Thought for the day…..

WOW, had a wonderful Halloween Day and Night.

I dressed up as a Ladybug for work and kept in character when the kids arrived at night.

Alvin came to the door with me and was so excited.

I think that he had forgotten about last Halloween.

He was definitely excited to see all of the kids that came to door numbering about “86” …. I might have missed the odd one.

They seemed to come for the most part in groups of 5 or more…..

We were visited by friends that we knew and that was exciting.

There were dinosaurs, witches, space guys, teddy bears, princesses and much more.

Lots of amazing costumes….

Anyway …. I hope that everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

Have a wonderful November 1st, 2011.

Almost time to put up my Christmas Tree ( although this year I am going to wait for a few days, can you believe that?)

I have put my tree up on November 1st for I would say close to twenty years.  It has been awhile.

So why not change things up a bit.

Change can be a good thing, right?

Well gotta go.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day.

Special Hellos: TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE …… all  S-E-V-E-N BILLION of my fellow Earthlings.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day…..

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wow, Monday morning already …… I hope that you had a great weekend.

Are you dressing up for Halloween today?

I made my own costume as I do most years.

I spent $1.50 plus tax on my costume.

I am a LadyBug …… (just had to purchase the wings, was going to buy construction paper and make them until I happened upon them at the Dollar Store for $1.50).

How great is that!

I took a sturdy hair band and added black pipe cleaners and pom-poms for the antennae…..

Added some Halloween stickers for good measure.

I had a black long sleeved top and black exercise pants.

Add some Halloween socks and red shoes.

A red fluffy scarf.

Drew some dots on my cheeks and added extra makeup ….

Oh, and with the wings came a wand …. so I am a magical LadyBug.

With super powers …. perhaps I will be a LadyBug that grants WISHES.

Oh and the final BIG item …. I cut the bottom off an old red t-shirt that was from the University of Nevada …

They are the REBELS….. so I glued REBEL onto the bum of the skirt and some little flowers to the front …

Cut it down the side so that I could tie it on the side ….. (actually I had hole punched a few spots and was going to lace through some string and tie it but that did not work just the best, so I am just tying the material).

It works.

So I resemble a LadyBug.

So from our house ….. Alvin and I want to WISH YOU ALL – A HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Have a great time out trick and treating (I hope that you will just get lots of treats and skip the tricking part).

Stay safe and have fun.

Special Halloween Hello to: Azlin (my old Halloween partner, I miss you buddy), Zane and Baby E, Lea, Mahee-Lee and David (miss your smiley faces), SELENA (miss you Princess), Hayleigh, Tanner and P ….(I remember trick or treating with your Mom) good times….

Have a great day guys….

Always, Carol

P.S. wishes that I would have downloaded my photos of the decorations I put up for Halloween …… 🙂

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