Life is like that …. Part II

I must admit, and I do on a regular basis that I have lived an incredible life thus far.  Note to self and to everyone – plan to live an incredible life today, tomorrow and for the next fifty years or so.  Now that being said.  I must share with you a couple of stories from my youth.  Most people are lucky enough to have a friend or two throughout their lives.  Someone who sticks by you through thick and thin.  That can be literally translated.  But you know what I mean.  I am certain that I had friends from the moment I came into this world.  The nurses and the doctors were my first friends.  I really do not remember, but I do recall my Mom telling me about them.  They have to be your friends ….. cause who else would want to clean off the “stuff” from your tiny little naked body, let’s call it that ….. cause the proper words well I would prefer not to mention them (by the way, Alvin is listening as I type these words) LOL.  Would you trust a stranger to gently whack your baby’s bottom?  Okay, I am getting slightly off track but I believe that you get my drift.  I am a “friend magnet”.  Truly, I am.  My family have cajoled me about this my whole life.  I can be in a lineup at the grocery store, and start a conversation with a total stranger and within a couple of minutes they are sharing their deepest darkest thoughts and memories.  I love being this kind of soul that attaches to people so quickly.  I love hearing their stories.  People absolutely amaze me.  Okay, back to my childhood.  My FRIENDS.

My first friends were the Obrigewitsch brothers Trevor and Tim.  They were close in age to me and my sister, Cindy.  Our Dads grew up together.  I have so many photos and honestly we could have passed for quadruplets as we were all about the same size.  The boys looked alike and we girls did as well.  Okay, to this point I have not named names but I think that naming your friends is a good thing to do.  After all, everyone knows my siblings names and parents etc.  We used to play hide and go seek.  It was a good game.  I honestly do not remember all of the games that we used to play but that is okay.  We had fun and I do remember that …. for sure.  It is funny, or strange how life comes full circle.  When I was 16, I moved back to live with my Grandmother on the family farm.  My Grandpa had died in a combining accident.  Guess who our neighbours were?  Now the boys were all grown up.  I do remember the fun that we had together.  They had skidoos.  We spent lots of time driving them back and forth in the fields that first winter.  I remember driving one of the skidoos right through a barbed wire fence.  You see on the farm there are no street lights.  The only light you have is the moon’s glow and if there are any nearby yard lights.  It was scary, but we came out of it okay.  I will always be grateful to the boys for taking the time to be with me.  They were truly the best guys.  I loved their parents Les and Venita.  Such wonderful people.  Always made me feel like I was at home.

I guess to be truthful my first girl friend was my little sister Cindy.  Even though she was my sister – she was and remains my friend to this day.  When we were just little we played outside with whatever we could find.  Our imaginations played a grand role in our games.  We would pretend to be almost anything – farmers, world travellers, beautiful women with lots of shoes, (that is another story), nurses, teachers, horse trainers and so many more.  Sometimes we did not get along but at the end of the day …… we always made up and carried on.

My first girl friend outside of family was “Deanna Lee Callfas”.  We were not yet going to school when we first met.  Our parents used to visit each other from time to time.  Our farms were not close together but I was thankful anytime that we went to their house. Deanna had a twin sister Debra (Lynn) and several siblings.  She was my confidante, my shoulder, my go to for anything.  The first time that we truly was separated was the winter that we spent in Texas.  My Dad owned some property in southern Texas.  He did not like prairie winters (as I have already mentioned).  One winter my Mom put her foot down, and we all went to McAllen, Texas for the winter.  Now that was an experience that I shall not soon forget.  There are small tidbits of that time that I remember with a clarity that brings a smile to my face.  I remember the teachers being so upset about Dad pulling us out of school.  I was in grade six, Cindy was in grade four and John was in grade one.  But as I had mentioned earlier I loved school so I became the teacher.  We had what we called the “sun room” and a couple of desks.  The teachers had relented so we had all of our school books and supplies.  By the time we came home –  we had all completed all of our studies.  The only subject that was troublesome was math.  It was the “new math” and I was not able to finish the text before returning home.  We all passed with honours ……  During the time in Texas, Deanna and I wrote letters to each other.  We would send small gifts like a handmade bracelet or a book mark.  Even though we had a grand time in Texas it was wonderful to go back home to my best friend in the whole wide world.  I missed her so much.   Another circle completed when I moved back to Saskatchewan (we had left the farm in 1971 to go to B.C. – another story) in 1973 to live with my Grandmother.  Guess who was in the school that I would have to attend “Miss Deanna Lee” ….. my best friend.  When we left the farm …… throughout the two years we were apart ….. we always kept in touch by mail.  I guess that is why to this day I love receiving letters.  My Grandma used to write to me as well while we were away.  Love letters.  Together again.  We started school together in Grade 1 (before kindergarten days) and went to the completion of Grade 8.  Now in Grade 11 we were back together.  Even though my Grandma sold the farm and we moved to another neighbouring town “Windthorst” – we were living in the same area so we could see each other often.  She was my rock and I believe that I was hers.  We remained in touch after graduating from High School and for a few years before life grabbed hold and pulled us in different directions.  But you know what I am so blessed because after many many years and in quite an unexpected way – we came together again.  This time we were all grown up.  Had children of our own …… some out on their own.  One of my dear friends from work was attending the same church as Deanna.  I guess at some point my name came up.  Anyway, long story short.  Heidi hatched a plan that would bring Deanna and I back together again. Their church held a monthly Ladies Potluck Breakfast.  The plan was that Heidi would pick me up and take me with her.  We got to the church before Deanna and I hid so that she would be surprised.  She was surprised.  Tears were flowing and life was great.  Deanna’s Mom Betty also was there that morning and it was so great  to see her again.  I attended those Ladies Breakfast for several years before moving to Edmonton.  Even though we don’t see each other often, I know she is my “forever friend”. … always in my heart and always in my mind.  She is the best.  A life long friend.  I am so blessed.  I have so many friends but there will always be a special place in my heart and soul for Miss Deanna Lee Callfas.

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