Good Morning ALL! How are you doing this Monday morning? Looks like a very hot week ahead of us here in Edmonton. Beautiful bright sunny sky with a cool wind. We are heading out for our first walk of the day due to the higher temperatures of this afternoon and should be able to get a second one in at my lunch break. Sunday morning I shot some photos of the sky from the early morning (yup first ones taken at 5:00 a.m.) and the sky was glorious. I wanted to share them with you but as I wanted to honour my friend Martin, I decided not to post the photos, not to wish all the DADS out there a Happy Father’s Day or to acknowledge the first official day of summer. So I am doing all of that today.

The changes in the sky all took place in just over an hour’s time. The sky was incredible. I wished that I was a great photographer. I was in awe of the early morning sky.

Mother Nature in all her glory.

Yesterday was a good first day of summer and Father’s Day was mixed for a lot of people.

Wishing you an awesome Monday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, understanding and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day……

At mid point of this week midway through the month of August …… the morning sky was so incredible.

The moon glowed in all it’s glory and the stars were bright and too many to count.

I love this time of year.  Just as summer winds down to become autumn or fall.

I love the morning skies as the sun begins to rise as it is now at this very moment.


The colours of fall are so pretty.

Reds, oranges and golds….

The morning air beginning to be a bit cooler but so comfortable that you feel as though you could walk forever.

Take a few moments and stand on your back deck, patio, balcony or wherever and just breathe in that glorious fresh air.

I am so grateful for these days…..


I am grateful to Alvin for waking me up a few minutes early this morning (4:40) so that I could drink in the amazing morning sky.

Thanks buddy….. he always seems to know just what I need.


Make sure you always listen to that little voice whether it is your dog, cat, child or your inner chatter…..

RELAX …… you deserve a few moments of pure glory each and every day.

You are worthy and deserving of a grand life.


Have a great great day.


Always, Carol

Last Night I dreamed ……

Last night I dreamed of a man

Not just anyone.

But this tall, incredibly handsome…

Someone,  who would love and understand,

Laugh with and admire …

This woman that I have become.

I could feel his strong arms encase me.

His warm sweet breath touching my skin

Leaving a warmness that would melt the polar ice caps.

Locked in a gentle embrace,

Is the only place …. I want to be.

I saw him in the moonlight.

Somewhere between the moonbeams his shadow overtook me

He held me tight, the man of my dreams.

My mind takes the reigns from my heart.

As I think of what could be,

The man of my dreams, appeared to me as I slept.

Crazy as it may seem, Actually it may be.

I don’t even know his name or where’s he from yet.

He never spoke a word, not one word.

But I knew….

I felt all my tomorrows in the warmth of his hand.

I had painted his picture firmly in my mind since I was a little girl

Didn’t matter his name, he was mine, always has been mine…

Carol Yvonne Lewis, written April 22nd, 2011

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