Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 26th day of March, 2015.

How are you doing this fine morning?

I am doing great.

Today I am learning something new.

One of my new friends is taking me on the “train.”

It is one of the means of transportation in our city.

It is above ground and there are only a few trains in certain areas at this time.

I am excited and nervous.

I will meet her at her “work” and then we will walk to the train catching it to a central location where we will hop on a bus home.

Apparently it is much faster.

Should be interesting.

So that is my new thing for this day.

Well the temperatures are rising and with the sun higher in the sky the snow is melting quickly.

Wow can you believe it almost the end of March …… April is right around the corner.

Easter a week away.

My last shift at the store is one week from this Saturday.

I am so looking forward to this next chapter.

Well time to go to the office.

I can hear my ride ….

Have an awesome day.

Remember to learn something new everyday that is what keeps our brains “firing.”


Special Hello to: all those folks who try to learn something new each day.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 3rd day of October, 2014.

Thank you so much for your comments.

It is nice to hear from each of you ……

I love hearing about the different places where you live.

Always good to learn more about one’s fellow human beings.

I believe that everyday there is opportunity to learn something.

It might be something so small that you do not even realize that you have learned something new.

Might be automatic …. something our conscious mind does not even recognizes.

Or you might learn how to drive a car ….. pilot a space craft or learn to sew.

Maybe you learned a new language …. or maybe you learned to write your name.

Isn’t life grand.

So many things.

So on this fantastic Friday let us all go out into the world and learn something new.

It can be something small or something big …. doesn’t matter.

Perhaps you have been wanting to sign up for a cooking class.

Let us challenge ourselves.

I will say that pretty much everyday I am challenged and learn something new.

Some days it is a small thing but that is okay.

My brain is firing and working and learning … and that is always a great thing.

How many times did I use the word “thing” …… am just realizing “a lot”…

Happy Friday Everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts.

I do so enjoy reading them.

Special Hello to: all my blogging friends …… write away ….. keep sharing.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 23rd day of July, 2013.

It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Edmonton.

Alvin decided to stay outside in the backyard for a whole minutes after he had his breakfast.

So it cut into our walk time …. so instead when he did come in we had quiet time on the sofa.

Last night after supper we had a grand walk by one of our neighbourhood lakes.

Well actually there are three right beside each other.

While out we saw one of our neighbour’s “D” and his dog Cash.

So we chatted and let the doggies get more social with one another.

More to be in each other’s space without touching.

Good lesson to learn.

Respect.  (We could all learn from these dogs).

Cash is a one year old much larger dog than Alvin.

He is full of energy and is learning to socialize with other dogs.

Alvin barked once at him and then laid down and then did his thing.

He seemed to know and I think he is getting used to Cash.

“D” is such a good “Dad” to Cash and is teaching him well.

In time they will be best buds for sure but for now they are learning.

While on our way home we bumped into another person we had met a few weeks ago.

So many great people in our neighbourhood.

Kind and friendly and smiling.

I am most blessed.

Do you live in a great neighbourhood?

So on this bright Tuesday my thoughts lean towards home and living in such a beautiful area and knowing that I am most lucky and grateful.

Have a great day and I hope that you are as fortunate as I am….

Take care.

Special Hello:  Congratulations and Hello to William and Kate, the royals who welcomed their first baby, a son yesterday in London.


Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday, the 18th day of April 2013.

How are you this fine morning?

I am feeling absolutely wonderful …

It rained overnight so the air is fresh.

The Sky is partially overcast but I can see blue sky.

So how did you do yesterday?

Did your thoughts overwhelm you?

Did you stop those negative thoughts as they rose up?

I know that it is not the easiest thing to do but it can be done.

It just takes practice.

I will admit although over the course of any day ….. about 95% of my thoughts are good, positive and kind.

But the remaining 5% ….. I need to work on …..

Somedays at work things happen that you were not expecting and you “jump” to those less than stellar thoughts.

But I do try everyday to make my thoughts be reflective of the person that I think, that I believe I am.

If we all tried to be better people than perhaps we would be closer to global PEACE.

What a thought!  What a concept – peace.

Well on that note it is time to go to the office.

My ride will be here in a few minutes.

I hope that you while you think some 60,000 odd thoughts over the course of any one day …. that you try to make them count.

Whenever those “not great ones” come up ….. just stop and think “I am learning from this this” and onto the next thought.

We learn from every single situation that comes to us …. or at least I hope that we do.

Sometimes it might take longer …. but we do.

So have a wonderful day …..

Be kind ….. we are striving for global peace. …… I hope it my lifetime.

Special Hello to:  all those people keeping their thoughts “kind” and “positive.”

Always, Carol and Alvin

Alvin and his new “bed”

Some weeks ago,  I purchased this cute sort of plaid cloth doggie bed for Alvin.  I thought that perhaps he would lie in it when we were in the kitchen or out on the deck.  Thinking it would be more comfortable than lying on the cold floor or the hard wooden deck.  The first time that I put it down all he would do was to chew on it.  After about five minutes, I realized that this was not the best idea that I have ever had, so I put it into the basement for future “use”.  This afternoon I am up in my office working on my BLOG, and also attempting to get my closet (papers and stuff) cleaned out.  Alvin was kind of “bored” so I thought that I would go into the basement, and fetch his new bed.  Once again he started chewing on it and I “calmly”  explained to him that this was his bed, and that he should not chew on it.  I tried to give him his bone to chew on in it’s place,  but to no avail.  I guess that I did this for about fifteen minutes before opening the office door, and gently tossing the bed into the hallway.  I started to giggle when Alvin laid down beside the door and started to “cry” …. you know that sound that all “babies” make no matter if they are human or animal.  After a couple of minutes I picked him up, and held him on my lap (he really is too big now).   Once he settled down I grabbed the bed from the hallway, and gently urged him onto the bed.  It was so funny because he did the “digging” thing that he and all dogs do when they are settling down to sleep.  Then he just laid down.  No chewing or fussing or coaxing from me.   WOW.  I put my foot on the inside corner of his bed as he always likes to touch me when he lays down.  I know, I know.  Spoiled, not MUCH!!   Okay, this will generate some “ah’s” –  he nestled his head to touch my foot and went to sleep.  Ah.  Some days he is just too cute for words.  He does have his moments but OMG …… most of the time he is “just too cute for words”…..

Mmm, I am not sure how I am going to get up and clean out the closet.  I do not wish to “wake him”.  I guess I can continue to write for a bit longer.  After all, that is what I am supposed to be doing……. LOL.

Another adventure of Alvin and his Mom…

note: my foot is falling asleep – LOL

FOOTNOTE: LOL (Alvin moved into another position and I removed my foot.  Perhaps, my sock smelled or something.  LOL)  All is well.

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