Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 3rd day of September, 2017.

Woke up to sunshine and a slight breeze.

Of course when we were first up it was still dark but that is another story.

There are no sounds except for the clicking of the computer keys as I “type” these words and the sound of Alvin licking his paws in the hallway.

The house is relatively quiet.

The office window is closed keeping out the morning sounds and the cool morning air.

Perhaps I will open the window to feel that coolness on my face.

I opened the window and can hear the leaves rustling as they blow in the breeze.

It begins as the leaves are begin to dry out and soon shall fall from the trees.

Autumn / Fall is only a few short weeks ago, officially anyway.

Now the birds are beginning to chirp, and I can hear magpies and crows.

“No, Alvin” I say as he starts to bark to reply to their conversation.

The sky just turned a bit dark and there is rain in the forecast.

No watering for me last night with the rain which was nice and looks like perhaps not today.

Good for the water bill and better for the flowers, plants and grass.

Time for a shower and then I am going to make myself some pancakes before meeting my friend for a walk with her pups.

Hopefully we make it out before the rain.

Time will tell.

I hope you have an awesome Sunday.



Open a window or go outside, close your eyes and listen.

Do not talk just listen.

Listen to the sounds of nature.

Listen to the leaves blowing in the wind.

Listen to the birds chirping and cawing and having a conversation.

Smell the air.

Feel the air.

Enjoy these moments.

Happy Sunday.


Special Hello to: the people affected by floods and fires, we hope you are safe, warm and dry.

Always, Carol & Alvin

COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Tuesday, July 4, 2017 and it is the 37th day until my 60th Birthday.

I guess the most important things that I have learned over the past almost sixty years are as follows:

“be kind to yourself”

“learn to be comfortable with yourself”

“love yourself”

“listen to yourself”

“talk to yourself”

“meditate or pray each day”

“be alone”


If we can do all of these things then we will be good to others.

It all begins with thy self.


Always, Carol




Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 22nd day of June, 2017.

The second official day of summer.

Our longest day yesterday and it was hard to sleep as it was still bright outside when we went to bed at 9:00 p.m.

Later in the evening the weather changed.

Wind got stronger and it started to rain.

This morning the skies are GREY and it is very windy.

Not looking forward for the walk to the bus.

Thankfully I have shoes, a coat and an umbrella (although the umbrellie is not going to be much help with this wind).



Do you have a hard time keeping quiet during meetings or talks at work?

I confess that I do.

Sometimes I just want to lighten the mood and end up saying something self-deprecating.

That is one thing that I have a problem with ….. have to learn to sit still and listen only.

Working on it but almost 60 years into this life and I still cannot sit quiet during a whole meeting.

I will get this ….. there is always time to just listen and not make a remark or comment.

In other situations I can sit quiet …. why not meetings???

Anyway …. time to get the coat and shoes and stuff ready for my walk to the bus.

Appears not to be raining for now so that is great.


Happy Thursday.

Have an awesome day.

Special Hello to: my friend “V” who is always crazy busy. I am so proud to call her my friend because she is so wonderful.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 1st day of February, 2016.

Today is the Birthday of one of my dear friends that lives down the street.

Alvin and I want to WISH “S” the very best day.

She is one of these folks that tells it like it is, would give you the shirt off of her back and is never afraid to help.

She is fierce and kind and we love her …. Happy Birthday to Our Friend.



Sometimes you do not realize the depth of a Friendship until it is tested.

Sometimes a Friend is someone you know very well, and sometimes it is someone that you just know.

Sometimes a Friend will listen and other times they will talk, tell you things and give advice and support you.

Sometimes a Friend is just there beside you quietly holding your hand or giving you a hug.

Sometimes a Friend is Family.

Sometimes Family are your Friends.

Sometimes you have more Friends than you realize.

Sometimes you wish for more.

Sometimes you realize that Friends are not just those people that you confide in, that you laugh with, that you cry with … they are the ones that LISTEN when you speak, WEEP when you cry and THINK of you when you are in need.

I do have, and always have had some of the most amazing people on this planet surrounding me.

I realize that without their Friendship I would not be in this place.

I am truly blessed.

Today, tell your Friends how much you appreciate them.

Not just for the things they do for you but for being there in the good times as well as the bad.

For listening and for thinking.

For laughing and for playing.

For crying and for joy.

They are our FRIENDS.

Thank you.


Special Hello to: all my FRIENDS … I love you all.  Thank you.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Whatever you do or wherever you go ……

Be aware of your surroundings.

Pay attention.


Always good advice.

Have an excellent day.


Always, Carol

Thought for the day….

Happy Saturday morning as I eat my breakfast and type this blog.

I work today at Bath & Body Works ….. Saturdays are always busy and you get to meet so many great people.

I am so grateful for this job.

I work with so many wonderful people of all ages which is great.

Quite often friends from Saskatchewan pop into the store unexpectedly.

Saskatchewan does not currently have any Bath & Body Works Stores so we are always visited from fellow Saskatchewanians or is it Saskatchewanites??

Last night some Taylor Swift concert goers were in the store.  They proudly wore t-shirts that they had purchased from the concert on Thursday night.

I am so blessed to be in a position to meet new people almost everyday and I absolutely love it.  To listen to their stories always makes my day.

Whether I am on switchboard at my “day” job or working in the mall …… I always find a way to have fun.

Each and every person has a story …. some more happy than others but a story just the same.

All most people want is to be heard… ….. that someone will care enough for a few moments to listen to our story.

So for this day, I would ask each and every one of you ….. to just listen when someone  wants to tell you something.

Whether it is someone you know very well or someone you meet in line at a store.

Remember to listen….. you might just be pleasantly surprised by how you feel after taking those moments to “care”.

Have a great Saturday….. I will be at the mall …. one of my most favourite places on the planet.

Working instead of shopping.  One of these days I will be in the mall to do some serious shopping.

Take Care……

Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

There are days in everyone’s lives when we forget to listen.

We forget to be silent.  We forget to love.

But I think that the most important things that we often forget or do not realize are:


So remember this Friday the 27th of May, 2011:

You are deserving.

You are worthy.

Listen, be silent and fill your world with love.

Have the best Friday of your life.

Always, Carol

P.S. to my dear friend Lea who moved to Quebec back in April.  We miss the love and laughter you brought to our lives.  Have the best day my little friend.

You are simply the best.  Alvin and I send our love to you……

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