Thought for the day…….

I just watched the season/series premiere of the Oprah Show.

Amazing that she is going into her 25th year.

Her first guest (one of her 300 biggest fans) was a woman from “Alberta, Canada”.

Linda from Alberta said that her life changed when she was watching the O show (as she always does).   John Travolta made  a toast to Oprah for her 50th Birthday.

She was inspired by his words.  One thing that I can say after following John T from his earliest days on Welcome Back Kotter – the man has a gift.

John seems to be genuine, warm and kind.    I have always had a crush on him….. oh, remember GREASE.

I am grateful that Linda was watching, and now has made a huge difference in the lives of some children thousands of miles away from Canada.  Kudos Linda.

My other thought is, I wished that John ………(ooh, a girl can dream, right)    Love that man.

Those are my thoughts for the day ……. something further …….  “YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE YOU WILL DRAW INSPIRATION”

Have a blessed – great day.

Always, Carol

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