The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? Alvin and I are well. I kept hitting the snooze button this morning. No real reason – just because the sofa is so comfy, I did not feel like moving. Finally it is much later and I now have to move it, move it, move it! I will say this, each morning it is starting to get lighter earlier and I think most of us are most happy about that change. I am for sure.

Yesterday Alvin and I got out for a walk at lunchtime. It was not easy. Our sidewalk to the public sidewalk is good but we had to climb over a small bank of snow and ice to get to the street as with the constant melting and freezing as of the past few days – my once clear sidewalk is now the DANGER ZONE! We got to the street which is filled with water and dirty snow but we stayed on the street always keeping an eye out for cars each way. We crossed the street by the mailboxes and then carefully crossed the back lane approach and to the safety of my friend’s portion of the public sidewalk that surrounds their property (they keep it clear and they are in their 70’s). They face south so that helps. We walked around the crescent with the mound of snow for about 12 minutes before heading back home. Total time outside 25 minutes. Not the most ideal exercise but it was more about the fresh air and it was so lovely outside. We just had to go out. Once home, I did some shovelling on the deck. I think by this weekend I should be able to clear the snow on our grassy area in the backyard. The snow bank has melted from about 5 feet to about 2.5 so I can handle that and by Saturday it should be 1 foot or so. Fingers crossed.

I had planned for us to walk after work but the wind got up and with the traffic and the fact that we would have had to walk about the street for almost a block – not ideal. So I went out and chipped away at some of the ice out front with my neighbours (from other half of the duplex). We had a little visit which was nice. Alvin had to watch from the living room window. I feel so bad for him. He loves it outside so much. I think that maybe when we cannot walk and it is nice outside – we will sit on the front porch and also hang out on the deck. At least we will get that fresh air.

Oh my goodness, getting light. Not much longer and the sun will be coming up. I love our sunrises. I suppose every sunrise is beautiful – how can it not be? I feel as long as we can see them, we are lucky and I for one, am most happy.

Well time to get to work. I know, have to get my fanny farkle up from the sofa earlier tomorrow. Perhaps I will have some words of wisdom or a cute story to share instead of babbling about the snow and ice. But that is my reality / my world at this time. What is yours? We all have a story to tell. I was thinking at 4:00 this morning when Mr. Alvin was outside – of how lucky I am – to have had Alvin in my life – to have share his life – so grateful.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. It is Tuesday right? LOL.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 10th day of October, 2018.

Happy Birthday to our friends, the twin boys “R” and “R.”


Well mid week today.

Alvin is curled up on his blue blanket as I write this post.

All is well in our world.


Life reminds me that these extra pounds that have begun to accumulate around my middle, will not go away without extra work.

So I have to get my butt in gear.

I have been talking about doing “yoga” and “pilates” for awhile now and just have not been able to get into the routine.

But now is the time.

With winter right around the corner – there is no time like the present.

As we age it is so EASY to put on those extra pounds.

Our metabolism slows down or seems to be napping in my case.

Before things get out of hand and my health is affected – I am going to make this pledge to myself.

One form of exercise in addition to walking every night after work.

15-20 minutes.

I have two yoga mats, yoga bricks, yoga strap and yoga & pilates recordings.

I have no excuses.


Not a one.

Plus I have my new yoga outfit that my friend bought me for my birthday which has been collecting dust in the closet.

Well no dust but you know what I mean.

Time to take action.

I would like to have my waist and “flatter stomach” back again.

A bit pouf is okay but not this.

No more muffin top ….. why do we put food related comments to being overweight.

Extra weight adds stress to your back, to your internal organs, to your overall health, to your mind and to your clothes.

No one wants to go and buy a larger size, argh.

NOT this “cookie”, so not appropriate.

NOT this person ….. now that is better.

Time to put down the sweets and cut back on portions.

I love veggies and time to add more to my diet.

We got this …… we got this.

I am also going to do a couple of extra flights of stairs at work today.

Start small and work up.


Happy Wednesday everyone.


Special Hello to: all those folks like me who just want to be a few pounds, “okay may more than a few” pounds lighter.  We got this. We can.

Always, Carol




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