Thought for the day……

Welcome to Monday,February 6th, 2012.

Happy Birthday to everyone born on this 6th day of February.

When I was performing a clean sweep of my office yesterday …. I came across pictures painted by my great niece, great nephew and some dear family friends and neighbours (who have moved away almost one year ago).

These are my treasures and although I physically cannot keep them all …… I selected one from each child to treasure for all time.

They were proudly displayed on my office walls for “years”.

I think that items such as these are the hardest to throw away.

I also restarted my “vision board” (from the Secret).

One of my stocking items this past Christmas was a package of napkins that are replicas of one hundred dollar bills only thicker and softer.

Anyway, I covered my vision board with one hundred dollar bills and now every time I look up when I am sitting at the computer, I see hundred dollar bills.

Also displayed proudly in the centre of the board is a photo taken during my last trip to Regina of my family.

Oh, I also changed the closing balance on my bank statement to read:  $1,170,000.  (I should email my bank not to send out the paper copy as I am almost paperless).

That has a nice ring to it ….. over one million dollars in my checking account.  ( I can afford to go shopping ) ……. 🙂

As time goes by I shall add items to this board and every time I see them, I shall feel even more great.

It is funny how cleaning out a room can fire up old ideas, and get you on the path once again.

So that is what I did on my Sunday off from BBW (Bath & Body Works).

I was pleasantly surprised when I got to work Friday night to see that I had Sunday off.

This coming Friday night I will have off as well as I am working on Saturday for another Fragrance Launch.

I really enjoyed doing the last couple ….. especially the first one for “Paris Amour” back in the summer.

So that’s it for this morning.

Accomplished quite a lot this weekend and also got to relax and sleep in.

Ready to start the week.

Special Hello to: all those folks who did “clean sweeps” this weekend.

Happy Early Spring………always good to get a jump on things…

Have a great day.

Always, Carol and of course, my treasured sidekick “Mr. Alvin”.

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