Last Half 2022 – December

Good Morning ALL! How are you this Wednesday morning? I am doing well. Happy to report that Alvin is settling in well with my daughter and her family. Countdown today is December 7, 2022 with 17 sleeps till Christmas Eve. Have you mailed Christmas cards? Do you mail cards? Contrary to popular belief “people” do love to receive something personalized in the mail other than a bill. Perhaps you have an elderly Aunt and Uncle who live hundreds of miles away. Send them a card and some photos. Nothing says “we are thinking of you” than a lovely card and some pictures. I love receiving cards in the mail. I think that I forgot to mention that I have received three beautiful Christmas cards. One from a friend and her family that live in Quebec, Canada, another from long time friends near Regina, Saskatchewan and the third from other long time friends about two hours outside of Edmonton. I am grateful that they took the time to send cards, letters, notes and photos. So grateful.

This morning is my eye appointment. Appears that it has started to warm up temperature wise overnight which is good because I am walking. Also with the warm up came some snow. My daughter texted me a few minutes ago to let me know that she will not be coming into the city for work this morning but will be working from home. The roads are extremely icy. I am debating whether or not I will need my ice picks on my boots. If the snow is sticky it will provide traction but might be a good idea to wear them all the same. I can always take them off if I do not need them.

Yesterday at my lunch break I slipped over to my neighbours to pick up a couple of baskets for gift wrapping. I had a quick coffee and visit. Then back outside into the cold. It was so cold yesterday. Always great to have a visit and coffee with a friend. Thanks Gillian. After work and supper, I wrapped the gifts in a basket. To be honest it did not quite turn out the way that I had imagine it but rather looks like a large wrapped hard candy. You know the ones, lol. Anyway, it fit nicely under the tree and perhaps the other way it would not. I am officially done. Done. Done. Done. YAY, me and today is December 7, 2022.

Well I suppose it is time to head downstairs. Did I mention yesterday that I figured out why my sleep is not the best? I do miss Alvin but usually we are up and downstairs to the sofa anytime between 3-430 a.m. so we never spend the whole night in the bed. I guess my bed is not quite as comfortable as I once thought. The sofa however is very comfortable. Perhaps I should set the alarm for 430 and then head downstairs to the sofa! Food for thought. Although last night the quality of sleep did improve. All in the life of ……

Time to go and make coffee. Turn on the Christmas tree lights and check out the weather forecast.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities and coffee. Thank goodness for coffee.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning ALL! Welcome to Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 16 sleeps until Christmas Eve. How are you this morning? Alvin and I are well. We had some freezing rain in the middle of night making for icy roads out there. I just received a text from my daughter advising that she will be working from home today and I am so relieved. Having to drive on the highway for any distance makes me a bit on the nervous side especially since the roads have not likely been sanded as yet.

I cannot believe that we are in the last month of 2021. It seems like only yesterday that we were packing up and working from home. That day was March 16, 2020. Unbelievable that it will be two years in a few months time. Somedays it feels like I have always worked from home. I feel so comfortable and safe and productive working in my abode. No longer having the long commute. Being for Alvin has been wonderful most especially since he is fast approaching 13 years old in January. I wonder how all those folks are doing that adopted a pet during the pandemic and are going back to work. Also, I wonder what the percentage is of people that will remain working from home. Most especially in the large cities where the employers leased office space for example. Those employers can reduce overhead by having their employees continue to work from home. Personally this has been the best thing to happen to me in my work life. I love being at home. Did I say that already? Anyway it has been wonderful and I am grateful that my employer has given us the choice. Given the choice would you prefer to work at home?

Yay, I figured it out. Yesterday I had some technical difficulties with WordPress but I finally got it fixed, all by myself.

The clock is ticking away and getting closer to work time. I hit the snooze button twice this morning with good reason someone who shall remain nameless woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 4:30, 5:00 to eat and then back until 6:45. I wonder if it is an age thing? Anyway, I am okay. He will nap off and on all day anyway.

I am looking forward to another mug of the Starbuck’s Christmas Blend coffee. It is my favourite blend of all time. Smooth and not bitter. Tad of sweetness but not overwhelming. Just the perfect blend for coffee. If you have not tried it yet and are a coffee drinker, I highly recommend purchasing a bag.

I wish you a glorious day. Don’t worry things will work out. Close your eyes and think of your favorite person or item on the planet. Then just breathe.

Continuing to live with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, understanding, laughter and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin

P.S. I am with you ….. sometimes you just have to go for it!

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 10th day of October, 2016.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

It is snowing here in Edmonton.

Very fine snow.

As soon as I am finished my cup of coffee I am going for a walk with Mr. Alvin.

That fine snow may turn to much heavier snow as the day progresses.

Yesterday with the sunshine it was quite nice and we so enjoyed our walk.

I am so grateful to have had a wonderful long weekend.

We were not able to go and have a Thanksgiving meal with the kids due to my son-in-law having the flu and icy roads.

But we will get together next weekend for a meal.

My ear became unplugged this morning and I can once again hear properly.

I am so grateful for that.

Yesterday I decided to go through my fridge and pantry and use up more things making Carol’s Thanksgiving.

I whipped up a batch of cookies that I fondly named “Carol’s Thanksgiving Peanut Butter Pumpkin Raisin Cookies” and also “Carol’s Quinoa

Thanksgiving Casserole.”

My neighbour tasted the cookies this morning and agreed they were yummy and I gave her some of the Casserole to take home to try.

I am very pleased with the end results.

Considering I just threw them together.

To give you an idea of what was in the main course:  Cooked up in separate pot some Quinoa.  Also some carrots in a separate pot.

I sautéed two large yellow sweet onions, garlic, pepperonis, large tin of diced tomatoes (crushed),

previously made black bean burgers that had been frozen – cut them into small bite sized pieces,

spices: three of my favourite spices:  cumin, turmeric and coriander and chopped dried cranberries.

After all it is not Thanksgiving without the cranberries.

simmered away …..

threw in can of sweet corn niblets.

Once everything had simmered and heated through.

In large bowl threw in the cooked quinoa and then the pot of goodness.

Mixed together.

Now I may have missed something as I was just tossing things together as I went.

My favourite way of cooking.

If I have something that I knew would work I just tossed it in.

The combination of the black bean burgers which fell apart and became this rich amazing backdrop for the sweet onions, corn, spices and tomatoes.

It was so good.

It tasted like Thanksgiving.

Well as I figured the snow has already turned to larger flakes so I should get this show on the road.

I hope that on this day …. this Thanksgiving that you try something new.

Use your imagination.

I should have posted some photos of my dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Special Hello to: all my family and friends all over the world, have a great day.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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