this post.

I have some photos from a few minutes ago to share.

What a great way to begin the day with these two cutie pies.

They bring me great joy there is no doubt about that ….

Teddy likes to turn down the blanket …. or rather play under it …


Acts of kindness filled with respect are always in style.


Time to fly.

We are grateful to be of help to our friends.

We are grateful for this amazing sunshine.

We are grateful for all things green.

We are grateful for our health, very important.

Most of all we are grateful for each other.

Me and Alvin…..


Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 24th day of July, 2018.

The sky is clearing up as was overcast earlier.

Temperature comfortable at this time and supposed to be a cooler day.

Lots of Birthdays.

Happy Birthday to my cousin “L.”

My ride called earlier and take to take her son to the hospital in the middle of the night so she did not sleep.

Taking the bus today.

I have not taken the bus in a few weeks.



Somedays you just need to see photos.

Last night I snapped some photos of my Snapdragons.

They are a mixture of colour but the most of them are the most

glorious CORAL colour.

So pretty.

PROUD of my tomatoes.

I bought a tomato plant and VOILE, I have tomatoes.

Lots of green and some even ripe on the vine.

They taste so YUMMY.

Well almost time for me to run and catch the bus.

Okay, walk to catch the bus.

I will be walking not running.

Have an awesome day.

If you have any space outside …. buy a tomato plant or some herbs.

You will have freshness all summer and they look great, too.


Happy Tuesday.

Special Hello to: my sister, almost time for our visit.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 29th day of December, 2017.

Another bright sunny morning with no dark clouds in site.

The sky is a pale blue with smoke rising slowly out of the chimneys.

It is another bitterly cold morning which means once again no walk for us.

We are on the upswing if you will ….. today is the last day of bitter cold.

Now that was the forecast yesterday so it may have changed but I sure hope not.

Forecast for the first week of the New Year is to be walkable temperatures.

Thank goodness.

Yesterday I took down the majority of the Christmas decor.

Leaving up the Christmas Cards, one wintery wreath, my ADVENT Calendar which was a gift and a few small items upstairs.

Oh and there is he tree in my office.

The main floor looks BARE.


Two sleeps until New Years Eve.

Alvin and I will stay home and snuggle on the Eve of the New Year.

Last year I went out wasn’t gone long and went back home for me Alvin.

I just cannot leave the little guy home alone when I am not at work.

Our Christmas vacation just seemed to zoom by.

Isn’t it crazy how fast ten days can pass?


Well today is laundry, tidy up and put away things in the basement.

Rearrange mostly.


Time for a shower.

This cold weather just makes me want to sleep.

Thankfully it will pass soon.


I hope that you all have a wonderful day.

If you are wishing to do something in the NEW YEAR ….. how about VOLUNTEERING?

There are so many ways to volunteer.

You can help at a Seniors Home, Hospital or Animal Shelter.

You can help at a Shelter.

You can help by picking up trash in your neighbourhood OR shovelling snow for seniors or someone who cannot.

Deliver meals on wheels.

There are so many things that we can do.

Look around and find a need and fill it.

Simple as that.

Happy Friday.


Special Hello to: YOU, today because you are super special.

Always, Carol & Alvin




Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 6th day of March, 2016.

It is about 8:00 a.m. and the sun is coming up ….. another beautiful morning.

Yesterday from what people tell me the temperature was 15 degrees celsius here in Edmonton, and that would greatly explain why people were out and about in shirtsleeves.

In fact, I had several windows open yesterday and the furnace did not even cut in that is how warm it was in the house.

My daughter brought me Alvin home in the morning.

He looks so handsome with his new hair……my kids did such an amazing job.

We had coffee before going to the Vet.

Lucky for us ….. we got to borrow the car because she had a lunch date with one of her friends a bit later.

I topped off the morning by a trip to the grocery store.

There was a group doing fundraising in the store …. they were located inside the store just past the entrance.

A small boy approached me and asked me if I would like to buy a box of chocolate almonds.

I told him that I did not have any cash on me but would get some from the cashier on my way out.

I guess it was the Boy Scouts ….. but how could you say no to a nice little boy.

So guess who purchased “2” boxes on her way out of the store.

No wonder a trip to the grocery store is expensive.

There are always so many things “not on your list.”

Oh well …… good to support these groups.

I finally can check a semi large job off the list or at least half of it as I “cleaned my main floor blinds.”

They are a pain but now they are clean.

Well this morning I am going out for a short while with one of my neighbours.

It would seem that once I got home and was unpacking groceries I found that I forgot two very important items.

After all that …….

Later today one of my friends from Regina is coming to stay with me for a bit as her grandson is in the Children’s Hospital here in Edmonton.

