Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 2nd day of August, 2014.

Just remembered today is the 6th Anniversary of my nephew “T” and his wife “S” ….. Happy Anniversary Guys.

Just a few minutes ago my daughter and son-in-law left for the weekend.

They are going to look after his niece and nephew while their parents go away for a mini break.

MMM, just me and the puppies left in the house ….. it is quiet.

I have a “TO DO” list of things that I would like to accomplish over the weekend and also I work on Sunday.

Today is get the kitchen and spare bedroom upstairs in order.

The air feels cool as I sit here in the office typing away with the window opened slightly.

When I got home from work last night just after ten – I took Alvin for a walk.

AM thinking that I will take Elton and Penny after I have breakfast before it gets hot.

Then everyone will have had some recent exercise.

All of the puppies received haircuts and baths yesterday.

They all look handsome and beautiful for Miss Penny.

Alvin needed it and looks so good …. like a new doggie.

Well I guess I had better get this day going ….. it is almost nine already.

My how the time flies.

I hope that you are having a great weekend thus far.

Take care.

Special Hello to: all my family back in Regina …… have a great long weekend.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 19th day of April, 2014.

Earlier this morning when Alvin and I first got up (he is an early bird).

When Alvin was outside doing this morning ritual; I sat in the chair in the kitchen by the window and this is what I saw.

It appeared to be a reflection of the moon.

I had the kitchen light on as you will see in the second photo.

But it was so cool.

Unfortunately my little camera could not zoom enough to get a proper photo but still this looked so amazing.

Something great to see so early in the morning.

Early morning sky

Early morning sky – my kitchen light is in the forefront

Morning sky through window in kitchen

Morning sky through window in kitchen 





The moon all alone ….. one gorgeous beacon of light.

Now in the first photo you may think it was the reflection of the light in the kitchen but it was not.

Anyway that was the perfect way to start my long weekend.

Doing laundry and lots of fun stuff today ….. Alvin is getting a hair cut and Momma gets to colour her hair.

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend.

Happy Easter Everyone …..

Special Hello to: all those photographers out there and all of the crazy beautiful photos you snap.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 9th day of March, 2014.
Yesterday afternoon just before my daughter went back home we checked all of the traps.
The last trap we checked the “red door” was closed – finally caught it.
I screamed with joyous delight.
So happy.
Time to celebrate …… breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Well my “happiness” was temporary as guess what Alvin “found” this morning?
Alvin has his timetable to eat, and so usually as it is a bit too early to get up we usually hit the sofa for some extra zzz’s before
getting up …. anyway he wouldn’t go back to sleep and kept looking around from the sofa ….. finally he jumped off and ran into the kitchen.
I stood up on the sofa (yup, up on the arm of my leather sofa), and turned on the lights …. and sure enough I saw something scurry across the floor with Alvin in hot pursuit.
Here we go again.  Hopefully it is the last one.
Thank goodness we left the traps out but I might have to try something else.
This is crazy ……
On the other hand we are doing great ….. time changed here so body adjusting to that this morning as well.
I just had a feeling this wasn’t over …..
Special Hello to: having my house back to normal…..soon.
Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 6th day of March, 2014.

Snowed overnight and is snowing now.

It has been an interesting morning here in our household.

We were having a somewhat normal morning …. I was sitting at the kitchen table writing in my gratitude journal …. WHEN….

Something went flying across the floor to the living room with Alvin in hot pursuit.

Totally took me off guard and I “almost” screamed …… I went up in my “upright fetal position” ……

Alvin stood in his “hunter stance” at the end of our sofa.

OH great, I had felt relatively safe in the living room even though I knew the “mouse” was in the kitchen.

We have been trying to catch this creature since last Wednesday.

He has been tricking us by eating the peanut butter in the traps, pooping and going to the next one.

So they do not work.

Last night we stopped and picked up more traps and the “ultra sonic” sensor plug-in thing ….

Perhaps this is what is making it brave …… to run across the floor with all of the lights on with both of us here.

So now I have a dilemma ….. not much time before I have to run and catch the bus.

I guess I will be brave and set one of the new traps we picked up last night ….. in the kitchen of course ….. or maybe I will set it in at the end of the sofa …. although with us upstairs it is likely not there.

I even held open the front door with hopes that it might run out ( I had Alvin sit on the upstairs steps).

So exciting my life.

Well I had better go,

Round …. I don’t know …… feels like 147 ……

Me- 0   Mouse-6

This has been perhaps the worse eight days of my life ….. just saying.

All I can say “please stay inside the little box” …….

Special Hello to: all those folks with advice on how to catch an unwanted visitor.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 4th day of February, 2014.

Today my thoughts have been all about being positive.

Thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive.

Whenever anything opposite bubbles up, I will resend it out with a “glass half full spin.”

“Grey skies are going to clear up – put on a happy face.”

That is a line from a song ….. makes sense.

If we put only good out to the Universe then only good shall come back to us.

Do you know those days when you felt like you had the world all wrapped up in a gold box?

On those days you thought only good things, felt only good things and received only good things.

I am also a realist so I know that sometimes there are less than perfect things that happen.

But that is okay as long as you remain firm in your “happiness” and keep feeling good.

So on this Tuesday – have the best day ever.

It is brrrrr cold here in Edmonton.

After Alvin had his breakfast and I opened the door for him to go out …. he sniffed the air and backed away from the door and ran back into the kitchen.

It wasn’t until after my breakfast that he reluctantly went out.

I will tell you it was a quick trip and he ran back to the house with lightning speed.

Oh, my Alvin.  I love him.  He’s so cute.

Keep warm my friends.

Keep smiling.

Special Hello to: my sister ….. and my brothers……

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day ….

This thought is for today and yesterday …. still just a “day”……

Yesterday I got caught up early in the day by changing my bedroom furniture around and then the living room.

So this will be short as company just arrived for a quick cup of coffee before I leave for work.

The thought is …… change some furniture around ….. remove some ornaments from a room ….. and it feels like a new place.

I also removed a shelving unit that was in the kitchen and put it by the back door and now the bay window is restored to being open.

Make subtle changes and your life will feel anew.

Have a great Sunday.


Always, Carol


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