Thought for the day…..

Well, Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, March 1st, 2013.

I usually do not write on my blog on my day off from the office but today is different.

As I look out my office window the sky is beginning to lighten with the sun starting to peek through the cloud cover.

I read a couple of my fellow blogger’s “blogs” …… we all have unique and wonderful stories and thoughts.

It is so great that we have this forum to share our lives.

We can learn and grow from all of this information and gain such incredible knowledge.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blogs – you make my day – you make my life so rich.

I am so grateful to have this day off and to tackle some of my “jobs”  before going to work at the store tonight.

As I listen to some of the songs that I purchased from the I TUNES store I am enriched by the words …. and the music.

Thank you to all those musicians ….. song writers …. our talent on this earth is so vast.

Have a great day.

I am going to read something each of you today …. thank you.

Peace Out …. Love Forever.

Special Hello: to all my fellow bloggers … you rock.  I love your stories.


Always, Carol and Alvin


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