Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 17th day of September, 2014.

Still dark out but starting there are hints that the sun is thinking about rising and it is almost 6:45 a.m.

Crazy the difference only a few weeks can make.

It seems like only yesterday that at 5:00 the sun was up and about doing it’s sunshine thing.

Now he’s taking a break.

Well deserved I guess.

In the evenings the sun is starting to go down a few hours earlier as well.

Just yesterday it seemed like it was still shining at almost 11:00 p.m.

The time of year …. oh how it plays with us.

I do love that we have actual seasons here in Canada.

Nice to have some change …..

Sometimes it may take us a bit longer to adjust but that’s okay.

I love this time of year.

Well time to go to work.

So have to say bye for now.

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing that you are filled with passion and love.

Because without them life if just life and you are just living.

Why not live your life full of wonder and amazement – love and passion.

Yes, sometimes or some moments your inner voice has to have that sit down …. now come on … kind of chat.

I had one of those last night when Alvin and I were out walking.

My inner voice translated to my outer voice and if someone heard me likely they thought “oh, poor woman” …… 🙂

Special Hello to: my sister …… I hope that all is well with you …… talk soon.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 18th day of September, 2013.


Yesterday was beautiful with a slightly cool breeze.

If this weather continues it will make a bunch of people very happy or at least help.

This is gratitude day ….

Well everyday should be gratitude day.

I always write every single day in a journal …. yes, I actually write with a pen and paper.

I have filled many a notebook but I do write in a gratitude journal every morning.

It is part of my morning routine …. it is ritual.

Actually it is part of “our” morning ritual.

This happened yesterday morning and I have to share:

Mr. Alvin stood by my chair (usually he lays on the sofa until I am ready to have my breakfast – he is already done his by this time) and did his little “whiny barking thing” …..

It took me a few minutes to realize that he wanted up in my lap.

Well he isn’t really a lap dog.

I always have to extend my legs straight out on a nearby chair as there would not be room for him.

He used to do this, like last winter but hasn’t done it in months

It was nice to cuddle and write …..

P.S. this morning he just put his paw up on the chair leg asking to be picked up …. ah, how I love my Mr. Alvin.

So on this mid week morning I am so grateful that I have Mr. Alvin in my life ….. even though he cannot talk to me …. he does.

I know that sometimes and trust me I do know this for sure.


There are days when it seems like the world has a different plan in store for you meaning that things just do not seem to be going right ….

But listen to your inner voice ….. jump and scream if you have to ….. let it out. Then listen to your inner voice – it does give great advice.

Do not be afraid to ask for help or for some advice.

Well time to get travelling here…..

Have a great great day my friends.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Special Hello to: all those kind and generous people who read my blog …. you have no idea how much it means to me.  I feel like a real author.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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