Thought for the day…..

Earlier this morning at about “5:00” when I was outside with Alvin (he likes me to go outside with him),

I noticed that there appeared to be only “ONE” lone star in the morning sky (pre dawn) along with the most

slivery crescent shaped moon that I had ever seen.  The air was a bit on the cool side with the moisture from

the rain still lingering in the air.  I didn’t step into the grass as it was wet and wiping off Alvin’s paws is quite

enough first thing after one gets out of bed.

The air was still so my thoughts seem to shout in the atmosphere for all to hear (but of course, they could not).

Wow, it was amazing.

Now at 6:30 the sunrise is happening and the sky takes on another quite different and amazing palette of colour.

So the thought for this day is:  always take a few minutes to check out the sky and discover something new or just admire something old.

Have a blessed and amazing, awesome, terrific and GREAT day.


Always, Carol

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