Thought for the day……

What do you think about right before you close your eyes to go to sleep?

What do you think about first thing when you open your eyes in the morning?

Most of us, think about everything on our to do list or all of the things that we do not wish to do.

Or just a lot of nonsense about things that were said or done.

Our minds are crowded with messages.  Just like your inbox for email.

But I would love you to think about the following:

Upon closing your eyes to go to sleep: think about your upcoming day and all the good things the day has in store for you.

Plan your day with positive measure.

When you wake up in the morning …… intend your day to be great and walk around the house saying thank you for everything that you have.

I try to practice these exercises or this way of life and it truly does make a difference.

Most of our life is based on “what we think”.

So ….

If we walk around thinking that we are “cold” …… then we will be cold.

So practice having a great day before it happens, and I know that you will have a great day.

Put love in your heart and mind and voila …..

Have a perfectly awesome day.

I know that I will.

Always, Carol

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