Thought for the day…..

Last night I chatted on the phone with my BFF Linda from back in Regina.

It was so wonderful to finally catch up with her.

We both lead busy lives and somedays as you all know ….. time just gets away on us.

If you think about it for a second.

Weren’t you going to call Aunt Mary or Cousin Fran, your BFF or perhaps your Mom or Sister or Brother?

Time continues on no matter what is going on with our lives.

So we must make the time for those important calls.

When you think of someone take a minute or two and send that communication …. however you do (phone, e-mail, cell or text… JUST DO IT.

I know that the person on the other end of the “line” will be so grateful and happy that you did.

So on this Friday morning as I write these few words …. I am so grateful that my BFF took the time out of her busy schedule to call me.

It was absolutely FANTASTIC.

Have a wonderful, blessed, great, happy, amazing, awesome FRIDAY and weekend everyone.

Always, Carol

P.S. HELLO to:  Cindy, John, Tyler, Dara, Troy, Paulette, Taylor, Diana, Danielle, Ingrid, Cindy, Wayne, Jeannette, Pat M, Mary Lynn, Deanna, Ladies Group and all my “PEEPS” ……… YOU ARE ALL IMPORTANT TO ME.


Just thinking ….

With the cold winter weather, the major snowfall, just thinking has been a major part of my day.  It is hard to believe that there are banks of snow on my deck that are well over my height.  It is sometimes challenging and a bit “fun”  finding a spot to throw the snow once it has been scooped up in the shovel.    But I am just thinking….. WHAT NEXT??

I have been thinking and pondering, pondering and thinking …… of what to do next.  What direction should I be going?  I do know a couple of things for certain.  One being, that I want to do “my work” from home.  I need and want to be with Alvin.  That is not to say that I would pass on an invitation to go out.  Because I would sorely love to go out.  Especially after spending the better part of two weeks in the house.  January is one of those funny months.  Sometimes it is just cold.  Sometimes cold and snowy.  Sometimes cold, snowy with a brutal wind.  One never knows what January will bring to the table.

I find that I love the freedom of being at home.  The past couple of years have been wonderful, fantastic and awesome.  I love being at home.  I do sometimes miss the contact with people.  There are days that I wished with all my heart … that Alvin could talk.  Seriously.  Definitely miss the human contact.  I am so blessed to have a computer, and the internet so that on those blustery winter days, I can at least chat with someone.  We all need that contact.  Perhaps one of these decades our technology will let us travel without the aid of “physical transportation”, like cars or buses.  Just like Star Trek …… “beam me up, Scottie”.  That would be great.  Then I could take Alvin and we could go and visit my sister in Regina or take a walk somewhere in Hawaii and be home in time for bed.   Wouldn’t that be great?  Oh my gosh…. that would be so amazing…

Guess I got sidetracked a little.  Just a bit.  But again that happens when you are starved for human contact.  Although I did babysit for the neighbour just one hour ago.  Sometimes you just need another ADULT around ….. LOL.

Back to “just thinking” ……. what direction …. what to do.  I want to write.  But in what capacity?   Do I put my notes together, and finally get that book published?  Do I do some serious work, and get this blog up to where it should be?  Do I write for a magazine or some on-line venue?  Where do I start?  What next?  A thousand – no ten million questions cloud my mind.   I know that there are things that I need to do.  I will say that at this very moment – it is hard to remain focused as the sky has cleared.  The sun shone for about one hour and is now starting to set.

So here I sit ….. typing away on the keyboard while Alvin sleeps on the floor in the hallway.  He must have heard my thoughts as he just lifted his head.  I know that he tries to comfort me when I need someone to talk to ….. I think that he knows… but let’s face it….he lacks in the conversational department.  I do love him very much, and this is not to complain.  He does keep me company.  Alvin has the personality of a social butterfly.  Loves people.  When the little kids arrived earlier …. he was so excited.  Honestly you would think that it had been months since he last saw someone other than me.  So whose complaining now (LOL).   Not me……  LOL

Well so much for “just thinking” …… am I farther ahead or about the same….. well I am not sure.  Time will tell.  I am at this exact moment in time amazingly HAPPY and so grateful to be here.

So for now “just thinking” …… oh, Alvin just stood up by my chair and put his paws on my arm….. a signal that it is time to go downstairs.  I think just a tad early for supper as it is only 4:15 p.m. but what the hey.  It is only time.  If he is hungry …. then he should eat.  Time to go.

The boss calleth………

Always, Carol

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