She will be watching the older grandson while his parents stay with the new baby at the hospital.

I haven’t seen her for years so will be nice to reconnect.

Well I guess time to get this show on the road.

To remember …. always lend a hand when you can.

Sometimes it is only a “bed.”

Have an awesome Sunday.

Most of my work is done so it will be a nice relaxing day …..

Special Hello to: those people who give of themselves and ask nothing in return, may abundance follow you always.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 28th day of November, 2015.

The sun is coming up with pale shades of orange and blue almost clear.

It is quiet here in my neighbourhood.

Likely households are just beginning to stir.

The only sound I can hear is the buzzing in my right ear.

I guess time to start using the oil for my ears …..

Perhaps a bit too late but will try that first.

It would appear that as I glance out of the office window that my neighbour’s garage is final complete from the shingles to the lights.

It is quite the sight as it almost completely blocks the sight of their house and about half of the view from this window.

Looks nice though.


Yesterday the craft sale was good.

Some of the “vendors” were saying that the traffic was down from last year.

My neighbour is a nurse and works at the hospital so we had all of her co-workers and people she knows, so that definitely helped.

Compared to the Trade Show we attended a couple of years ago in a neighbouring community there were a thousand times more people.

We did not sell out but did quite well.

Lots of comments which gave us ideas for the future.

Some that made me think …. “did you forget to use your inside voice as the comments were not perhaps what one would deem flattering.”

I was reminded by my ever so wise daughter ….. not to take it personally ….. there are all kinds of people.

But then there was this woman who was so sweet.

She was at the hospital as her boyfriend was having surgery.

The dear lady lightly joked with us about him and having to look after him after the surgery when he goes home.

Clearly she was worried.

She loved our jewellery, and I showed her a pair of earrings and she remarked that there were too fancy for her as she was too plain.

“Ah”, I said …. “you are not plain and you wear what makes you feel good.”

My daughter showed her our pinecone earrings which are so sweet.

She tried a couple of necklaces on and checked them out in a mirror we had with us.

She decided on the pinecone earrings and one of the necklaces.

We chatted for a few minutes.

We girls, remarked how great she looked and she was on her way.

Just after she left … my daughter found her glasses.

We did not see which way she left so could not follow, so we were hoping she would come back later.

There was always the lost and found.

She came back later …. very worried as they were her only glasses and she needed them for driving.

I asked how the surgery went and she said “well.”

My daughter handed her the glasses and she was so grateful.

I gave her a hug and she was on her way.

We are so blessed that she stopped by as it reminded me how fragile the human spirit is and how we must we kind to one and other.


Overall I would say that it was successful.

Time spent with my daughter is always a great thing.

It was a nice change from the office.

Two of my friends stopped by to show their support so that was wonderful.

Pretty much everyone else I know was working.

But that is okay …. great experience.


Well in just over one hour we will be leaving for Alvin’s regular 6 week pedicure appointment, he also needs some food.

Then home to prepare the orders for the recent tea parties so that I can submit them today.

One of my friend’s is stopping by to take me to run an errand later and possibly stay for tea.

Then it will be laundry.


Well looks like I had better be getting this show on the road.

I hope that you have a wonderful Saturday.


One thing … my thought for the day …..

“Chose your words wisely before opening your mouth to speak”

Being hurtful or ingenue or less than kind is not how we should treat our fellow human beings. 

The old adage “if you cannot say something nice then do not say anything at all” ….. it works.

Just saying.


Special Hello to: my sister and our friend “M” back in Saskatchewan …. thank you ladies for always your kind words and support.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 27th day of November, 2015.

It is a great day as today my daughter and I are entered in a craft sale with our jewellery.

We are excited.

My neighbour and we girls are sharing a table.

Should be fun.

The temperature has warmed up again which is nice.

It is held in the lobby of a nearby hospital so there will be lots of people and today is also Black Friday so that will bring in folks.

Our first craft sale selling….

I am excited to see what wares others are selling.

It will be a wonderful day ….. spending it with my girl and one of my friends.


Another item to mention…..finally caught our four-legged  “rogue agent” that has been eluding us for the past while only to find there were two.

We only … I only saw the one.

Will have to keep an eye out …. double check everywhere to make sure no place they can get into the house.


Well this is to be short as time to make a cup of coffee and have some toast.

Have an awesome Friday.

If you are out and about on this “BLACK FRIDAY” …. be respectful of others.

No pushing or shoving.

Did you really need another black sweater no matter how good the price was?

Enjoy the mania …..

Be safe…

Happy Shopping..


Special Hello to: my sister …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

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